Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Review: My Honest Opinion

Le Creuset is a famous brand praised for its beautiful and high-quality products and anyone that knows me knows I have a love of all things Le Creuset. If you’re considering buying something from them but pause at the cost, I would like to draw your attention to one of their best dual-purpose pans so far with my Le Creuset multifunction pan review.

Le Creuset multifunction pan is a durable and practical cookware solution. It combines a saucepan and an iron pan into a handy and beautifully-looking product, saving space on your kitchen shelves and money in your pocket.

Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Review Ratings

Le Creuset multifunction pan review
Overall Rating95/100
Ease of Use95/100
Quality and Durability100/100

Pros of The Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

  • Budget-friendly. Le Creuset multifunction pan gets you two items for a price just slightly higher than what you would pay for only one of them.
  • Multifunctional. Not only does this include two handy kitchenware products, but it also works for almost any purpose. This multifunction pan is oven and grill safe and can be used with gas or induction stoves.
  • Handy design. Big and comfortable handles allow you to easily grab your pan and move it around the kitchen conveniently.
  • Effectively retains heat. The pan is made of cast iron, which is suited to storing heat effectively and distributing it evenly. If you want tips on how to clean cast iron check out my post here.
  • Locks in the steam. The two items match perfectly in size, so your lid-pan also retains moisture, enhancing your cooking.
  • Easy to clean. Le Creuset multifunction pan is made of high-quality materials. Its enamel interior prevents heavy stains and makes cleaning quick and easy.
  • Dishwasher safe. Unlike many pans, this one can be safely loaded into a dishwasher.
  • Beautiful design. The exterior looks gorgeous and makes the pan a good fit not only for cooking but also for serving food to your guests. You can choose among a variety of vibrant colors.

Cons of Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

  • Limited use. If you need a saucepan and a frying pan at the same time, you won’t have a lid, which can sometimes be essential for your cooking. 
  • No rolled lips. Rolled lips are very useful for the saucepan, as they help you easily pour the liquid out without causing a mess. Unfortunately, that’s missing here.
  • Slightly hard to balance. The handle is almost straight, while the full saucepan can be pretty heavy. If you’re not into pulling weights, you may find lifting the pan slightly inconvenient. This is probably my least favorite part of the pan as I have weak wrists and struggle with this pan when tipping the contents into plates/bowls etc.
  • Very compact. The pans are designed for small-portion cooking, which is not suitable for large families. It is a great pan if you have a small kitchen or live in an apartment.
Dual purpose functionality withLe Creuset Multifunction Pan Reviews

Who Should Buy This?

I would say everyone, but let’s be more precise. Who can benefit most from this set and find it an excellent kitchenware solution? And who, on the other hand, doesn’t really need it? Let’s answer both questions in detail.

Reasons You Need The Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

  • Cooking for a small group. This set is perfect for you if you live alone or have a small family and don’t cook huge meals. Both items are compact and very convenient for cooking 1-2 person dinners.
  • Cooking in a small kitchen. If you don’t have much storage space, you just found the most elegant solution for your needs in this handy two-in-one set.
  • Budget price. Do you want premium-quality cookware but not for a ridiculously high price? Again, the most elegant solution is right in front of you. You get two essential pieces in one for a very reasonable price.
  • Lacking something just like this. Having a small handy pan and a good-quality medium-size saucepan is very helpful when you do a lot of cooking. If you feel like such pieces would make your life easier, adding Le Creuset multifunction pan to your cookware collection is the best choice, hands down.

Reasons You Don’t Need Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

  • If you have a big family. If you cook a lot and for a lot of people, this will probably not do much for you.
  • You already have a broad collection of cookware items. Suppose you already have pans and saucepans in different sizes and feel like you don’t need anything else to feel comfortable in your kitchen.This will probably just  be clutter for your kitchen cabinets.
  • Design preference. If the idea of a two-in-one set doesn’t excite you and you feel like you usually need both items simultaneously, you may not enjoy your experience using this.
Le Creuset multifunction pan inside showing enamel surface

Why The Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Is Worth It

Now, let’s get into more detail about each unique advantage of his fantastic set. I want to give you a clear idea of what you get with the Le Creuset multifunction pan and how this item can help you in your cooking.

High-Quality Materials That Enhance Your Cooking

The first thing to look for in your kitchenware is quality heavy-gauge material. That’s because such materials effectively hold heat and let it distribute evenly. These factors are extremely important if you want your cooking to be easy, comfortable, and efficient.

Superb heat retention and diffusion mean effective frying, better browning, enhanced flavor, and improved cooking. Le Creuset multifunction pan has it all.

It is also made from enameled cast iron, which means it is thick enough to successfully retain heat and is protected on the interior. The amazing quality of materials ensures the item’s durability and stability in achieving fantastic results.

Very Easy To Use

With this item, you are all set for your cooking. The great convenience is to be able to boil some pasta in your saucepan, then just place it all into the lid and cook it the rest of the way in the transformed frying pan. 

This can be great for alfredos and other dishes like Spaghetti aglio e olio that require frying or mixing with sauces. 

This straightforward approach also saves you extra washing-up. What’s more, the two items involved in your cooking are extremely convenient when it comes to cleaning. Their surfaces firmly resist getting stained or absorbing odors and flavors, so you won’t have to desperately rinse them after each cooking session.

Safe in Every Way

Le Creuset multifunction pan is safe to use with almost any heat source. Its flat bottom perfectly fits an electric stovetop. The heat-resistant material handles temperatures of up to 500°F (260°C), making it safe for baking and even the grill. Gas, ceramic, and induction stoves all work great with it.

And what about the dishwasher? Handwashing cookware can be exhausting, but most pans can get damaged in a dishwasher and require extra care to ensure they last. That’s not an issue you will have with Le Creuset multifunction pan, as it is entirely dishwasher safe.

Practical Design

Its best advantage is the most obvious one, and that’s, of course, the design. While most points mentioned above apply to almost every Le Creuset item, as they are generally an outstanding brand when we talk about quality, their multifunction pan has something unique to offer.

The idea to combine two handy pans into one item is what makes this piece stand out. The result is a compact but not uselessly tiny set that provides a convenient kitchenware solution. 

A particularly notable advantage is that this kit comes from Le Creuset, which means you can have no worries about its durability.

And, of course, let’s not forget about the handles. It might not seem like it, but a good handle is half of a pan’s success. 

Le Creuset multifunction pan has oven-proof handles and is big enough to quickly grab if you’re wearing oven mitts. There is also a convenient helper handle on the saucepan that makes it easier to lift it when full.

The lid (which is also the pan) fits perfectly and sits tightly on top of your saucepan, ensuring steam remains locked in.

The Downsides Of The Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

With all my admiration for this set, it would be fair to note its drawbacks and elaborate on them a little more.

Very Small Size

I have mentioned a couple of times that the set is very compact, but let’s talk numbers here. The capacity of the saucepan is 2.3 liters (2.4 quarts), and the diameter of the frying pan, a.k.a. the lid, is 22 cm (8.7 inches).

That’s more than enough to work with but doesn’t allow for making huge meals for more than three people. This set might not be as handy if you need cookware that can fit bigger volumes.

Still, I am hesitant about calling this a disadvantage. The compact sizing is a unique and helpful feature, and Le Creuset’s multifunction pan makes a point about it. While it might not work for some people, it’s a solution designed for saving space, yet not being short of functionality.

Whether this particular point is a downside in your case is up to you to determine. If you want a bigger multifunction pan consider the Le Creuset Doufeu which I have reviewed here.

Design Flaws

I stick to the opinion that the Le Creuset multifunction pan has a very practical and beautiful design. Still, nothing is perfect, so let’s touch on some minor disadvantages.

The absence of a rolled lip can make pouring soup or sauce into a bowl trickier than usual. However, it was probably done to improve the ability of the lid-pan to stay put. The easiest way around this problem would be to use a ladle.

Another possible issue can be the lack of balance in the handle of the saucepan. However, it is compensated well by the helper handle on the other side.

Most importantly, you have the disadvantage of not being able to use a lid and pan at the same time, as they are the same thing here.

This could be a bummer in multiple instances, but again, if you don’t cook all that much, you can organize your process effectively and not deal with this issue often.

Not So Great Deal

While this gets you a great two-for-the-price-of-one deal, I have to acknowledge that the price is still well above the market average. Not everyone would find it reasonable to pay that much for a saucepan, and that’s fair.

However, I stick to what I said as the deal is still good when we talk about premium cookware. Le Creuset is an outstanding brand, and their multifunction pan is both useful and gorgeous. 

You get two items for a considerably reduced price, and when it comes to cookware essentials, I think getting a durable piece from a verified brand is still worth it.

Final Thoughts

Le Creuset multifunction pan is a unique opportunity to get two high-quality items in one. I think its best features are:

  • compact size
  • practical and beautiful design
  • convenience in using and cleaning
  • good price.

This set is an especially good fit for someone who only cooks for themselves or a small family or if you want to save some space in your kitchen.

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