Blocked Nozzle? Learn How to Clean Nozzle on Shark Steam Mop

P.s: The exact process followed by shark steam mop repair center

Have you ever wanted your floor spic and span, not only shiny and mirror-like but also germ and bacteria-free?

Who doesn’t want this?

This is possible if you have a shark steam mop in your hand.

Everyone’s favorite these days, the shark steam mop is more than a buzzword.


An excellent worker, they are second to none. This tool is super handy and works happily on any floor.

However, with great gears come a few catches. Many face the problem of their steam mop not steaming at all. Before you throw your shark steam mop into the bin, why don’t you find and fix the problem: a blocked nozzle.

Don’t have any idea- how to clean nozzle on shark steam mop?

Chill out!

Here we are to help you save your shark steam mop from the bondage of a blocked nozzle.

How to clean nozzle on shark steam mop

How to Use the Steam Mop?

First thing first……..

Before you armor yourself and go into the battle with your open sword to save your nozzle, know how a shark steam mop works.

Steam is all you need to work a steam mop. There is a reservoir tank inside a steam mop where you pour water. Fill the tank with distilled water or water as instructed by the manufacturer.

When your tank is filled with water, turn on the switch and heat the water for 30 seconds. Then pump the handle 3-4 times to moisten the cleaning cloth or the mop pad. You need nearly 250 degrees of temperature, and then you can send a jet of steam down into a mop pad.

Only then will they sop up the dirt and remove bacteria and germ on your floor.

In a back and forth motion, consistently clean the floor. When you are done with your floor cleaning, always wash the mop before you store it.

A shark steam mop is a sure solution if you want satisfied sanitation. It is effective, faster and easier, compared to traditional bucket mop cleaning.

So, isn’t it prudent to be cautious of your steam mop? And don’t forget to read the shark steam mop instructions.

A Blocked Nozzle

Imagine you plug and pump your steam mop, but there is no steam? Are you wondering what is wrong with your mop?

There are many reasons that your steaming mop is not steaming. However, before you throw the mop or replace it, Let’s point out the problem. Shark steam mop making clicking noise? Or Is it a blocked nozzle? Or perhaps Shark steam mop not steaming leaking water?

If yes, our next question is, did you check the instruction that has come with your mop? Did it instruct you to use boiled or distilled water or normal water? Now, my dear friend, did you follow that instruction? If your answer is no, then you have a big reason to have a blocked nozzle.

When you heat normal water inside the mop tank, it usually releases calcium. Result: you have calcium jam-packed in the nozzle of your mop.

How Does It Happen?


Maximum shark steam mops come with instructions for using distilled water. Better follow the instructions, or else you will end up with a blocked mop nozzle.

What is wrong with normal water in the steam mop? Many ask this question. To answer you simply, normal water consists of hydrogen, oxygen, and other minerals. When you heat it to boil, the water vapors. However, the minerals remain as a remnant that shoots up with the inner pressure. Result: they get blocked at the jets that steam dispatches.

The bottom line of the story is, you have a blocked mop nozzle, and your mop stops heating and steaming.

How to clean nozzle on shark steam mop?

Decalcifying the nozzle is not rocket science.

The task is a cakewalk that asks for only three tools. Hot steam of the steam mop cleans your floor faster than any other mops. The steamy heat kills all those germ and bacteria lying on your floor, turning it into a grazing gallery for your family. Most importantly, it dries up your floor in no time, and that without any streaking.

● Cotton Swabs
● Vinegar
● Paper Clip

Now, follow the following steps to decalcifying your blocked nozzle.

Step 1: Unplug your Mop

Before cleaning the nozzle on a shark steam mop, the first thing you need to do is to unplug the mop from its power outlet.

How do you fix a clogged shark steam mop?

A bad-luck-blow is the last thing you want while cleaning the nozzle. Who wants to end up in an emergency just for a mop???

How do you open a Shark steam mop head?

Now, let it cool down. Do not forget; the temperature is nearly 300 degrees. So, give some time, around 15 minutes, then start your cleaning.

Step 2: Empty the Water Tank

Now check the tank for leftover water. If you still have water in the tank & shark steam mop not blowing steam, empty the water tank.

Always empty your water tank after each cleaning session. I know this is tempting to keep the water there, ready for next use. But it’s wrong. It may result in corrosion, a bad smell, and the risk of mold developing.

Step 3: Clean the Spray Peak

After you have emptied your mop’s water tank, check the apex of your mop’s spray. If it is blocked, put a paperclip into the spray nip. Now roll the clip backwards and forwards. This will ease off all the waste from the edge.

Step 4: Freshen Up with Vinegar

Can I use vinegar in my shark steam mop?


Now take some white vinegar and pour them onto the mop cap. Then take a cotton cloth, wipe it. It will ensure to prevent extra blockage in the mop head area.

When you are done, turn it on and use it like before.

Another effective and effortless technique to clean the nozzle on the shark steam mop is to put vinegar in the tank. How do you unblock a steam mop?

● First, make a mix—ingredients: 50% vinegar and 50% water.
● Now pour the solution inside the mop tank
● Let the juice rest for the night. It’s marination time.
● The next morning, it is time to set the mop in motion.
● Setting the steam on the highest level, hold your steam mop over the sink.
● Now sit tight for the Boom.
● After the bang and dreg, you will have your mop ready to run.

Though time-consuming, as you have to wait overnight for the marination, this technique is much easier.

Bonus for Preventing a Blocked Nozzle

I know you can competently clean the nozzle. But prevention is always better than medication. No matter how well you are at fixing things, cleaning the nozzle is time-consuming and hassling. So pay attention to prevention.

Use distilled water. Distilled water doesn’t contain minerals. So, Your mop nozzle will not get blocked frequently.

Clean your mop regularly. After each use, scrub the inside of the mop. If not possible every time, at least once a week, scrub the inside. Remember, the marination of your mop is mandatory. It will keep your nozzle block-free. Try to do it every six weeks.

Bottom Line………

If you want spic and span floor, have a clean shark steam mop. Steam is everything you need from your steam mop for classy cleaning.

A blocked nozzle may disrupt this. So, keep your mop nozzle clean.

Clean your steam mop after every use. Unplug, empty the tank, and scrub. And remember to clean the nozzle periodically. Therefore learn how to clean the nozzle on your shark steam mop. Trust me; it will save you from the hassle you do not wish to have.

With your clean and fresh mop, have a happy and healthy cleaning.


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