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Here’s How to Use Nespresso Milk Frother

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Creating bubbles at home like a barista is possible.

Think I’m kidding?

Heck no.

Imagine having a tiny machine that whisks spins continuously & transforms milk into denser and thicker foam.

Yeah, Talking about the magical Milk Frother.

Milk frothers are really awesome, and they work pretty simply. The main task of the milk frothers is to froth your milk perfectly and give it a nice foamy shape.

When you’re a newbie, and you’re struggling with milk frother just because you don’t to how to operate it….then I have some really cool stuff for you.

Today, we’re gonna walk through the features and systems of a Nespresso aeroccino milk frother as well as discuss how to use Nespresso milk frother(both hot & cold milk) and how you can make cold milk. Besides, we’ll talk about cleaning and maintenance as well.

So, let’s get started!

how to use Nespresso milk frother

But the big question- Why Nespresso milk frother & Is Nespresso milk frother worth it?

Nespresso milk frothers come pretty straightforward, and the features of this machine are pretty simple too!

You just need to do the power on and push the frothing button gently. In case you don’t know the system of your Nespresso Milk frother, you may want to know how to use Nespresso milk frother.

The Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother comes up with a single control button and a power button at the base to set you up.

But first warning:

Make sure your Aeroccino is clean, and the whisk is placed perfectly before starting the process. The whisk without spring will just heat milk. So, make sure you placed the right one according to your need.

How to use Nespresso milk frother?

How to prepare hot milk:

To prepare hot milk, you need to pour milk to the upper level of your milk pot. You may notice that there are two max level indicators. One of these is for hot milk preparation, and the other one is for cold milk froth.

How do I use my Nespresso Aeroccino 3 milk frother?

When you poured to the required level, put the lid on. After that, power on the base and make sure your frother is all powered up and ready to go. Now press the start button, and it’ll flash red. The red light means it’s preparing hot milk for your coffee application.

Your hot milk will be prepared when the red light automatically goes off.

How to prepare cold milk froth:

To prepare cold milk froth, you need to pour milk to the lower level. The max level of this is a little lower as frothing milk increases the volume of your milk. It may overflow and come off the lid if the lid is not attached properly.

So, it’s essential to follow max level limitations.

When you poured to the required level, put the lid on. After that, power on the base and make sure your frother is all powered up and ready to go. Now, hold and press the start button for two seconds. You’ll notice that the light indicator is blue this time. The blue light means it’s doing cold milk froth.

Your cold milk froth will be prepared when the blue light goes off automatically.


  • Please avoid putting the Nespresso Aeroccino Milk frother in the dishwasher as it’s not dishwasher safe. Besides, there’s a risk of electrical shock and fire.
  • Always make sure the base and the underside of the frothing pot are always clean and dry.
  • Do your whisk adjustment properly and always use the right one for your job.
  • Always keep your milk frother clean after every use. It’s essential due to the high protein and fat from milk.

So, using your milk frother is this simple. Go set it up and give it a go!

Does the Nespresso frother heat milk?

Nespresso milk frother comes up with an electric induction base that’s capable of heating milk easily.

Whether you’re up for a quick coffee session, you just want your cappuccino real quick, or you’re frothing milk for some other tasks, you need a milk frother. They are quiet, eco-friendly, and they froth your milk real quick.

Now, when you’re frothing milk with a Nespresso milk frother, you may ask, does my Nespresso frother heat milk?

The answer is a big yes.

Nespresso milk frothers are pretty advanced, and they come up with hands-free electric operation for your convenience. In this term, a Nespresso milk frother comes up with a heat induction base system that simply heats up your milk.

How do you heat milk in a Nespresso frother?

There are controls for heating up your milk as well for different models. But you can simply switch between cold froth and hot froth. And how much milk goes in a Nespresso frother? It is recommended to give 8 oz milk on Nespresso frother.

Wait, are you a Bonavita coffee machine lover like me?

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There can be several reasons for not frothing the milk. In this case, you need to look at some problems. The basic problem that happens in the case of frothing is the whisk adjustment.

There are two types of whisks in a regular milk frother, one with spring and one without spring. The spring froths milk, and the simple whisk without spring basically heats.

And boom! You’re there.

Make sure these are placed properly, and you’re using the right one. Besides, the amount of protein in milk determines whether the milk will froth or not. Our suggestion is to use whole milk.

Try to go as per the user manual and don’t pour it over the max level. If doing these doesn’t solve the issue, try to troubleshoot your milk frother. There are reset options to do this as well.

How to use milk frother

How to clean Nespresso milk frother?

Your milk frother is a great helping hand that allows you to have light and smooth milk froth for any kind of use, such as making coffee. You can have both cold and hot milk froth with your Nespresso milk frother.

Now, in terms of keeping the frother in a mint condition, you need to clean it(only searching for the best Nespresso milk frother review won’t be a good idea)It’s essential that you clean your milk frother after each uses.

To clean your milk frother, you need to first turn off the main power button from the base of your milk frother. After that, remove the lid and the whist that you can find inside the milk frother. There’s a rubber gasket that’s attached to the lid.

No pressure there!

Now simply rinse them all with clean water. After doing it, you need to clean the inside of the milk frother with a non-abrasive scrubber. Now, rinse the inside of the pot. The milk pot isn’t dishwasher safe so don’t put it in a dishwasher. After rinsing the inside, dry it with a soft piece of cloth. After this:

  1. Attach the seal or the gasket to the lid.
  2. Insert one whisk inside the milk frother and keep the other one at the whisk storage area.
  3. Simply attach the milk frother to the base.

That’s it! Your milk frother is cleaned now!

It’s easier than you think, right?

How to use Nespresso Delonghi milk frother?

The Delonghi Lattisma coffee maker comes up with a built-in milk frother that froths the milk at ease. To use your milk frother from this machine, you just need to pour the milk pot to its levels. It comes up with two different levels that are made for hot and cold milk froth. The lower level mark is for cold milk froth, and the upper-level mark is for hot milk preparation.

Can you put cream in a Nespresso milk frother?

Absolutely, no issue!

When you pour the pot with the exact amount of milk, just turn off the froth option from your control panel to have milk froth. It’ll ensure that you have a nice foamy milk froth at your coffee instantly!

The bottom line…….

I guess you got the answer to how you use my Nespresso milk frother.

Using your milk frother is pretty straightforward. It’s just a matter of some simple touches and push. If you have any questions about using the machine, feel free to leave a comment here. You can contact us quickly from our website.

Always keep your milk frother clean as it becomes greasy pretty fast due to the high protein and fat level in milk. It’s also essential to keep in mind that the milk frother isn’t dishwasher safe.

So, you have to use it pretty carefully.

Chao for Now!

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