How To Clean Nozzle on Shark Steam Mop In 3 Simple Ways

If your Shark steam mop looks like it’s not producing steam like it used to (or at all), you might be thinking about replacing the whole thing altogether. Actually, a simple cleaning could be enough to bring your mop back to life.

To clean the spray nozzle on your Shark steam mop:

  1. Use a paperclip and vinegar to clear the blocked nozzle.
  2. Pour vinegar solution and let it sit overnight.
  3. Disassemble the unit and take out the nozzle to clean it.

In this article, I’ll explain the above steps in more detail — from the easiest to the hardest to do. If you manage to clear your spray nozzle after doing Step 1, you don’t need to do Step 2, and so on. Keep reading so you’ll know how to make your Shark steam mop’s spray nozzle clean and spick and span in no time.

Cleaning a carpet with a steam mop

1. Use a Paperclip and Vinegar To Clear the Blocked Nozzle

This is probably the easiest method and works best if there isn’t too much blockage in your spray nozzle. I should note that some models of the Shark steam mop include a spray nozzle cleaning tool. If you can’t find it or your mop didn’t come with it, a straightened paperclip or a long metal skewer (this is what I have used) can still get the job done.

For this method, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Ensure the mop isn’t hot, unplug it, and empty the water tank. 
  2. Take the paperclip/metal skewer and move it around inside the nozzle. Keep moving it around aggressively until it feels like any blockages have been removed.
  3. Grab a bottle of vinegar and pour it over the nozzle, then wait for about 5 minutes. 
  4. After 5 minutes, clean the nozzle with a cotton swab and then test it to see if it worked for you.

If this method doesn’t work right off the bat, you can try one of the other methods listed below to clean the nozzle on the shark steam mop. You can also do this one again and keep trying until you get the desired results (or until you’ve broken one too many paper clips!). 

2. Pour Vinegar Solution and Let It Sit Overnight

Unlike the paperclip-plus-vinegar method to clean nozzle on shark steam mop, which takes a few minutes tops to do, this method will take at least 24 hours to work. On the bright side, it requires relatively little effort from you and is almost guaranteed to clear any blockages in the entire steam system of your mop. (The key phrase here is “almost,” but I’ll get to that a little bit later.)

If you want to try this method, here’s a step-by-step guide: 

  1. Mix 50% water with 50% vinegar. 
  2. Pour the vinegar-water mixture into your Shark steam mop tank and let it sit for 24 hours.
  3. After 24 hours have passed, plug your mop into an outlet near a sink or a bathtub. 
  4. Set the mop’s steam speed to its highest setting. 
  5. Finally, turn it on with the spray nozzle facing the sink or bathtub. This should shoot out anything blocking the spray nozzle. 

This method works because the vinegar breaks down whatever sediment buildup was keeping the spray nozzle from working properly.

The “let your spray nozzle sit overnight in vinegar” solution may be effective, but it’s not the best because you need to clean the mop afterward. Otherwise, you’ll have to put up with the distinctive sour smell the mop will have after having vinegar inside it for 24 hours.

3. Disassemble the Unit and Take Out the Nozzle To Clean It

If you’re an ambitious DIYer, this method is for you to clean nozzle on Shark steam mop. It’s not for the faint-hearted, by the way: Different models of the Shark steam mop may have different screws in different places or detachable heads.

In any case, here are the general steps to take:

  1. If you can detach the head of the mop without taking out any screws, try to get the spray nozzle out that way. If not, grab a Phillips head screwdriver and take out a few screws. Remember to keep track of any screws you take out of the mop. You can mark them with colored tape, which you should remove when you screw them back in.
  2. When the screws have been taken out and the mop head detached, you should be able to remove the spray nozzle easily. You can use a small amount of vinegar and a paperclip to clear any sediment deposits inside the nozzle. Running hot water through it can help as well.
  3. Once you’re satisfied that the nozzle is clean and ready for use, put it back into the mop and reattach the mop head with or without screws depending on the model of Shark steam mop you have.

This is the most effective method because you can remove the nozzle from the mop and clean it directly. You can also be more thorough with your cleaning and remove any blockages easily.

The one drawback of this method is how hands-on and involved it is. If your mop head detaches without needing to remove any screws, that makes things much easier. But for most models, you’ll need that trusty Phillips head screwdriver.


To clean the spray nozzle on your Shark steam mop, you can use a vinegar solution to break down any blockages. You can disassemble the unit, remove the nozzle, and clean it, or use a paperclip and vinegar to clear the blocked nozzle.

Though you may be thinking about throwing out that old steam mop because it doesn’t spray steam anymore, with just a little effort, you can get the nozzle clean and your mop back up and running the way it should.

Joe Carrow

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