How to Install Floating Shelves without Drilling [Secret Revealed]

Spoiler Alert: It’s kinda No tools floating shelf Hacks

I remember growing up with seeing bedroom wall with hell amount of hole.How to Install Floating Shelves without Drilling

We all have been there, right?

Fortunately, the day is past and gone.

The floating shelfs make it possible to hang this without any damage in the wall. You heard that right- Talking about screwless shelves!

Before you hang anything, it’s essential to know what the wall is built.

Basically, you have to attach a floating wall shelf (or whatever you hang) to a wall anchors or bracket, as it will be handy for your plan.

However, your drywall will seem less cramped and filled with floating shelves as they use up more limited space and give more room to make your interior stand out bright and airy.

Let’s jump to the process straight Also, you have to know how to install floating shelves without drilling & damaging the wall.

Trust me; it’s easy and most importantly super fun.

5 Best Apartment Friendly floating shelves & hang shelf without nails in 2021

Easy 9 Ways to Follow: How to install floating shelves without Drilling

Installing a no drill floating shelf may seem like a daunting task, but it won’t be difficult with the right help.

Do not be afraid of this less apparent support – the beginner will be able to install this elegant option & these are shelves that don’t damage the wall.

In a hurry? Here is the quick overview for you on how to hang wall shelves without drilling.

Step 1: Using the self-adhesive tape

Step 2. Buy a shelf containing lightweight hollow material

Step 3. Buy scotch tape

Step 4. Clean the wall and shelf with rubbing alcohol

Step 5. Attach the strips by pressing them for 30 seconds

Step 6. Hold the board against the wall for about 30 seconds

Step 7. Remove the board and press down on each strip for about 30 seconds

Step 8. Replace the shelf 1 hour later

Step 9. Place light, sturdy items on the shelf

Follow these detailed instructions to find out the ways to install without damaging the wall.

A Guide on no Damage Wall Shelves: How to Hang a Shelf without Drilling Holes?

Let me say this straight:

This is an easy process to install a wall mounting shelf if you know the right process.

If you ask me the exact time, I would rather say Estimated Time to assemble a floating shelf will be 20 to 30 minites.

The additional area throughout the floating shelves makes them lighter and creates a more spacious atmosphere for framed photos.

So let’s jump on the process of how to hang a shelf without making a hole in the wall.

Step 1: Using the self-adhesive tape:

I know The question that driving you nuts- How do you stick wood to a wall without drilling?

Hi honey, you it’s not that hard- The adhesive mounting strips for shelves is your lifesaver.

And most probably, It is the simplest step when you think of installing floating shelves without drilling. This step is the combination of a few procedures. So, here we go.

Step 2. Buy a shelf containing lightweight hollow material:

Sadly, nail clippers are needed to hang hefty boards of dense, hard materials such as oak or steel. But, you can utilize the self-adhesive caps to attach lightweight hollow planks like wood waltzes. As a rule, try hanging shelves that measure no more than 1.4 kg.

For security reasons, do not hang the boards on tape if it weighs more than 4.5 kg. Go for a hollow floating shelf at fittings stores or light-colored wood shelves at home improvement stores.

Step 3. Buy scotch tape:

For hanging the shelf, you will need sturdy adhesive tapes meant for photographs or any other large items.

Before purchasing a set of ribbons, check their capacity to ensure that it can maintain your shelf also any items you wish to place on it. Now come to the point- hang floating shelves with command strips.

Can Command Strips hold floating shelves?

Buy duct tape with duct tape on one side and a rough Velcro handle on the other side. Note that it is not the type of hardware used for command interceptors.

How do you stabilize a bookshelf without drilling?

Famous adhesive floating shelves tapes include Command hanging tapes, reclosable tape fasteners, and removable Velcro tapes.

You can purchase these items at most office and craft stores. For very smaller or lighter boards, cast glue such as Sugru will also work.

Step 4. Clean the wall and shelf with rubbing alcohol:

Sprinkle a new cloth with a concentration of isopropyl alcohol. Next, smoothly rub the fabric against the wall and the supporting side of the shelf. Let the surfaces dry for 5 minutes before applying the adhesive tapes.

It will help remove oil, wax, and grease from the facades, making it more comfortable assembling the adhesive tapes. Watch for rubbing alcohol in large box stores and pharmacies.

Step 5. Attach the strips by pressing them for 30 seconds:

If not previously attached, hold the fastening sides of the Velcro with the two mounting Brackets or straps.

Next, separate the protective film from one of the tapes, apply the newly revealed adhesive to the shelf mounting location, and press the adhesive strips together for around 30 seconds. Redo the same process with the remaining films.

Spread the strips evenly so that your shelf hangs as efficiently as possible. Use staples for attaching the strips on the wood planks for secure shelf to wall without screws.

Step 6. Hold the board against the wall for about 30 seconds:

After securing the adhesive tapes, remove all the remaining linings from the tape and place the shelf onward the wall. Next, press the shelf upon the wall for about 30 seconds to lock it in the right place.

If feasible, tape the two adjacent sides and the shelf with duct tape and hang them at an angle. It will give the shelf more support.

Step 7. Remove the board and press down on each strip for about 30 seconds: 

Pull the edges of the shelf slowly and carefully to lift it away from the wall. Separate each pair of pieces so that one side sticks to the shelf and the other to the wall.

Then press down on each sticky tape for about 30 seconds to ensure that they are fully adhered to.

If a single strip popped out, place the new strip on the shelf and repeat the insertion and extraction process.

Step 8. Replace the shelf 1 hour later: 

Allow the tape to harden for about 1 hour. Then replace the shelf by attaching adhesive tapes.

When you leave the board, please take a close look at it so that it does not fall. Place pillows or blankets under the shelf to cushion it when dropped. We’re almost at the last stage on how to hang shelves without putting holes in the wall.

Step 9. Place light, sturdy items on the shelf: 

Without regular fixtures like nails, the shelf will not hold heavy things like manuals or appliances. Nevertheless, it must keep small plates, lightweight electronics, and all other smaller items.

Do not put glass or any other fragile objects on your shelf if they fall.

If the shelf protrudes more than 5 inches (10 to13 cm) from the wall, place accessories on the rear of your rack to prevent the adhesive tapes from tearing.

Alternative Ways of Installing a Floating Shelves: How to Hang Shelves without Nails or Screws

Except for the adhesive tape, you can also try out the following steps.

1. Buy self-adhesive accessories for attaching lightweight items:

Before installing a shelf for storing light items like small electronics, jewelry, and clothing, considers purchasing a self-adhesive accessory.

How to put up floating shelves without drilling?

The most popular types of self-adhesive accessories are hangers and hooks, which can be found in most large boxes.

However, you may buy even more exclusive accessories online, for example:

  • Self-adhesive guides are ideal for storing things like keys.
  • Buying sticky containers that can contain things like telephones, cooking herbs, and toiletries.
  • Self-adhesive display shelves are suitable for showcasing lightweight collectible knick-knacks.

2. Stick the adhesive tapes on the items to attach them directly to your wall:

Rather than attaching a shelf to hang a painting, photograph, or other comparatively flat items, you can glue it directly to the wall with duct tape.

Apply the strips, wipe the back of the item with rubbing alcohol, and let the surface dry for about 5 minutes.

Then, attach the strips to each corner of the item. And then attach the item to the wall like a shelf. Before fastening the adhesive tape to the frame, remove any existing accessories hanging from the object.

Please check the load capacity of the adhesive tape set before purchasing to ensure the bands will withstand your color.

3. Buy an independent shelf for more support and space:

Sometimes a self-adhesive shelf does not provide the required storage capacity or space for storage. In those cases, consider purchasing a separate shelving system, such as a storage rack or book rack.

Freestanding shelves can be found in most major retail and furniture stores. Follow the assembly instructions included with your purchase to install your freestanding stand. The same process also goes with hanging shelves on concrete walls without drilling & how to hang floating shelves on drywall.

Can you use Commands for floating shelves?

How to Hang Shelves in an Apartment?

Most frequently asked question we have ever face nowadys.

Another one is, How to install a floating shelf on a tile wall using no hardware. But we’re gonna talk about attach shelf to wall without screws & some other day.

Now come to the point- how to hang a shelf with command strips?

As installing the floating shelves may violate your lease, view an option that is easy to rent. Using custom photo shelves, you can produce an organized house for your preferred small books and magazines, or build a quirky display case for children’s books.

how to hang shelves without brackets?

Use self-adhesive tapes instead of nails. Buy a shelf containing lightweight hollow material. Unluckily, hanging very heavy planks of dense, hard materials such as oak or steel requires nails.

Can you put up floating shelves without nails?

Well, you can utilize the self-adhesive caps to attach lightweight hollow planks like wood waltzes.

Can I glue the shelf on the wall?

Well, there are several ways to hang floating shelves or secure shelf to wall without screws. Although most of the shelves are attached to a wall with staples and brackets, you can apply a less conventional gluing method. You can glue both wooden and plastic boards to your wall.

Wait, wait, wait……..

Do you know you how to attach a countertop to a wall without cabinets? The process is also almost same.

How to install floating shelves without brackets in kitchen?

If you are looking for a stylish way to organize your room, which gives it an elegant look, then choosing floating shelves could be a great choice.

Still wondering how to stabilize bookshelf without drilling?

An adequately installed floating shelf without drilling can reduce the extra cost of using brackets for support and hold plenty of weight.

keep in mind one thing……..

What about Weight Capacity of your shelf as well as Overall Product Weight.

I hope this article give you a detail brief about How to Install a Floating Shelf on a Tile Wall Without Using Hardware and How To Install Floating Shelves.

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