Indian Cuisine 101: What is a wet grinder?

Start the day with yummy masala dosa- With a pails spice sauce and sambar!

This is the breakfast I used to take every morning when I visited southern India. And you know what? I loved it, become a fan of this tasty authentic south Indian. On that trip, I figured out every south Indian kitchen has a weird look appliance, which they called a wet grinder.

Just like you, I was also curious about what is a wet grinder? Can anyone tell me the difference between the mixer grinder and blender?

Keep reading, and you’ll find out how both mix substances in a different way.

So just what is a wet grinder?

Well, a wet grinder is a sort of food preparation appliance used for grinding food grains.

Sound’s complicated?

In a plain word, it’s a food gadget that gives Abrasive cutting to hard material and makes a batter or paste. To make the paste water or some fluid is used for better lubrication. This is a common gadget in every south Indian household. The wet stone grinder is the most popular one.

Why use a wet grinder? Or what can we grind in a wet grinder?

This kitchen appliance is widely normally used for making dishes like:

  • Idly
  • Dosa
  • Appam
  • Vada
  • Paniyaram

How does wet grinder work?

In wet grinders, the grains get smashed finely between the stone and drum. There are 2 types of wet grinder:

  1. Tilting type wet grinder
  2. Tabletop wet grinder

Wet grinder vs blender- What is the difference between grinder and blender?

Well, it may seem both are serving the same purpose. Wet grinders compress with stones and crushed grains in a way that a blender can’t make.

Like A regular grinder, wet one is also grinding or powdering substances but in the smooth batter-like mixture. Making the paste with the blender won’t give you the authentic flavor.


Most of the wet grinder has a stone motor which plays a big role in texture. So if your main aim is to make idly or dosa, a wet grinder is the best option.

Can wet grinder be used for dry grinding?

The classic confusion!

The dry grinder is made to make smoothy, also known as a coffee grinder. As you can’t put any liquid in the dry grinding process, trying dry grinding in a wet grinder is not a good option.

Check out how much is the cost of a wet grinding machine in 2021.

How do I choose a wet grinder?

Buying a wet grinder for the first time is pretty confusing. You will find various options- wet stone grinder, titling, tabletop, two stone /3 stone.

So what to look in a wet grinder? Here is a list:

Capacity: consider your basic needs and family members.

Size and weight: Try to find a lighter wet grinder. The tabletop grinder is the most compact.

Installation Process: I always prefer easy to set up appliance. My entire kitchen appliance like an air fryer, Panini press, and spiralizer has one common feature, and that is a low maintenance profile. Wet grinder is no exception.

Energy Efficiency: To me, it’s a prior consideration. I also suggest you check whether you find something which has the energy-saving attributes.

Designs and Aesthetics: Design matter, no matter what they say. The good news is most of the manufacturer also keep this and mind and design a compact grinder which is easily suitable in any corner of the kitchen.

Maintenance Efficiency: Imagine how it could be if the kitchen appliance needs a hell amount of time for maintenance. Disgusting, isn’t it? So keep that in mind when buying a wet mixer grinder.

Which brand is best for wet grinders in USA?

Unfortunately, there is not much option at your hand when it comes to finding a good wet grinder sitting in the USA. Here is a list of the brand which offers the wet grinder.

  • Ultra: Also known as Elgi Ultra, providing Kitchen Appliances that are innovative, handy, and aesthetically brilliant. It’s actually an Indian based brand that is really passionate about food and quality appliance.
  • Premier: Not only wet grinders, but they are also a big supplier of kitchen items.
  • Prochef: When it comes to the good quality machine at a reasonable price, Prochef will be in top position.

Is tilting wet grinder well?

Tilting versus Tabletop?

The most confusing fact of choosing a wet grinder!

Both the tabletop and tilting wet machines are good when it comes to their core functionality of grinding. But yes, operation and maintenance are not the same. The compact design tabletop is more appropriate for the modern kitchen. On the other hand, this food gadget is easier to clean and maintain than tilting grinder.

Can we grind chutney in wet grinder?

South Indian can’t think the idli and Dosa without coconut chutney. Wondering what chutney is?

Chutney is a sauce like gluten-free mixer which is originating in India and South East Asia. Chutney is made from coconut, tomatoes, and vegetables, with sugar, vinegar, herbs and spices. They are quite popular in India as a balance to an array of dishes which gives a flavorful texture in the mouth.

Now come to the point. Is it possible to make chutney in wet grinder?

Well, in large scale it’s possible. As you can see, the wet mixer is designed for making batter for a good chunk of the amount. So if the chutney is in a tiny amount, it won’t work smoothly.

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