How to Repair Ultra Wet Grinder Machine [Troubleshoot, & Maintenance]

When you’re grinding something to make dough or dosa or coconut chutney, you need a perfect grinder to grind your rice or lentils.

Ultra wet grinder machine makes our tasks pretty easier in the kitchen.

It’s essential that you use the grinder properly and take good care of it. While you’re using your grinder, things may go wrong, and there are chances that you may need to face the repairing tasks.

We’ll show you how to repair ultra wet grinders in this article. Besides, we’ll try to show you the causes of it not working and how to troubleshoot. By the end of this article, you’ll get to know how you can maintain your ultra wet grinder properly.

Disclaimer: Ultra-wet grinder only grinds soaked items like soaked rice or soaked lentils. You can’t use it for dry ingredients grinding.

How to repair ultra wet grinder

Ultra wet grinder not grinding properly? Here is How to repair ultra wet grinder

When it comes to best stone wet grinder, Ultra wet grinders are unbeatable.

Different things may occur while you’re using your ultra wet grinder. Among those, the most common problem is the still drum is not rotating at all, or the stones are not rotating.

Well, in this case, there are two reasons. Maybe your belt is not operating properly, or your bearing is jammed, so it won’t move.

Except for these two, you can’t solve the motor problem, and you need to seek professional help for that cause.


Sometimes, the belt slips off the wheel, which makes the stainless steel drum not rotate properly. How do I change the belt on my ultra grinder? To solve this issue, you need a screwdriver according to the size of the screws of your grinder.

  • First of all, rotate the grinder upside down, and you’ll see there are different screws there. Remove all these screws carefully. Usually, there are six screws under the machine, but the screw count may vary according to your brand and model. When you’re removing the screws, try to avoid the base screws that hold the hardware with the base.
  • After that, remove the black ring or flap to detach both portions of your ultra wet grinder. When everything is done, keep the screws and flap in a safe place, so they don’t get lost.
  • Now, you can see what’s wrong in there and why your stainless steel drum is not moving at all. Belt displacement is the probable reason for this.
  • Simply place and adjust the belt with your hand. It might be a little harder, and you need to push through it. Set all the parts together and turn on the machine when it’s done. It should work properly.
  • If your belt is worn out, you need to change the whole belt. You can find that on the market, grab one and transform it by yourself. Adjusting the belt is super easy.

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The bearing may come up with different issues while operating the machine for a long time. There are chances that water will go inside the bearing while you’re cleaning the machine, which can lead to hard rust in the bearing. This will permanently block the bearing, and it won’t move at all. Sometimes, the bearing tears apart due to rust. In this situation,

  • Unplug the grinder machine and remove all the screws gradually. Don’t remove the center screws as they hold the motor and other parts. Take off the upper flap carefully. Don’t break it, do it slowly and gently.
  • Now, take a 10H box spanner and remove the 4 screws of the rotating wheel. This will free up the wheel, and you’ll be able to remove it.
  • After that, detach the wheel from the base wheel plate. You can find a white wheel plate that holds the bearing and the wheel. Simply separate them with your hand. If you face difficulties while removing the wheel, apply some pressure with a hammer. Do it gently, or you’ll break the wheel’s base plate, which can be dangerous.
  • You can see the bearing after removing the wheel. If the bearing is totally stuck and doesn’t spin at all, you need to check if it’s rust or your bearing is worn out.
  • If you find out it’s rust, you need to spray rust remover to the bearing. Let the rust remover do its job and wait for a couple of minutes.
  • After a few minutes, apply some pressure to the bearing with a little hammer or the backside of the screwdriver. It’ll start to move eventually.
  • Now, add some oil to the bearing. You can use WD-40 or natural coconut oil to do this. After repeatedly applying oil and rust remover, you’ll be able to free up the bearing, and it’ll spin perfectly. If this doesn’t help, you need to replace the whole bearing. Find a suitable bearing that goes with your grinder from the market and replace it.
  • When the bearing is free, set the machine up. Attach the belt to the wheel and check if the machine is working properly. If the main culprit was the bearing, the stainless drum should spin by now. If it doesn’t work yet, you need to take it to a professional.

How to troubleshoot your ultra wet grinder

There are several reasons for what you might need to troubleshoot the grinder. This section will talk about some common problems, their causes, and how to troubleshoot them.

When your grinder doesn’t run, there’s something wrong with the power supply or the power cord. Check the power supply. If it’s okay, you need to replace the power cord and to do that contact the manufacturer.

If the stainless drum stops suddenly, you need to check the user manual and find out if you’re giving overload to the machine. You can try reducing some materials from the drum and run it again as well.

A noisy grinder means that the wiper position is not correct. Check if the wiper position is as proper and exact as the arm lid.

If your grinder is overheating, maybe the air vent is blocked. You need to clean the air vent with a brush in this case.

When the roller is not rotating, you need to check it’s cleaned or not. Sometimes, the roller gets clogged. Also, a heavy load can lead to this.

Ultra wet grinder maintaining tips

·        Wash the roller stone and the drum after every use. Hand washes them with running water.
·        Your wet grinder is not dishwasher safe, don’t put it in the dishwasher.
·        Use dry cloths to clean the whole body and parts. Don’t use it if it’s wet.
·        Always make sure that the wiper is positioned perfectly.
·        While detaching the arm lock, make sure that you’re putting one hand on it.
·        Don’t overload the machine at all. Follow user manual and guidelines.
·        Always store the grinder in an unlocked position.


So, this is how you can repair your ultra wet grinder.

Things may go wrong often, but you can fix these silly issues by yourself. Try to follow our guide to get a proper understanding. Besides, it’s important to take good care of your machine. Follow the user manual and don’t give overload to the machine. After cleaning, dry it off and store it safely.

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