How to Clean Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker ☕

A cup of coffee is a good startup for your day. 

When you’re living a regular life, and you have a busy day ahead, you can’t imagine a day starting without your favorite cup of coffee.

Too true!

But the ugly part is………..

Coffee makers tend to be dirty and full of mineral deposits over time. In every home, a coffee maker is a part, and a study of NSF said the coffee maker reservoirs are one of the dirtiest places in every home.

When the taste appears bitter, the chances are it looks shiny and clean from the outside, but the inside of the machine is not clean at all.

 Let me explain……..

There can be water deposits, and sometimes there can be molds, yeasts as well. These things make your coffee bitter and change the flavor.

Besides, having a coffee maker that’s not clean is pretty unhygienic. You can suffer from bacterial infection over heavy consuming bitter coffee that comes from molds and yeasts.

It’s not good at all!

In this article, we’re going to discuss the process of cleaning your Hamilton beach single serve coffee maker, and we’ll try to cover all your queries about hamilton beach flexbrew cleaning.

So, let’s begin!

How to clean Hamilton Beach single serve Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Why Vinegar?

Well, good question.

Cleaning your coffee maker with vinegar and water solution is pretty easy. Water and mineral deposits are harmful as they build up inside your coffee maker over time when you use the coffee maker repeatedly. It affects the taste and the performance of your coffee maker as well.

To restore your previous fresh taste and performance of your Hamilton beach, you can clean it with vinegar. I am not the person who can start the morning with taking green smoothie blender hassle, rather coffee is my comfort zone.

 So how do I clean my Hamilton Beach FlexBrew single serve? The steps of that process are:


1. Vinegar 2 cups

2. Plain water


1. Pour 2 cups of white vinegar into the water reservoir to descale everything quickly. Make sure that’s plain white vinegar.

2. Now press the Brew or On button and let it brew.

3. Turn the Brewing process off after 30-45 seconds.

4. After a while, brew one more time for 30 seconds. The brewing process of vinegar ensures that the vinegar is going through the parts of your coffee maker where the coffee comes from regularly, and water deposits build up. The vinegar will start descaling when the brewing cycle is completed.

5. After step 4, wait for at least 30 minutes and let the vinegar descale.

6. After 30 minutes, turn your hamilton beach single cup coffee maker again and complete a whole brew cycle with vinegar. As you’re using a co single-serve coffee maker, you don’t have to turn the machine off. It’ll turn off automatically when the brewing cycle is completed.

7. If your coffee maker features a removable reservoir, remove it and rinse with mineral water multiple times.

8. Now, pour water inside your coffee maker and run a brew cycle.

9. When the brew cycle is completed, drain all the water and complete 3 more brewing cycles to remove the odor of vinegar from your coffee maker completely. This is how you descale your coffee maker and make it odor, bacteria, mold-free with vinegar. If you feel like the vinegar method isn’t working properly, the probable cause for this can be it’s a commercial coffee machine. Apply commercial-grade cleaning solutions as per your user manual then.

And you’re done!

How do you unclog a Hamilton Beach coffee maker needle?

Single-serve coffee makers come up with great versatility and offer you great functionality.

Yes, it’s true!

You can customize your regular coffee choices if you own a single-serve coffee maker from Hamilton beach. The needle on your Hamilton beach single serve requires constant attention in terms of cleaning. I’m  a big Hamilton Beach fan, used their hand mixer for baking cookies & just fall in love with them.

How to clean hamilton beach flexbrew single serve coffee maker?

If you feel like your coffee maker isn’t brewing properly or it’s somehow dispensing a complete cup of coffee, you need to clean your coffee maker’s needle. 

So how do you clean a 12 inch Hamilton Beach coffee maker? Here’s how you can unclog and clean the needle of your single-serve coffee maker. 

Step 1:

Unplug your coffee maker machine and make sure it’s cooled down before you start the process of needle cleaning.

Step 2:

There’s a lid at the upper side of your coffee maker, pull it up and locate the needle holder plate. In most of the coffee makers, it’s gray colored.

Step 3:

Remove the needle holder by twisting it counterclockwise. The needle holder is locked with a threat, and the twisting process unlocks it.

Step 4:

Now, hold it carefully as the needle is a bit sharper. Now, you need a straightened paper clip to perform the cleaning action.

Step 5:

Now, insert the straightened paper clip into each hole of the needle to ensure that the ground and the deposit have been removed properly.

Step 6:

Flush the needle holder with water. Just hold it under the aerator or sprayer of your faucet and flush it properly a couple of times.

Step 7:

When the flushing process is done, and the needle is pretty clean, place the needle holder back at its place and twist clockwise to lock and set it up properly.

This is how you clean the needle of your coffee maker. It makes sure that your coffee is brewing properly, and you’re getting the whole of it. And don’t forget to read the hamilton beach brewstation troubleshooting guide.

It’s easier than you think, right?

How to clean the Hot Plate of your Hamilton beach coffee maker?

If you notice that there are stubborn stains remaining on the hot plate, you need to clean it, and cleaning it is pretty easy. What you need to do is, softening the stains first. To do this, you need a wet paper towel.

Place the wet paper towel over the stains to make it soft. When you’re placing the towel, make sure the hot plate is cooled down.

Keep the towel there for a few minutes until the stains are soft enough. After that, remove the paper towel and clean it with a dry piece of cloth or soft paper.

Just wipe it down.

How to clean Hamilton Beach Single-serve coffee maker Exterior?

The Hamilton Beach coffee maker comes up with a shiny body and outlook. Cleaning the exterior on a regular basis is a must. It’ll keep your coffee maker like new. The cleaning process for the exterior requires nothing at all.

Just wipe and clean it.

 If you find any stains and you can’t clean them with a dry cloth, you can try wet cloth as well. But one thing you must remember is, cleaning the exterior with scratchy or abrasive things is prohibited.

It’ll make the shine disappear, and you will surprise to see how hamilton beach flexbrew keeps flashing clean.

How often should I clean my coffee maker? I would say after every use.

Wait, wait, wait…………….

Have any idea how baristas make that creamy texture?

  1. Check out- How do I use my Nespresso Aeroccino Plus milk frother?
  2. And A lazy coffee lover guide of clean bonavita coffee maker.

Tips for Regular Life Hamilton Beach coffee maker/Espresso machine

I read all the Hamilton beach single-serve coffee maker troubleshooting.

And make a few tips that’ll help you out to keep your coffee maker clean and good-looking all the time. Besides, the taste of your every cup of coffee will be raw and the way you like it most.

  • When brewing, always try to use filtered water or distilled water. This will reduce water and mineral deposits.
  • Empty your water reservoir regularly to prevent a bacterial attack.
  • Don’t use a coffee pod twice; use it only once.
  • Leave the lid off and let your machine exhale.
  • Try following the manufacturer’s recommendation for changing or replacing the filter.
  • Try wiping the exterior of your coffee machine at least once a day.
  • And it you see hamilton beach flexbrew clean error, talk to the manufacturer for help.

Final Thoughts……….

Still, confused How to clean Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee maker?

The answer is simple.

You just need a little vinegar to clean the inside components. It tends to be the most natural and suitable way to clean your coffee maker. But if you want to use commercial cleaning solutions, make sure you follow the recommendation of the hamilton beach coffee maker manual & instruction.

If this cleaning single-serve coffee brewer guide was helpful, visit our website for other articles. Feel free to comment if you have questions.

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