9 Best Fireplace Grate Review – keep the Fuel Firmly in Place

Did you notice the weather is getting cold?  Best fireplace grate

Actually, f**king cold!!!!  

And I guess it demands warmth or having friends and want to enjoy a warm chatting beside the fireplace though it’s pretty tough to make in this pandemic.  

All those dreams can be possible when you able to ensure efficient log burning in your fireplace.  

Here the best fireplace grate will ensure the perfect of logs or firewood holding that will help to produce robust fire.   

Why you need a grate for your fireplace?  

Well, the produced flame will help to keep the home environment warm. However, while going to buy a fireplace grate, you may fall into a dilemma because of lots of available products in this arena. Moreover, each product has different features and designs, and the used material is also different.   

That’s why choosing a perfect grate feels troublesome.   

But when you go through a review and come to know all details regarding the fireplace grate, hopefully picking one becomes easy. To make the picking easy for you, here we bring some high-quality fireplace grates.   

We also do some research to show why you pick one from our list. We hope that this review will provide you a sound knowledge of fireplace grate.   

Quick pick: What is the best type of fireplace grate?

best outdoor fireplace grate: HY-C Liberty Foundry Fire Grate  

best heavyduty fireplace grate:  Amagabeli fireplace grate 

smoke-free fireplace grate: Yard Butler Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate 

Do fireplaces need a grate?  

Actually, fireplaces don’t need a grate but it’s better to use the grate. Using a grate in the fireplace has lots of beneficial impacts.   

The fireplace has a floor chimney and a right individual area for firing the woods. If you don’t use a grate, then the fire could damage and impairment the floor chimney.   

In fact, there has an unfortunate chance to get spread the fire outside. This could cause catching fire accidentally in your room.   

Certainly, you must use a grate for the fireplace, because the grate won’t let the fuel to be speared. Other benefits you will get with it, such as higher wood consumption, air can get in the burning wood effortlessly, and more.   

So Should you use a fireplace grate?  

Overall, for securing your safety, I don’t think there has any alternative except using grate in the fireplaces. In conclusion, you might have to spend some penny for the great, but it will increase safety and will bring advantages. 

Does fireplace grate worth invest your money?  

Before purchasing any kind of object, we always consider its worthiness. Normally, you will never buy any instrument, device, or substance if it doesn’t come with worthy features.   

Various people ask about why fireplace grate worth investing your money. Honestly, in the winter-prone areas, every single house has a fireplace for heating them. A total of 10% of fire cases occur at those homes because of their wrong fireplaces management.   

As a result, it becomes a crucial part to use fireplace grates. Fireplace grates are usually structured and designed, so it can help the fuel to be placed securely.   

A fireplace grate is the worthiest, righteous, and worthwhile option to use for a fireplace. The reasons are;  

Fireplace grate assures more efficient wood burning.  

⦁ Air circulates underneath works significantly with it, which ensures better heat production.  

⦁ Grates let the wood burn for a longer time, so it can provide you heat prolonged.  

⦁ You don’t need to use fire pokers and moving firewood because managing the firewoods is comfier with grates  

⦁ The grate will protect your fire floor or fire chimney from getting burn  

⦁ You don’t need to separate the ash from coal because the grate separates the ash on its own.  

Above all, I think these benefits are enough to declare to you why fireplace grate is worthy to use.  

 9 Best Fireplace Grates reviews (antique, cast iron, decorative, wood, heavy-duty)  

A guide to cleanest room

Fast & effortlessly

Here Here is our review on selected 9 best fireplace grates design so that you don’t need to research further after reading this review and order one from these fireplace grate heater reviews.  

1. HY-C Liberty Foundry Fire Grate 

HY-C Liberty Foundry Fire Grate

Wouldn’t it be great if You got something that helps you hold the log efficiently and retard them to fall back?  

Sound’s impossible?  

Well, that mechanism will allow the fire to burn the log properly and will generate more heat to provide a comfy feeling. 

So, to get that facility, you may try this fireplace grate; hopefully, it will provide you what you actually want.   

Thankfully, this fireplace grate’s height above the floor is ideal that improves air circulation as well as enough for air circulation below.   

Moreover, that height allows ample airflow that results in building good flames. Also, to keep the fire strong, the ashes will fall away under the grate. As you need to burn the log continuously in winter, so, you need something that assures you durability.   

And guess what?  

To offer you a long-lasting blissful warm experience, the manufacturer used heavy-duty cast iron that makes this item sturdy enough. Moreover, that material allows keeping logs where they belong that make the burn safely as well as neatly. The dimension of this fireplace grate lets you easily place in your fireplace insert.   

The Goods

  • The dimension is perfect enough to fit in your fireplace insert.
  • The logs stack well on it
  • The used material is sturdy enough
  • The height from the floor is good to ensure sufficient airflow

The bad

  • It may take a little longer to burn hot than the wider one..

2. Amagabeli fireplace grate 

amagabeli fireplace grate


Perfect burning becomes possible when you can keep the logs in place.   

This fireplace grate’s curved edges help to retard the log from rolling out of the fireplace grate, and that will ensure safety along with robust fire. Here lie 12 steel bars along with 4 legs that help to hold the log.   

Too good!  

Moreover, the leg will prevent sagging that may occur due to the heat and weight of the log. Furthermore, the side pieces help to raise the log that allows plenty of airflow below the logs and retard the large logs from rolling. Notably, this fireplace grate also allows keeping the coal and burning those securely.  

The design allows you to keep the wood perfectly, facilitate log handling, and then start a fire easily. Hopefully, the above feature attracts you, and now you may look at the material.   

The result?  

You don’t need to worry about the damage to this fireplace grate by the fire as time goes by. Another eye-cache feature is you don’t need to assemble after purchase instead you will find it suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor purposes instantly after buying.   

The Goods

  • Great design to hold the log 
  •  It is sturdy and heavy
  •  Suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor purposes

The Bad

  • No cons found in our eyes.

3. Yard Butler Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate  

Yard Butler Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate

Ensuring a comfortable, warm environment at home during the cold winter month is the main reason for installing a fireplace grate.  

Does it sound’s like you?  

If so, then look no further.  

Here we bring such a good quality fireplace grate that you can use instantly after purchase.   

Yard Butler fireplace grate’s four inches of clearance underneath will ensure maximum airflow. Hopefully, you may know the proper air circulation helps to ignite the fire well and ensure better burn. Also, your concrete will not contact the robust fire temperature due to the height.   

Don’t need to worry about fit because here, the dimension you find is 8 3/4” wide and 12 1/2” deep that can perfectly place in many fireplaces. All things hopefully perfect, but what about the material used to make this fireplace grate?   

What about the material?  

In terms of material, solid steel bars are used to make, and it will ensure maximum durability and support to hold the heaviest firewood or logs. Notably, you can use this 15 pound fireplace grate not only in the indoor fireplace but also in an outdoor fireplace or firepit.   

The Goods

  • Use solid steel bars to make
  • Perfect size to fit in most of the fireplace
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor fireplace

The Bad

  • quite heavy.

4. Minuteman International Tapered Iron Fireplace Grate  

Minuteman International Tapered Iron Fireplace Grate

Who doesn’t wish to enjoy a comfortable fire during winter?

To get such feelings definitely, you need the decorative fireplace grate, which will keep you warm during the cold season.   

And the Minuteman International Tapered Iron Fireplace Grate is such a fireplace grate that will help you to keep the home warm throughout the winter.   

What so special about it?  

This grate ensures sufficient air circulation by its 3-inches clearance below. And this sufficient air circulation will provide the proper ignition of fire and the better burn. Also, the design will let the ash fall away and lead to a clean and efficient burn. As the material, here, the manufacturer used 1 1/8″ by 3/4′ diamond section iron to make it sturdy and durable.   

You may see two center legs, and those legs will prevent it from sagging in the middle.    

It is natural that there will be lots of ashes falling out from the grate after burning the log. So to clean those, you can easily slide it out and collect ash and debris without removing the grate. Many users provide their blissful experience while using it in the outdoor fireplace.    

The Goods

  • The length is great
  • Use thick heavy-duty material to make
  • Can clean the ash and debris easily
  • Ensure sufficient airflow

The Bads

  • A little bit pricey.

5. WBHome Fireplace Grate  

WBHome Fireplace Grate

Passing a cozy evening chatting beside the fireplace or BBQ in the yard with friend and family is so soul-soothing.  

Don’t even try to deny it.  

But safety matters, so investing in grate won’t be a waste actually. If you’re looking for something economical, why don’t you try WBHome’s one?  

WBHome Fireplace Grate comes in both stylish and functional design that allows you to use it in both inside and outside activities.   

Here is the coolest part:  

Here used 7 V-shape steel bars to hold the fire starter and keep all the logs close to ensure easy lighting. Moreover, its wide bar design makes it easy to hold not only the wood but also coal. The used material herein is thick and solid 1/2 inch solid square steel, and it will serve you a good time.   

However, its superior metal wood rack is good to ensure sufficient airflow and let you light the fireplace at the bottom of the wood. Thankfully, that mechanism will keep you safe from hands burning related accidents, or don’t need to use fire starters.   

Oh, you’ve missed the best part…….  

The weight is light enough to carry to any convenient place like in the backyard, deck, chimney, and so on. Hopefully, your BBQ party with friends and family will become more blissful. Also, the ash and debris that produce after burning can be cleaned easily.   

The Goods

  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Can burn both log and coal.
  • Easy to clean the ashes and debris


  • You may think it is not sturdy enough due to the lightweight

6. GO Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate 

GO Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate

Tired of your thin fireplace grates that can’t hold firewood perfectly or become tried to replace that grates every year?   

If you are that person, then you can try the Go Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate.   

So, why do you use this fireplace grate whether there are lots of alternatives?   

Well, the first good side is its heavy-duty cast iron.

That material helps to keep the firewood where they belong that results in burning the fire safely and efficiently. Notably, this fireplace grate’s design allows air circulating from all angles. The depth is 12 inches and curves nicely to hold firewood. Moreover, the wide of this product is perfect for producing a substantial fire.

Here is the kicker:  

Though you burn the firewood daily in winter, the paint may wipe out. This fireplace grate is coated with high-temperature paint that hopefully offers long-lasting color. Due to having different sizes of the fireplace insert, the customer worries about keeping the grate in there.   

In this case, this fireplace grate offers the tapered shape that hopefully can perfectly match with most fireplaces. Finally, you can use this fireplace grate immediately after purchase because it doesn’t need to assemble anything.   

The Goods

  • Used heavy-duty cast iron
  • Great design for air circulation
  •  The used paint herein offers long-lasting
  • It can be used instantly without assembling anything

The Bad

  • The legs could be a little shorter

7.  Uniflame, C-1546 Hex Bar Grate 


When you are looking for the best type fireplace grate that helps to keep the firewood in place, then you can try this fireplace grate. It offers a traditional look for those who want to bring a traditional-looking grate for their fireplace.   

Why is that?  

The hexagon design prevents the log from rolling, and the black finish is really eye-cache. Besides, the width of this grate allows a good pile of logs.  

Now keep in mind one thing…….  

To get a robust fire, you need better airflow, and this is ensured by this fireplace grate’s design. The bar of this grate is pretty thick and very sturdy, so don’t need to worry about being damaged by winter’s continuous log burning. Also, the dimension is good to place this fireplace grate easily in most of the firepit but ideal for a big size fireplace.   

So, what do you do when you go to clean the left ashes?   

Well, this fireplace grate allows you to move or lift it easily when you need to clean the ashes.   

The Goods

  • Its design retards the log from rolling
  • Seems very heavy and sturdy
  • The width area helps to hold a good pile of logs

The Bad

  • The little too big size may not fit perfectly to some fireplaces.

8.  Rocky Mountain Goods Fireplace Grate 

Rocky Mountain Goods Fireplace Grate

To enjoy a cozy warm temperature, a sturdy, as well as well constructed fireplace grate, becomes a demandable item.   

Why am I saying this?  

Without ensuring much durability, you may lose time and money because of frequent changes.

We bring a heavy-duty solid fireplace log grate named Rocky Mountain Goods fireplace grate that hopefully can meet your demand properly.  

The used material is high quality cast iron, and it allows burning the heaviest log and wood. Besides, the V-shape of this grate prevents the wood from rolling. Though you have to burn wood daily in the cold season, so the fear of it being melt, warp may naturally come to you.   

What’s more?  

You don’t need to worry in this arena because the metal is heat-treated, which will prevent warp-, melt-related issues even though in the robust fire. Furthermore, the manufacturer gave here powder-coated finish ensuring the grate’s impeccable looks.  

You may know, the better heat will produce when the fire can burn all woods efficiently. To make sure the efficient wood-burn, this fireplace grate offers the retainer design.  

The Goods

  •  It can withstand the heaviest wood’s weight
  • Here used powder-coated that will ensure a brand-new look
  • It’s heat-treated will prevent the grate from being wrapped or melted

The Bad

  • The size is a little small

9. SteelFreak Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate 

SteelFreak Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate

The blissful experience of chatting with friends and family besides the fireplace during the cold season could be possible when you are able to place the best type of fireplace grate in your fireplace. Here is our last heavy-duty steel fireplace grate made by SteelFreak Company.   

So, let’s see at first: what material ensures its durability?   

Here the manufacturer used heavy-duty 3/8 by 1” thick solid bar steel to ensure a good life span. It will allow you to place a big stack of wood that will ensure a long burning fire.   

Moreover, you will find some middle support legs are attached, which are a little bit shorter than the outers. This mechanism will prevent the grate from being sagging. The bar design will let logs stay in place and retard from roll off while burning.   

Another aspect that seems good to us is the size is perfect to fit in most of the fireplace. It becomes possible because the grates are tapered (reduce in thickness towards one end).  

The Goods

  • Made in the USA
  • Construction is durable
  • The size is perfect to fit in most fireplaces
  • Having middle support legs to prevent rocking and sagging in the middle

The Bad

  •  The coating may start to flake off in the higher heat areas.

 What are fireplace grates made of?  

The fireplace is made of bricks, stone, and metal in a specific area at home, which is made for house heating purposes. For securing home equipment from fire, fireplace grates use in it.   

Did you ever eager to know what the fireplace grates materials are? Basically, fireplace grates are made of an iron cast steel bar. Heavy-duty steel construction can endure a high amount of burns and fire heat.   

Which is better, cast iron or steel fireplace grate?  

Stainless steel fireplace grates work more impressively because they don’t get any rough and tough stains on the body. Heat resistance black finish is also added by the manufactures so the steel can prevent damages from heat.   

Alternatively, there have different kinds of grates, such as Rebar fireplace grates. Individually, this fireplace grate is made of heavy impact-resistance rebar bars. Even the rebar bar ensures 40% more durability than any heat resistance steels.   

Because rebar is stronger and persistent than steels that’s why it can perform for a longer time and superior to steels grates.  

What size fireplace grate should I buy?  

Here is how it works

When it comes to what size fireplace grate you should buy, it all depends on your fireplace measurement. For example, if you have a tiny fireplace in your home, then you must choose a small-sized fire grate.   

In my consideration, you should avoid high width grates because those create trouble to fit & appropriate. Fireplace grate approximate sizes are available in 11, 16, 21, 26, and 31 inches width. Now you have to know how to measure your fireplace accurately.   

After taking the utter measurement, you can choose a fireplace grate. For exemplification, you have a 20-inches width fireplace in your home; if you take a 21 or 26-inches width grate, then it doesn’t make any sense.   

In this case, a 16-Inches width grate will fit in your fireplace adequately. Consequently, I think you understand down rightly about what size fireplace grate you should buy.  

How do I choose a fireplace grate?   

You are buying a branded fireplace grate or any type of firing substance, it doesn’t matter. The matter is, are your objects has enough ability to make themselves worthy?  

While buying fire equipment, you can’t avoid considering its feature, components, and benefits, especially when you’re buying a fireplace grate.   

Otherwise, you could deceive by the fake sellers and as well as the fake fireplace grates. Here’s everything you should consider while choosing a fireplace grate.  

Types & design  

Fireplace grates have verities of design and all works impressively and precisely. It has over 7 types; such as lifetime, ember bed, custom, extra tall, self-feeding, zero clearance, and non-tapered.   

You can use any type of grate, but it all depends on what types of fireplace you have. For example, an extra-tall grate is best for a gas starter pipe system; for the longest and hottest burn, you can use an ember bed grate.   

Conveniently, custom grate size increasable and decrease, or if you want more fire, then you should choose self-feeding fireplace grate.  

The materials  

Why does my fireplace grate melt?  

The most frequent question we’ve ever faced about this topic. Let’s make it clear.  

Grates could come in different types of materials, like iron cast, stainless steel, and normal steel. In my consideration, stainless steel is the best quality steel & characteristic for a fireplace grate.  

Size or measurement  

Undoubtedly, grate sizes are all up to your fireplace size. Considering the grate size is very crucial; otherwise, it won’t fit in your fire chimney floor.   

What size fireplace grate do I need?  

Fire grates are available in 18-inches to 36-inches. Therefore, whatever sized space you have, you should choose a similar approximate measured grate.  

Heat resistance  

High-quality based steel can assure paramount heat resistance. That’s why try to choose a grate, which has incredibly heat resistance finishes.  

Bars quantity  

I don’t think bar quantity matter a lot for diminutive fireplace grates. But, in a large grate, there must be a minimum of 8 bars thereabouts.  


Fortunately, the fireplace grate doesn’t come at high prices. On average, a mid-level grate could cost you $42 to $78 bucks nearly.  

 Can you use rebar for the fireplace grate?  

Reinforcing steel or reinforcing bar, whatever you called, rebar is steel bars which are uses for improving the tensile strength of the concrete.   

Myriad people ask about can you use rebar for fireplace grate or not. In truth, rebar is one of the inexpensive and consummate objects for a fireplace grate.   

We both know how costly a steel fireplace grate is. You can weld the rebar easily, and making a fireplace grate with rebar is pretty unsophisticated.   

In addition, the customize rebar grate works magnificently instead of a steel fireplace grate. If you are pondering about using rebar for a fireplace grate, then let me specify a consequential measurement.   

3/8-inches measures rebar could be a perfect measure for any type of fireplace grate.   

Therefore, if you have rebred welding knowledge or have welding tools, then definitely you can make a rebar grate on your own without facing any inconvenience.  


The better fire will produce when you can keep the best fireplace grate in your fireplace. The better fire will produce a flame that will become strong enough to keep your room warm. After that, you can have a nice moment beside the fireplace, even in the cold weather.   

Moreover, you don’t like the fire burning to finish very quickly; instead, it will last for a long time. To ensure all those things, you have to earn enough information to choose a suitable fireplace grate. We hope that our review already gives you enough information that you need to buy a perfect fireplace grate. Here is our last recap:

1. best outdoor fireplace grate: HY-C Liberty Foundry Fire Grate  

“An excellent cast iron fireplace grate to warm up this winter 

2. best heavy-duty fireplace grate: Amagabeli fireplace grate  
“A fireplace grate that won t melt easily”
3. smoke-free fireplace grate: Yard Butler Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate  
“This may look like a wood fire grate and gave a solid performance”


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