An Updated list of Wet grinder price 2022

To make soft fluffy idli/dosa, the perfect batter is the key.

And you can’t make the exact texture & thickness without a wet grinder.

So true!

But finding a wet dosa grinding machine in the USA isn’t a joke. Luckily now we have some options available in both USA & Canada.

But what about Wet grinder price?

Here is a detailed guide of the latest cost of a wet grinding machine.

Wet grinder price list 2021

What is the cost of wet grinder? A list of Table top Wet grinder price list 2021 

There are various types of wet grinders available in the market. Before purchasing a wet grinder, you should know the price range.

First, start with wet grinder price in USA.

The price of a wet grinder varies from 200-500$ on average. Let me tell you the range of some wet grinders you can buy from amazon.

Name Price rangeSpecialty
Ultra Mini Table230-250$Provides true stone grinding
Premier Small Wonder Wet Grinding machine200-130$Grind with Natural Stones
Elgi Grind+ Gold Table Top Wet Batter Grinder300$+With Atta Kneader
Premier 2.0L Tilting Wet Idli Grinder250+Tilting Wet Batter Grinder with smart design
Preethi Eco Plus Mixer Grinder180-220$A versatile mixer grinder
Cost of wet Food grinder

And what about wet grinders’ price in India? A good quality wet Dosa grinding machine will cost an average ₹4,400 to ₹10,000 rupees.

On the other hand, the cost of a wet grinder for Canada & Toronto is between 200-600$ Canadian dollars.

What is the difference between wet grinder and mixer? 

To be honest, the functions of a wet grinding machine and mixer are similar. Mixer grinder is a multi-tasking appliance that has a mixing function and grinding function.

On the other hand, a wet rice grinder has only a grinding function. They both have some advantages and disadvantages.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Here are a few points you should know about the difference between grinding batter in a wet mixer grinder and mixer.

1. A wet grinder comes with granite stone, and a mixer is no match to it’s power when it comes to crushing the grains to give you a silky-smooth batter.

2. The disadvantage of grinding in a mixer is that you have to grind little by little to get the desired consistency of the batter.

3.The speed of the mixer blade is very high compared to Idli grinders.

 4. The batter prepared using a mixer does not last for long and also loses it’s taste and nutrition value.

5. If you’re grinding larger quantities of batter, the mixer jar is going to start getting heated up. It’s very important that the batter stays cold till the end; otherwise, it’s going to ruin the outcome of the end product.

6. There is another drawback in the batter prepared using a mixer due to its very high speed. It is very difficult to control the graininess and consistency of the batter in a mixer.

7.In a mixer it’s very difficult to grind with very less water, but it is possible in a Dosa grinder. In a word, the best batter can be prepared by using a Dosa batter grinder, but a mixer does a lot more than grinding.

Can we use wet grinder for dry grinding? 

Truth to be told, no we can’t use wet rice grinder for dry grinding.

Want to know why?

Dry grinding is a process to grind any substance without water or any liquid. There are two types of grinders. One is a wet grinder, and the other is the dry grinder. Each grinder has different functions. Wet Tabletop grinders are usually used to do wet grinding. Wet grinders usually make a smooth paste out of the grains.

We all know we need liquid like water to make a smooth paste.

In dry grinding process, you can not use water. The wet grinder setup is not perfect for dry grinding. Because When you try to grind dry stuff in a batter grinder, the wet grinder machine stops. Without the water, it can not make the batter. Even if you try dry grinding in a wet grinder, it will not give you the desired taste or consistency.

And you’ll have to spend a lot of time cleaning your wet grinder machine, which is not so small.

But there is good news…..

There is a special type of wet idli dosa grinder, which is called the tilting type of wet grinder. It is said that tilting types of wet grinder can do dry grinding as well. Maybe you won’t get your desired consistency, but you can grind your dry stuff in this type of wet grinder.

There is another plus point for tilting type of wet grinder…

What’s that? These wet grinders are comparatively smaller. So you can clean this easily after dry grinding.

How to clean a wet grinder? 

If you want the trouble-free service of a wet grinder for years, you should definitely clean it properly.

But how?

Before we use a new wet Idli grinder, the drum, as well as the stone assembly, needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

There are two steps to clean it properly. First let’s see the cleaning process before use:

  • The first is to wash the drum them tap/ running water. After washing the assembly, dry those using a cotton or kitchen towel (must be cleaned).
  • Next step- pour oil into the grinder and run the grinder for about half an hour. This step is done to get rid of all the small dust and remaining stone in the drum and stone assembly. You can use any edible oil for this step. You’ll need one and a half to two cups of oil for this. Turn off the grinder, discard the oil.
  • After that, wash the drum and stone assembly under running water. Dry them using a kitchen towel, and it is ready to use for grinding batter.

Now let’s talk about how to clean a wet grinder after use. 

Wash the roller stone and the drum in the running water using dish-washing soap. You can use a brush or cotton earbud to clean inaccessible areas. Use a dry cloth to clean the body, switch, and digital monitor to keep water away.

Precaution- Do not keep the drum upside down after washing it.


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