How to Remove Cake from Pan without Breaking

(P.s: I Ruined dozens of Cake & Finally Figure out the Hacks)

Cakes are one super delicious food to have no matter what time of the year or how old one is.

You can dig up some sweet recipes for cakes on the internet and try them out to impress your family or friends.

As easy as it may seem, baking a perfect cake isn’t a joke.

How to Remove Cake from Pan without Breaking
How to Remove Cake from Pan without Breaking

Before figuring out the whole process of how to remove cake from the pan without breaking, I ruined dozens of cake(even my bf’s birthday cake). This is one vital step that can be catastrophic if not done properly.

You can easily follow the steps super swell to prepare the cake for baking. But if your cake gets broken while removing it from the pan, all your efforts will be in vain no matter how delicious your cake tastes.

So, in this article, you will find some useful tips on how to remove cake from pan without breaking.

How To Remove Cake From Pan Without Breaking: My Baker Friend’s Step By Step Guide

You heard the advice million times……..

Removing a cake from the pan in one piece after baking is really a delicate art. But if you follow some simple steps, you can achieve this with flying colours. But I was far beyond that perfection & it doesn’t just broken the cake, but my heart each time when the final cake was fully trash.

So, I called my friend who has a pastry shop & asked what’s wrong with me. The next weekend he came to my house & gave me the secret recipe only baker’s uses for baking a perfect cake each time.

So how do you get a cake out of a pan without breaking it? Here is the full process.

1. Ensure the cake is fully baked

To ensure you accomplish the delicate art of removing the cake from a pan, first, you must ensure your cake is fully baked. A poorly baked cake is the last thing a baker can imagine. It will be sticky as gum under a sneaker.

But how to know it’s fully baked?

A fully baked cake will start to come off the pan edges by itself. To ensure the cake is fully baked, you can simply poke the center. If it bounces back, you are done with baking.

Let me tell you another secret……

You can also use a knife or a toothpick and insert it into the center. If it doesn’t come out clean when you pull it out, give some more time to bake.

And you know what?

And after he explained it, I immediately get it. It’s the main reason I was failing over & over again. Here is some of my favorite pans for baking.

2. Let the cake cool down

Just as a superheated metal is delicate as liquid, a hot cake is also very fragile. So, the first thing you should do is, let the cake cool down. Regardless of the type of cake and the pan, it’s better to wait to reach room temperature.

You should wait for half an hour at least for the cake to cool down. This would make it easier to remove from the pan. You can simply use a cooling rack or your average fridge to accomplish the task.

3. Carefully Free the edges

After you cool down your dough, you can use a knife to detach the sticky edges of your cake. Carefully insert a knife between the pan and the edge. Gently move the knife around the edges.

4. Tap to remove(gently)

You can simply put a plate on top of your pan. Turn the whole setup upside down and start tapping on the top of the pan. This one is one of the most popular and effective tricks there are!

5. Use Your Microwave

If you have a microwave, put a mug with boiling water in it. Place the pan on top of the mug. Leaving it for a while, the trapped steam will loosen up those sticky edges of your cake. You can also perform the trick using any confined chamber, like even your cupboard.

And you’re done! It’s actually easier than I thought.

How long should I let my cake cool before removing it from the pan?

Baking a cake is fun, but removing it from the pan in one piece is the toughest parts of the process. No matter how tasty and pretty you make your dough, the final breakdown can make you really frustrated.

So, if you want to bake like the pros, you must know how to remove cake from the pan without breaking. It is really easy if you follow some steps. Cooling down the cake after baking is an important one.

A hot cake will be soft and sticky, and hard to remove. So, after you are done with baking, make sure to let the dough cool down for a while.

On average, 20-30 minutes is enough for the dough to get loose from the pan. To cool the cake down, you can use your fridge or a cooling rack to speed up the process.

Look how perfect my cake on pan turns

Why does my cake fall apart when I take it out of the pan?

Did you prepare the perfect tasty dough for your cake?

But wondering why on earth did it fell apart in the end?

Well, then pick up the notebook as you will be learning why that cake ended up like that!

Many reasons are there for that miserable consequence of your cake. The problem might start from any step of your full process. Most often, there are some general causes. Such as

  • Insufficient moisture
  • Lack of proper planning
  • Inaccurate temperature in the oven
  • Under or over-baking
  • lack of emulsification

Besides these causes, the weather where you live can also affect the baking process. Like, if you live in a very hot or humid climate, and you follow a recipe to the word, you might come out with an unexpected result. You might want to readjust the temperature depending on your weather.

Sometimes cakes can come out half broken and stuck to the pan when bringing it out. To prevent that, you can use lemon curd or icing to repair the cake. Looking for a perfect oven for bake? Check this out:

Baking a cake is an amazing art. If you want to really impress your family and friends, you should definitely try baking a cake.

There is nothing more obnoxious than finding your delicious dough stuck to the pan like a piece of gum under the shoe!

How to get cake out of pan when stuck? So, here is how to remove cake from pan without breaking.

  1. First, give some time for the dough to cool down.
  2. Use plastic wrap to cover the pan and freeze for a minimum of 6 hours
  3. Take the cake out of the freezer & open it. Use a knife(best a spatula) to loosen the sides by running them around the edges.
  4. Hold the pan upside down and hold it at a 45-degree position. Tap on the edges of the pan bottom.
  5. Take a board or a plate and flip the pan over it.
  6. Follow these steps in case your cake gets stuck to the pan. Your cake should come out just fine!

Should I remove the cake from tin immediately? Or Should you wait for cake to cool before removing from pan?

Baking a cake can be really enjoyable.

If you present a dazzling and delicious cake to your friends and family, they will be super impressed. You can easily lookup on the internet or in a cookbook to find yourself a delicious cake recipe.

Making a cake can be really easy if you follow the instructions. You can also go outside the box and improvise the recipe. But a cake is really delicate when you will bring it out of the oven. If you are not cautious during that time, you may end up with several tiny cakes instead of just the one you planned for!

A hot cake is very fragile. After the cake has been baked, you should give it some time to cool down. Try putting the whole pan in your freezer or a cooling rack instead of removing it from the tin immediately. If the cake is too sticky, give it at least 6 hours to cool down so that you can remove the cake safely from the tin in one piece.

Bonus tips: How to Prevent Cake from Sticking to Pan

There are many ways you can prevent your cake from ending up sticking to the pan. You can try the following hack to get cake out of pan.


Before start baking, try covering the sides and the bottom of the pan with shortening. You can use a soft brush or paper tower to do that.

Flour sprinkle

putting sprinkle 1 or 2 teaspoons of flour into the pan; after greasing the pan can do magic. Make sure the flour is properly spread and layered on top of the shortening.

Using Parchment papers

If you have a pan that is flat bottomed and has straight edges, you can use parchment papers to prevent stickiness. Cut some papers and fill the pan properly by pressing them on the edges.

Baking spray

These are also effective in preventing the dough from being stuck to the pan sides and bottoms. You can spray it to grease the pan. They are useful but a little messy, and time was delaying.


Bringing a baked cake out of the pan can be a very tricky task. The cake might get stuck in the pan and break apart while removing it. After all the efforts you gave to prepare the dough, it sure can be frustrating to face a crumbled broken cake in the end.

The tips and tricks in the article can be super useful if you wish to bake a perfect cake. These simple steps are applied even by the finest chefs in the world.

So, now that you have learned how to remove cake from pan without breaking, nothing can stop you from preparing that perfect delicious cake.

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