How To Clean UGG Slippers in 7 Simple Steps

If you are a UGG slipper owner, you don’t need me to tell you that they are the coziest, most comfortable slippers ever made. That wearing them is like walking on a cloud and that you never want to take them off.

Whether you wear them outside or keep them exclusively for inside the house, to make them last as long as possible, it is important to make sure that you are regularly cleaning them.

They are, after all, an investment that you want to get your money’s worth out of. So read on to find out how to clean UGG slippers.

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Why Do UGGs Require Special Cleaning?

As I mentioned above, UGGs are some of the most comfortable footwear available. This incredible comfort stems from the luxury materials that are used to make them.

The sheepskin lining helps create a soft, comforting, and warm shoe, and the suede outside forms the stylish look that UGGs are known for.

While these materials are luxurious and will be the best of the best in terms of sourcing, they are natural, which makes them relatively delicate.

This means that in order to make them last, they cannot withstand the rough treatment of the washer and dryer.

Instead, they need to be cared for and maintained with methods that have been proven to work while being gentle enough on the natural material.

Using products that have been designed specifically for the purpose of cleaning suede or sheepskin will help keep your UGGs looking in tip-top condition.

Cleaning Methods To Avoid

While there are correct ways of cleaning UGG slippers, there are also methods that could cause irreparable damage to your favorite footwear.

The material used for UGGs is delicate and requires specific care to be maintained properly.

The use of incorrect or harsh cleaning methods could dry out the material and ruin the fur lining. So, what should I be avoiding when caring for our UGGs?

There are two main cleaning methods to avoid when it comes to maintaining your UGGs.

The first of which is the washer and dryer. In your UGG’s world, there is no bigger enemy than the washer and dryer.

The spinning of the drum is too harsh for the material, too much water is used, and the heat of the dryer is too intense.

If you put your UGGs in your washer you risk the glue breaking down which can lead to gaps along the seams, the suede on the shoe might shrink, and the softness of the fur lining will be gone.

In short, don’t do it.

The second cleaning method to avoid with your UGGs is dry cleaning.

The official word from UGG US is that dry cleaning should be entirely avoided when it comes to cleaning your slippers, or any UGG product.

The solution used is likely too harsh, or unsuitable for the material and can alter the feel or appearance of the footwear.

Therefore, it is definitely not recommended, even though it could be a tempting option.

How to Clean UGG Slippers

How To Clean UGG Slippers

The process of cleaning UGG slippers is relatively quick and simple.

By following the few steps below with only a handful of equipment, you can get your slippers looking fresh and clean in no time.

1. Preparation

Before you apply any water or cleaning products to your slippers it is important to remove any surface dirt from the suede.

This step is particularly important if you wear your UGGs outside.

Using a suitable suede brush, gently brush any visible dirt from the slippers. Ensure that any dirt or mud on the slippers is dry before brushing to avoid spreading and embedding it.

If your UGG slippers are exclusively worn inside and there is no visible dirt, this step can be skipped. Once the visible mud and dirt have been removed, I can get into the cleaning process.

2. Moisten The Material

The first step in most cleaning methods is to apply moisture to the item being cleaned. With UGG slippers, it is best to apply cold water.

This is to help your slipper maintain its shape. Try to avoid submerging your UGGs in water. Instead, apply the water to the surface with a sponge or cloth.

3. Prepare The Cleanser

Once your UGG slippers are moistened with clean, cool water, it is time to prepare the cleanser. Simply apply a small amount to a moistened sponge.

I will cover products that can be used below, but ensuring your chosen cleanser is moisturizing or conditioning is paramount in keeping your UGGs looking fresh.

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4. Applying The Cleanser

Now that you have prepared your UGGs and cleanser, it’s time to get scrubbing.

The most effective technique is to rub the sponge in small circular motions over the entire surface of the slippers.

Make sure not to apply too much pressure or be too aggressive with your motions. If you scrub too hard, the delicate sheepskin suede can be damaged.

5. Rinse

Once the entire surface of the slippers has been gently scrubbed with the cleanser and you are satisfied that any marks or embedded dirt have been loosened, it is time to rinse.

Again, this should be done with cool or lukewarm water.

A jug may be used to avoid oversaturation that could result from using a faucet and remember, do not submerge the UGGs.

Make sure you rinse the slippers thoroughly and ensure there is no cleanser residue remaining before moving on to the next step.

Residual cleaner on your slippers can result in stains or marks. If this happens, the cleaning process may have to be repeated to remove them properly.

6. Air Drying

Once your UGG slippers have been thoroughly rinsed, it is time to let them dry. There are a couple of drying methods that may be tempting but should be avoided when cleaning your UGGs.

For example, line-drying on a sunny day should be avoided no matter how tempting. The direct sunlight can dry out the suede and make your slippers hard and cracked.

Similarly, placing your UGGs on or under a radiator on a cold day is not recommended.

The direct heat of the radiator will have a similar effect to the direct sunlight and will leave your slippers uncomfortable and not looking their best. Hairdryers should also be avoided.

The best method to dry your UGG slippers is to leave them in a cool, dry place and let the moisture evaporate naturally.

Patience is a virtue for this step, due to the natural material used, the slippers could take up to a day to dry completely.

Try stuffing your slippers with balled-up paper towels to help maintain their shape as they dry.

Remember, no dryers!

7. Finishing Touches

Once your UGG slippers have fully air-dried, it is time for the finishing touches to get your UGGs looking box fresh again.

Taking the soft side of a suede brush, lightly brush your UGGs. Make sure to only brush in one direction for the best results.

How To Maintain Clean UGGs

Once your UGGs are looking fresh and smelling clean, it is important to protect them from future dirt and damage. The best way to do this is to apply a suede protectant spray to your slippers.

Even if you exclusively wear your UGGs inside the house, they are still vulnerable to dirt and water stains.

Again, suede protectant is available for purchase from UGG or any other shoe store. It is important to purchase a high-quality protectant for the best results.

Before you slip your freshly clean UGGs back on, apply the suede protectant to maintain your hard work for longer.

Suede protectant sprays should be used in a well-ventilated area, outside is best if possible.

Hold the can 6-inches away from the slippers and spray evenly over the entire surface. Ensure the slippers are wet but not soaked with the protectant.

Once the slippers are dry, repeat the final touches step outlined above. The brushing of the UGGs will return them to their original appearance.

Now. you can worry less about the risk of water stains affecting your UGG slippers.

Do You Need Special Products?

This is an important question to ask when maintaining high-quality products. While there is no obligation to purchase UGG’s own brand slipper cleaning products, they have been designed with the specific UGG suede in mind.

If these are out of your price range, make sure to select a high-quality suede protector to ensure your slippers are adequately protected.

UGG conveniently sells a complete suede cleaning package that contains everything you need to properly clean and maintain your slippers.

This can be a great investment when you first purchase your UGGs.

The cleaning and care package contains protector spray, cleaner & conditioner, shoe renew spray, a bamboo brush, and a suede scuff eraser brush.

Another product that is a good investment for UGG slippers is shoe fresheners. UGGs are incredibly cozy, comfortable, and warm, the last thing you want is for them to smell less than appealing.

Whether you prefer a powder or spray product is up to you, but no one wants their slippers to smell.

Final Thoughts

UGG slippers are a cozy investment for your feet. Maintaining that comfort and style requires a little more work than is required for your sneakers.

However, if you follow the steps outlined above, your UGGs will retain the qualities that convinced you to purchase them in the first place.

The key to ensuring your UGGs remain fresh and clean is investing in high-quality products to help maintain and care for them.

It is important to apply a protectant to the outside of your slippers and to properly remove any soiling that may occur using the correct methods and tools.

Above all else, remember to keep your UGGs well away from your washer and dryer.

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