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Learn How to Install a Floating Countertop(From Scratch!!!!!)

Warning: Just for Hidden countertop supports brackets!

Imagine this for a moment………Having a smaller room & struggling to fit all your commodities or equipment in that room is another level of pain.

So freakinggggg disturbing!

You know what I mean, right?

I, too, struggled to manage my appliances and other stuff in my kitchen (just like you).

But…………life has become so much easier once I have learned how to install a floating countertop without cabinet underneath.

Yasssss, that’s true!

Floating countertops are not just capable of helping you to make use of the space, but also they provide a modern and slick look in whichever room you install them.

So curious to know how do you attach floating counters brackets?

Buckle up and enjoy the ride of installing a floating countertop kitchen without sweating your blood.

How to install floating countertop

How to Install a floating countertop without cabinets(step by step guide)

First thing first- Groundwork!

You’ve heard the advice a million times…………..do the groundwork properly, And your 50% of work is done.

And it’s 10000000000% true!

Begin with removing all the stuff for the location( Ensure you won’t bump into something).

Next, you need a good work area to make the installation. In addition, gather all the tools and equipment you will need to make your work very compelling. Finally, look out for clutter as, while you work, things will get very messy.

It’s time for Measurement!

After the location has been prepared, start with taking the measurements. They have to be very precise, or else you might end up with a tilted countertop. So take your time and make accurate measurements on the length, height, and level.

Now the crucial part- Overhang

The purpose for which you will be using the counterpart is so fucking important.

Wondering why?

Generally, if you are not using any support, you will not want to make extensive overhangs as they can be fragile. But with proper support, things can get very flexible.

The thickness of your countertop also affects the overhang. A thumb rule is that a countertop of one and a quarter inches of thickness should not exceed 10 inches of overhang.

A big Disclaimer: You should not use more than 6 inches without any support.

If you want to use the countertop as seating arrangements, you should keep an extension of ten inches.

The irony is…………

If you go lower, It won’t be so convenient to sit on. Also, make sure to use good support to make the island strong.

Moving to next big move- Bracketing

The strength of your countertop will significantly depend on the type of brackets you use and how you use them. If you want to learn how to attach a countertop to a cabinet, you must have a good idea of different brackets.

How do you secure a floating countertop?

If you want a robust and heavy-duty countertop, you can use stainless steel, cement, natural hardwood, or other solid surface materials.

To install the brackets, start with locating the center of the place you want the countertop to be.

Then, from that center point, measure equally on the left and right and install your brackets. This way, you will maintain symmetry in your bracket locations. Next, use screws or nails to secure them in your desired positions.

Using Underlayments

To make the diy floating countertops more stable and sturdy, you can also use supports beneath the counter.

For example:

Many people use plywood below the countertops to provide additional support. Although these things can make the installation a bit trickier, they can enhance the countertop’s strength. You can install these underlayments in many ways. You can search on home decor magazines or the internet to find some fantastic ideas.

Last one but not least- Installation

After installing all the necessary support, move on to the main countertop component and secure it into place. If everything goes well, you will have an awesome floating countertop bar for yourself!

How do you support a countertop without cabinets?

Countertops are great places to keep your frequently used stuff.

Don’t even try to deny!

They also can enhance the look of the entire room. You can choose from many styles. Some of them are also really easy to build as well.

The strength of a countertop depends not only on the top material but also on its support. If you are up trying to support a countertop without cabinet support, you can do it in several ways.

If the countertop is a couple of feet long, it will not need any support from cabinets. To support these types of countertops, you can use vertical braces for support.

For general usage, one vertical stud should be enough to provide support for a countertop without cabinets. But if you do so, keep in mind that the countertop will not handle heavy-duty loads.

You can also use horizontal studs to support the countertop. You should use two by four-inch flat studs for the job. You can even adjust the stud width to go with the width of the countertop.

Doing so will ensure you have provided adequate support to the top to put in the screws.

Supporting countertops can be done in many ways. The best the support is, the more durable the countertop will be.

One more thing………..

If you want a heavy-duty wall mounted kitchen countertop without cabinet support, it’s best to use both horizontal and vertical studs for maximum durability. I’m a big fan of these type of cabinet & kitchen floating wall mounted shelves.

How far can a countertop overhang without support & how to mount a countertop to a wall?

For giving a modern and trendy appearance, a countertop floating overhang is unbeatable.

If you are unfamiliar with the word “overhang,” it is the extra potion of the countertop that extends further from the cabinet. The overhang’s durability depends on the quality of the top material and the support it has been given. You can also optimize the overhang of your countertop to increase its durability.

If you want more extended overhangs, you should go for better supports. But if you do not wish to support it, you should choose the overhang length carefully.

How to install a bar countertop?

Generally, you should keep the overhang 30% of the entire countertop width if you are not willing to use any support. However, depending on the material, you can have various allowable overhang lengths.

For example, you can easily use six inches of overhangs with solid surface wall-mounted countertops without extra support.

On the other hand, quartz and Granite countertops can give you more overhangs. For instance, if they are 3cm in-depth, they can provide you with more than 10 inches of supportless overhangs.

How much overhang should a countertop have?

No matter what they say……….Overhangs on countertops are not just versatile in usability, but also they look very fabulous in the room.

Depending on the purpose, you can have different overhangs on your tops. But make sure to provide extra support if you want more extended overhangs.

Here is why:

The feasibility of the overhang length depends on the type of material and the support it has been given. So before you jump on to decide that, make sure to consider these factors of the original granite bracket.

How much weight can a floating shelf hold? And how to attach countertop between two walls?

Commonly it is safe to keep 70% of the whole hanging countertop supported by the cabinet. The rest can hang freely. But if you can provide additional supports such as vertical and horizontal studs, you can increase the length of the overhang.

How do you install a floating butcher block?

Generally, the exposed sides of the countertops have half an inch of overhang, while the wall sides have none. If you want to use the overhang with a sitting arrangement like chairs, you should have 12 inches of overhang.


Floating countertops are something great to increase the usability of spaces in a small room.

You will be surprised how much you will be using them after installing a wall-mounted countertop. They are also great at looking very classy and modern. You can get them in different styles depending on your choice. You can also install them with super ease if you know the process.

How do you support a floating shelf?

You’ve already seen how to secure countertop to cabinet within a couple of minutes. Now, you too can have fun installing a floating countertop bathroom and increase the ease of your daily life. Hope you got an impressive answer on how to attach countertop to base cabinet. Also, let me know -How do you install supported countertops?

Stay Safe, stay blessed!

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