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Which Type of Microwave Oven is Best for Baking cake?

A special occasion is coming!  And you’re thinking of baking a cake for your loved one.  Well, baking the cake by yourself is a special thing and challenging also.  But……. A microwave oven could make the scenario different (Hell, I was on that nightmare).  It might be a perfect solution for baking a surprising cake. […]

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An Updated list of Wet grinder price 2021

To make soft fluffy idli/dosa, the perfect batter is the key. And you can’t make the exact texture & thickness without a wet grinder. So true! But finding a wet dosa grinding machine in the USA isn’t a joke. Luckily now we have some options available in both USA & Canada. But what about Wet […]

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How to Use Nespresso Milk Frother

Got a new frother? Here’s How to Use Nespresso Milk Frother And Indulge in café-style cappuccinos & latte at home Creating bubbles at home like a barista is possible. Think I’m kidding? Heck no. Imagine having a tiny machine that whisks spins continuously & transforms milk into denser and thicker foam. Yeah, Talking about the […]

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How Long to Cook Frozen Egg Rolls in Air Fryer

Frozen and fast- Sometimes, this is the only treat that I love on a busy, tiring day. Crispy frozen egg rolls cooked in the air fryer: my frozen frenzy! This fantastic frozen food with little rice or vegetables is the real game-changer. However, this wasn’t the picture earlier. Not so long ago, when I put […]

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How to Seal Kitchen Faucet Base

Leaked faucet? Learn How to Seal Kitchen Faucet Base with 7 Super Simple Steps (Just Like a Plumber) A leaking kitchen faucet base was a real headache for me. A true nightmare! Why? Suppose you just had your dinner and you’re going to your kitchen to do some dishwashing. Suddenly you noticed that you’re faucet […]

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How to Remove Cake from Pan without Breaking

(P.s: I Ruined dozens of Cake & Finally Figure out the Hacks) Cakes are one super delicious food to have no matter what time of the year or how old one is. You can dig up some sweet recipes for cakes on the internet and try them out to impress your family or friends. As […]

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