8 Best Air Purifier for Smoke under $100( #3 is Damn Good!)

Smoking causes cancer!!! (May our chain smokers live long)😜

But do you know that Mark Twain (famous American humorist said,” Non-smokers die every day..”

I know most of the girls whose boyfriends are smoking right now will shout out at me.

Wait, girls, I’m not here to promote smoking because I know how suffocating it is to breathe in the cigarette- smoke. How do you get the smell of smoke out of your house fast?

Maybe An air purifier,right…….

But an air purifier is so so damn expensive!!!!🥶

That’s why I thought to write about 8 best air purifiers for smoke under $100.

So let’s get started on the journey of freshness…

Quick pick: Which air purifier is best for smoke?

  • best air purifier for cigarette smoke under 100: levoit air purifier

  • best air purifier for weed smoke: TaoTronics HEPA Air Purifier 

  • best cheap air purifier for smoke: BISSELL MYAIR Air Purifier 

  • best air purifier for pot smoke under 50: Partu HEPA Air Purifier 

  • best portable air purifier: Whirlpool Whisper WPT 60B

 Are air purifiers worth it? How well do air purifiers work for smoke?

The answer to this query mainly depends on the users.

Sound’s puzzling?

Usually, air purifiers promise to offer you an odor-free environment. Not only for removing smoke, but air purifiers also have a significant impact on lifting your mood.

These are life saviors for someone who is suffering from allergy issues, and on top of that, any asthma patients feel relief with the air purifiers.

On the contrary, some don’t find it useful at all. So it’s up to your preference. But if you ask me about it, then I will suggest you buy it.

Because you may find the best air purifier for smoke under $50, which is pretty reasonable. And maybe your partner will be amazed to see it as a gift from you so you can go and give it a try.

 The Best Air Purifier for Smoke under $100 to Enjoy Fresh Air within Budget  

A guide to cleanest room

Fast & effortlessly

Let me say something straight….

The main concern of today’s article is to provide you with the best products within your budget.

I’m pretty sure that you will get thousands of options, but you know electronic appliances are sensitive enough to invest.

Newbies(Like me) need lots of cross-checks before buying. This choosing task is a hazard to many users. So if you want to avoid all this confusion, then you can check the following products. These options won’t be a problem for your pocket too.

Another thing to confess …….

All these products may help you to maintain the hygiene within the budget, and if you look at the specification Part of my products, then you may find the best one according to your apartment’s configuration.

Besides these few pros and cons with the product buying guide will lessen your dilemma to choose.

1. Levoit Air Purifier

Levoit Air Purifier

Specification at a glance  

•Model: LV-H132

•Weight: 6.6 Pounds

•Noise Level: 25 to 50 DB.

•Coverage: 86 square feet

•Purification System: 3-stage.

Well, my first suggestion is to go with Levoit air purifiers.

Wait, wait……

Don’t think that I’m biased toward this product, but I hope you know Levoit is a trustable name to many of us. 

If you have a small family and so you need something smart but compact, then you must add it to your wish list.

Here is your answer to why I adore this air cleaner so much……The Levoit cleaner is undoubtedly one of the best room air purifiers for smoke . It has a 3 layered purification system, which ensures you smoke and dust-free air, making Levoit brand no. 1 device for indoor cleaning service.

Why for the smoke?

They are also certified by the FCC and FDA. If you have a budget issue but wish for a quality one, then Levoit is waiting for you with a mind-blowing after-sale service and a 2-year warranty.It’s now time to check why this is the best option.

First and foremost, Levoit Purifiers are suitable for coverage rooms within 4 to 5 hours and are dynamic, but the compact design gives you the ease of use. The 3 stage filtration process purifies the small particles into fresh air within minutes.

And you know what?

There are 3 levels in the Levoit air purifier, which balances the overall airflow. The smart filter changing technology is right to remind you about the changing of replacement indicators. Worried about the process of cleaning HEPA filter purifier?

The result?

Ensure your calm environment with minimal operating sound.

The Goods

  • Energy sufficient
  • Quick filtering
  • Replacement cost is low
  • Easy assembling and disassembling
  • Designed with Both HEPA, Carbon and Pre-filter  

The bad

  • No AQI is available in it
  • Appropriate for small areas only

2. TaoTronics HEPA Air Purifier

TaoTronics HEPA Air Purifier

Specification at a glance 

•Model: TaoTronics

•Weight: 3.8 Pounds

•Noise Level: 24-48 decibels.

•Coverage: 161 square feet.

•Purification System: 3-stage (Pre Filter)

Though this brand is famous for ear buds, headphones, etc. 

Nowadays, TaoTronics has become a buzzword in the air purifier industry. They have been reigning over the market for almost a decade. Their service is their brand ambassador mainly.

If you ask me what makes TaoTronics HEPA one of the best air purifiers under $100, then the answer will be pretty straightforward. Go to any forum related to air cleaner & purifier, and you will find that 8/10 users recommend it.Now let’s talk about the material.

This air purifier is made of ABS plastic, giving it a stylish look, and this appliance is best for any corner of your room. The inner of the cleaner is in a spiral pattern, so it offers an even flow of air everywhere.

The air purifiers control and LED light to add an extra dimension to the product. And don’t worry about the blue light; it won’t be health detrimental. You will have an additional light with the device when it times to filter replacement, then the light will on, and the 4 fans will automatically stop.

Oh, I forget to tell you the best part……..

Here will be a built-in sleep mode that is customizable, and the best part is once you set it, you don’t need to change it regularly. Cool,isn’t it?

The Goods

  • Easy to operate
  • Actual HEPA filters
  • Health grade plastic
  • Suitable for professional use
  • The night light is available
  • Sleep mode

The Bad

  • Cover only a small area

3. BISSELL MYAIR air Purifier

BISSELL MYAIR air Purifier

Specification at a glance  

•Weight: 4.71 lbs

•Noise Level: 30-46dB

•Coverage: Up to 100 square feet

•Filtration: 3stage

No need to spend tons of money on purifying your room.

I’m no kidding.

The 3 in 1 filter will highly satisfy you because it can catch all the small airborne particles and removes allergens which are suitable for any asthma patients. And yes, these awesome HEPA air purifiers are just under 100 bucks.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

The activated carbon filter quickly absorbs odors such as mites, dust, cooking smell, and cigarette smoke. The air changing filter gives you the signal to identify the AQI, and you can be cautious about high-level pollution.

So how does it works actually?

There is a three-speed setting mechanism here. So you can easily set the airflow to depend on the day and weather. Moreover, the LED nightlight makes midnight easier.

The Goods

  • Lightweight and portable
  • LED light night available
  • Timer mode
  • Durable design
  • 3 in 1 filter

The Bad

  • No automatic mode
  • It can’t spread the air evenly

4. Partu HEPA Air Purifier

Partu HEPA Air Purifier

Specification at a glance

•Model: PARTU

•Weight: 3.19 Pounds

•Noise Level: 24 decibels.

• Coverage: 107 square feet.

•Purification System: 3-stage

If you are a new user of air purifiers or just move with your Boyfriends to a new apartment, then let me tell you that Partu HEPA is another best air purifier for weed smoke(as well as cigar).


There is no ozone in it. So wherever you go, you can pack it and carry it from here to there quickly. They are designed with an activated carbon filter, which can be dangerous for both kitchen smoke and cigarette smoke.

One thing is for sure…….

The easy operating system is making the brand people’s favourite. The best service compels me to include it on the list. Besides a high-quality service, Partu produces less noise than other options. Like here, you’ll get 24-48 dB, which is a great deal for only 100 dollars and best affordable HEPA air purifier.

Now let’s go to the design part…

PARTU HEPA filter has a sturdy design with 3 layered filtration systems. This 3- layered filtration process can grab 99.97â„… amount of pollutants, which result in fresh and healthy air. Here are also 3 speeds of fans.

And the most exciting fact is……

You can adjust the airflow according to your convenience. Their blue night light technology makes it suitable for night using. And as there is no sound issue so you can get a deep sleep without anxiety.

Another great thing……

There is an automatic lock system. You can customize the time, and after a certain period, the purifier will shut down automatically.

If filter changing feels irritating to you, then go with PARTU cause this machine can run at least 6-8 months without changing the filter.

The Goods

  • High-quality performance
  • Medical grade filters
  • Customizable
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Remove every small particle
  • Suitable for dust removing also

The Bads

  • Fan power isn’t so strong
  • Not suitable for large rooms

5. Whirlpool Whisper WPT 60B

Whirlpool Whisper WPT 60B

Specifications at a glance

•Model: Whirlpool •Weight: 3.19 Pounds•Noise Level: 32 decibels.• Coverage: 120 square feet.•Purification System: HEPA

Though Whirlpool is a famous brand for the refrigerator, they are also a reliable name for asthma patients.

More like a hosehold name.

If you look at the name, I hope you will find out why this brand is so famous. The primary function is to clarify your surroundings with minimum sound.

There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with this air cleaner. here are few:

•Target a smaller pollutant and clean the air within the minimum time.

•Popularly known as odor removal specialist.

•There are two types of settings, such as a lower-level setting, and the second is a higher level string.

The lower level setting works like night mode. When you switch on the lower level setting, it will be soundless, and the night light filter will be activated, and stats air circulating.

On the contrary, the higher-level set up is for day use and humid climate.

The Goods

  • Good for pet odor removal
  • Anti-bacterial
  • 3 layer filtration with enough thickness
  • CADR level is up to 87


  • Only cover a few specific areas

6. TechCare Air Purifier

TechCare Air Purifier

Specification at a glance

•Model: TechCare

•Weight: 3.29 Pounds

•Noise Level: 34 decibels.

•Coverage: 200 square feet.

•Purification System: 3-stage

As the name indicates, this air purifier will be a caretaker for both your bedroom and office from the harmful particles of smokes.

And if YOU want to know about the brand then doesn’t worry it is servicing in the market for near about 100 years, so I hope you won’t get any defect in their production. They directly came from California and also ARB certified.

Another ozone-free air purifiers also.

115 users among 150 people voted it as the best air purifier for smoke under $100. I know you are now curious enough to know which quality makes it the best budget-friendly purifier.

The Goods

  • Dust, mites, and allergy remover
  • Ozone free device
  • Authentic HEPA filters with Prefilters
  • Double activation mode
  • Multipurpose

The Bad

  • The assembling process is a bit complex 

7. EUREKA Instant Clear 26’Air Purifier

EUREKA Instant Clear 26'Air Purifier

Specification at a glance

•Model: Eureka

•Weight: 15.62 pound

•Noise level: 32 to 52 decibel

•Coverage: 222 square ft.

•Purification system: 3 stages

Bored with mold and mites cleaning? 

If so, relax from now on because I’ve got the magical instrument for you, and that is Eureka Instant Clear 26’ air purifier. This slim and highly efficient brand is famous for producing the best air purifiers for smoke under 100 USD. Eureka promises you to give the ultimate service, but they also care about environmental pollution.

So if you are one who loves to use an eco-friendly product, then click the link and buy it. I hope you won’t be disappointed.Let’s know about the other qualities of the Eureka air purifier… The best part of the Eureka Air purifier is that their LED light is designed with Zero light pollution and the ultra-modern system also helps not to make any extra noise, which is an excellent benefit with only $79.

If you ask for the filter, then Eureka is a real gem. 

Here the brand uses the right HEPA filter with an activated carbon filter. It is designed with CADR, and the unique airflow system can cover up to 222 square feet area and remove all the dirt.

And guess what?

Even it can be effective at a deficient speed. So don’t worry about your electricity consumption. As an additional quality, you will get the UV button there. This feature helps you to control the radiation of the light. (Though it is safe already)

The Goods

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Good grip to carry
  • Energy efficient
  • ELT and CARB certified

The Bad

  • Not so durable

8. HEPA Air Purifier 908

HEPA Air Purifier 908

Specification at a glance 


•Weight: 15.62 pound

•Noise level: 26 decibel

•Coverage: Unknown

•Purification system: 3 stages

Ok, I know what you are thinking………there are almost 3/4 HEPA Air Purifiers our on our list of best air purifier for smoke odor.

It’s true!

But the thing is, HEPA is best when it comes to sucking bad things from the air.

So no wonder, From the wide range of HEPA filters, I’ve come with another product, and this is HEPA 908.

You may ask what the speciality of this particular one product is.

Well, this news will make you happy that you can use the JINPLUS 908 filter (the other name of HEPA 908 filter) as the alternative to HEPA 908. As far I know, this quality is unbelievable when you are finding any under 100$ options. So why not buy it?

By the way, this purifier has a few more qualities. Let’s check these…

• This budget-friendly air purifier has two modes of working. With the sleeping mode, it ensures you the best comfort and the standard way can swallow the 99.97% active pollutants allergens within a couple of seconds. In terms of mechanism, the device is so first that there will be less electricity than other brands.

• This HEPA filter can run for 8 hours at a stretch, and when it needs a charge, you just need to plug in the USB, and after getting a full charge, it will automatically shut down.

So the bottom line?

The elegant design of this HEPA filter will amuse the non-users, and I think that’s what YOU may want on such a cheap budget. This piece is equally effective as air purifiers for babies room.

The Goods

  • Save energy
  • Touch screen 
  • Ozone free
  • Air circulation is even

The Bad

  • No warranty available 

Which air purifier is best for cigarette smoke?

Medical experts say that cigarette smoke is injurious to health, especially for infants, asthma patients, and pregnant women.Research proves that if a smoker suffers 10% from smoking, then people around him suffer twice. So, if anyone in your room smokes, then try to avoid him or use an air purifier. I know now you may ask which is the best option to reduce smoke.

Among all the options, HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Arrestors) Purifiers are a suitable option.

What absorbs the smell of smoke?

The filters of HEPA Purifiers turn 250 harmful chemicals into breathable air. But you have to combine a strong motor fan with the HEPA so that they can quickly suck into all the germs within a couple of minutes.

Anyway, don’t forget to choose an ideal jigsaw for your HEPA Purifiers because jigsaw is an active element to remove the actual tobacco smell.

And if you have already read my 8 Best Air Purifier for Smoke under the $100 list, then there are 4/5 HEPA air purifiers. You can choose any of them.

Do air purifiers get rid of smoke smell?

Okay, for a regular smoker, it’s quite challenging to give the habit in a couple of days. And if you have a newborn baby, then I can feel the struggle, dear.

But I’m helpless to give you a ray of light in this aspect because cigarettes contain few gaseous pollutants. Our usual air purifiers fail to remove these particulate materials.

How well do air purifiers work for smoke?

Though HEPA purifiers and Electronic Cleansers like ionizers are good to go options, unfortunately, they aren’t 100% effective. Is it the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal?

In a word, direct tobacco smoke can be removed by traditional air purifiers or air cleaners. Still, if anybody exhales the smoke or comes in touch with the natural smoker, then there is no remedy to it.

So if you want to be safe from secondhand smoking, and then never allow it in your home and use HEPA contained purifiers to lessen the health degradation. In this aspect, buy the Best Air Purifiers for Smoke under $100.This can take care of your pocket and health.

Things to consider while buying an air purifier for smokers 

Air Purifiers aren’t something to buy only for their smells or flavors.

And as it is related to your health so you should be more careful. Besides these, your room size, elements of air purifiers also play an essential factor. Here are a few more things to keep in mind before you go to market.


A filter is the core part of an air purifier. It transfers polluted air into breathable ones. Among variants of options, the HEPA filter is sufficient to target carbon filtration. In the product description part, you have got ideas about the best air purifiers for smoke under $100.Most of them is designed with HEPA filters.

This HEPA mechanical filter can catch 99.97% of pollutants within 0.3-0.7 microns, which you won’t get in any non- HEPA filters. Not only your cigarette smoke, but HEPA can also remove your cooking smoke, mites, dust, odor, Volatile components, etc. The fiber is interwoven glass, which is mainly medical-grade quality and creates a maze barrier for pollutant particles. Proper maintenance of the filter for every 3 to 6 months will serve you a premium service.

Room Size

A perfect air purifier, multiply your room size (in square ft. obviously) with the width or length. This calculation will be appropriate for each more. And if you want to cover multiple areas, add the sq. ft. of the included space.


Clean Air Delivery Rate is known as CADR. It is the standard parameter for air purifiers in the USA. Just think for a while you’ve bought a purifier which can refresh the air, and then surely it’ll be a waste of money. So first, identify the CADR of your preferable brand. The speed of clean air delivery depends on it. But this rate also depends on CMF.So if your target is only smoke, and then choose up to 450 CADR.


ACH means the air changing rate of per hour. It mainly shows how many times the air of the room changes per hour. Checking the ACH level of a purifier is a must for asthma patients. So read the specification part before buying.

Air Quality Index (AQI)

You know that air consists of nitrogen, carbon, and sulfur. The AQI only identifies how pure your air is. If the AQI of any area is up to 500, then the region is highly polluted. That’s why this indicator has a significant impact. When you are living in an industrial area, then AQI can be a life savior. And if you find it challenging to identify the AQI level of your purifier, then go for the automatic adjusting ones.

Noise level

Everyone prefers a calm environment first. And As a regular user, I can say that no one will like the continuous sound of an air purifier. The typical cleaners create 60 decibel sound, which is the same as our everyday conversation. So if you are looking for a quieter purifier for your bedroom, then choose from 25decibel to 30-decibel ones. And for office use, 50-55 decibel sound will be the right choice.


Choose any options which are easy to carry and lightweight. This additional feature will help you to take it with you anywhere YOU want. The best feature of any lightweight air purifier is that you can enjoy pollution-free air everywhere. If you ask my suggestions, I’ll tell you to buy an option with a minimum of 200 CADR. These options are suitable for any 300-500 square feet area.


The maintenance of the air purifier can be a hassle for you. So give a double check for any model you buy. These appliances should clean after two weeks of interval. So if the assembling and the disassembling process will be tough, then you can’t clean it properly, which may result in producing impurities and allergic reactions also.


A sound health ensures a sound mind- and hygiene starts from your living room first. That’s why a good air purifier is a must need in your grocery. And if you are still confused with the budget, then I hope the list of 8 best air purifiers for smoke under $100 can be a lifesaver for you.

One more tip to our pretty girls, doesn’t mess with your BF for only smoke, dear. 

You have the best solution. 

Just go to amazon and give your man a perfect air purifier. Trust me; he will be your obedient honey from then. Apply this trick to your love-life.

I hope the New Year will bring a unique flavor to your relationship.


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