Best Wall Shelves Without Nails Or Screws You Will Love in 2022

Putting up a set of stylish shelves is a great way to give a room character and add your own personality. From a practical standpoint shelves also offer easy access to everyday items and present them well.

Whether you desire shelves for storage purposes or to give your home a little bit of that decor va-va voom – the question remains; Can you or are you willing to mark your walls? Read on for the best wall shelves without nails or screws

Floating wall shelves

A typical shelf will require you to drill or nail through the wall where the shelf is being hung. This poses serious issues for renters and homeowners who are forever changing their minds.

Luckily, there is an answer and that answer is adhesion.

Swapping out the permanent nature of nails and screws for premium adhesive tape will mean markless walls when the time comes to take down your shelves.

If adhesion sounds like the answer to your shelving prayers then get ready to discover the best wall shelves found online that skip the need to screw and nail.

MITIME Rustic Floating Shelves (Set Of 3)

MITIME Floating Shelves Set of 3 Rustic Solid Wood Floating Shelf Wall Storage Shelves for Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen Laundry, Office (Retro Color L+M+S)

If you hadn’t heard, rustic decor is on-trend and here to stay. This set of three floating shelves is ready to offer your home a little slice of farmhouse life.

The shelves are made from 100% paulownia wood that has been kept bare.

The grainy and raw aesthetic of the shelves is one of its greatest attributes and is a big reason for its popularity online.

The triangular-shaped stainless steel supports have been twisted at their ends. This offers a little modernity to the design and has a practical purpose as well.

Whether you want to drill or use an adhesive or traceless hook, the steel supports have been designed to accommodate all three application methods.

This is especially handy for homeowners who want to see how the shelves look on the living room wall before they commit to drilling through it.

MITIME has made sure that everyone can benefit from this set of three shelves by offering three unique sizes.

Whether you’ve got your eye on the large, medium, or small, the shelves have more than enough room to organize your home and life.

De-clutter the smart and stylish way by giving these rustic-chic shelves a run, you won’t be disappointed.


  • 100% paulownia wood – natural look and texture
  • Two application methods – versatile
  • Farmhouse design – offers a rustic aesthetic


  • Exposed wood is prone to swelling

Wayfair Hesselbein Shower Caddy (Set Of 2)

Wayfair Hesselbein Shower Caddy

No drill shelves are especially useful in bathroom scenarios where the thought of drilling into tile gives you a big gulp of hesitation.

Wayfair has created a stroke of shelving genius with this two-pack of shower caddies.

Through a high-grade adhesive backing, the stainless steel caddies are able to withstand the tests of water and time.

Combined the shelves have a 30 lb weight capacity which is incredibly impressive.

No matter how much you like to bulk buy your shampoo and conditioner, these noble caddies will hold.

What’s more, Wayfair has features not one, not two, but ten hanging hooks onto the outer perimeter of each shelf.

This allows you to hang a whole army of sponges and soaps off the side for quick-fire scrubbing.

Take a step outside of your shower for a moment, and the Hesselbein shower caddy will do a mighty fine job of housing your pre-day beauty routine as well.

If you do decide to affix it to your bathroom wall then the hooks will suddenly become the go-to place to hang bath towels as well.

The Hesselbein may not be the cheapest no-drill shower caddy out there, but it makes a very good case for the best.


Coming with all the adhesives you need to hang it today, we certainly aren’t here to argue.

  • Stylish design
  • Combined 30lb weight capacity
  • High-grade adhesive backing


  • Adhesive application only

OAPRIRE Acrylic Floating Wall Shelves (Set Of 2)

OAPRIRE Small Acrylic Floating Wall Shelves Set of 2, Flexible Use of Wall Space, 9 Inch Adhesive Display Shelf for Security Cameras/Smart Speaker/Action Figures, with Cable Clips - Clear Orange

Often it’s the smallest touches that can have the biggest impact on your home decor, and these acrylic shelves sure are small.

Their ability to turn dead wall space into easy-access locations for everyday items is unchallenged in the floating wall shelf world.

Whether that be a permanent place for your phone, wallet, alarm clock, speaker, baby monitor, or gaming controller, the shelves do not discriminate.

Together, they offer 18 inches of shelving wall space that would otherwise be wasted. There are five uniquely fun and funky colorways to choose from.

Whether you decide on blue, green, red, yellow, or orange, each choice is bright enough to make your bedroom wall pop with cheerful glee.

There’s also a super sleek hole and cable clip that features on the underside of each shelf for the sole purpose of cable hiding.

Turn any and every cable from eyesore to out of sight by slipping it through the hole and tucking it away on the cable clip.

This is a super unique and inspiring design for modern times.

Fixed to the wall using premium self-adhesive, this acrylic shelving dup by OAPRIRE is easy to install and does a great job at making lives easier too.


  • Choice of five funky colors
  • Built-in cable hole and clip
  • 18 inches of shelving wall space


  • No indication of weight capacity

Fytz Design Floating Shelf (Set Of 2)

Fytz Design White Small Floating Shelf Set of 2 - Small Shelf for Wall with No Drill Shelf Option [ Adhesive Shelf ]

Fytz Design has created a thing of beauty with these stylish floating wall shelves.

We don’t know about you but there’s something very aesthetically pleasing about these shelves that just seems to draw your attention.

The curves, the minimalism, and the angles, all come together to create something that is pleasing to the eye.

This is another cool one that gives you the enviable option of mounting each shelf with adhesive or drilling.

If you decide on the non-commital route and opt for adhesive then you can load each shelf up with three pounds apiece.

If, after trialing the shelf placement with adhesive, you’re ecstatic with your decision then there’s an anchor installing option as well.

Fitz Design’s self-leveling patented hook and Fischer duo power system is compatible with all wall types and bumps up the shelve’s load-bearing weight to 10lb apiece.

One thing to consider is that the adhesive application allows you to fit the shelves to metal and glass, whereas the hook system gives you the affixing ability for brick, wallpaper, and other rough-textured surfaces.

Super durable, easy to install, and undeniably stylish, it makes total sense why these shelves have already been taken in with open arms by so many happy Fytz Design customers.

Whether you’ve got this two-pack in mind for a potted plant, a photo of a loved one, or a work of art, you just know they are going to make each of them look oh-so-good.


  • Unique design
  • Two application methods
  • 10lb weight capacity


  • Not great for children

Eluchang Floating U Wall Shelves (Set Of 3)

ELUCHANG Floating U Shelves Wall Mount,Bathroom Organizer Non-Drilling,Shelves Decoration Display Storage Pictures Shelves for Home Kitchen Office,Set of 3

Made of high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), Eluchang’s floating U wall shelves are extremely durable and poss no harm to your health.

Use them to proudly showcase cherished photo memories, display ornamental pieces or store your kid’s favorite books of the minute.

Individually sized, the shelves can be grouped together to create a feature wall or split up to offer shelving in multiple rooms.

The shelve’s adhesive backings are capable of holding a maximum of 11 pounds and show no signs of distress.

Unlike a lot of adhesive shelf designs, these shelves benefit from a U-shaped construction that helps protect items from sliding off, down, and away.

Not that there should be any issues, but if you are unhappy with the shelves in any shape or form then Eluchang has instilled a vote of shopping confidence by offering a full replacement or refund on any quality-related issues.

Also included in this three-shelf bundle are eight adhesives, one small hex wrench, one open-ended wrench, and an easy-to-read user manual to help the not-so-savvy DIYers get the job done.

There is no choice of color in this floating shelf set.

White is what Eluchang is offering and when you step back from affixing these chic shelves to your living-room wall, white will make plenty of sense.


  • U-shape design
  • Made of high-impact polystyrene
  • 11lb weight capacity


  • Only one application method

Best Choice Products 9-Cube Storage Shelf

Best Choice Products 9-Cube Storage Shelf Organizer Bookshelf System, Display Cube Shelves Compartments, Customizable w/ 3 Removable Back Panels - Black

Unfortunately, as convenient as adhesive wall-mounted shelves are, they have inherent load-bearing issues.

To swerve the possibility of your shelves caving in as a result of over-loading we have decided to mix things up a little.

It’s true, this 9-cube storage shelf doesn’t fall under the “wall shelf” category per se, but hear us out first.

In conjunction with adhesive wall shelves, a unit like this is your best chance of storing large and bulky items against a wall without the need to drill into a wall.

The other cool thing about this organizer is that it can be moved on a whim around the home.

This means it is technically even less of a commitment than traditional no-drill wall shelves.

This 9-cube storer gives you the ability to present absolutely anything in any room of the home that you see fit, but most people buy it for multimedia purposes.

At 36 inches wide, the unit is the ideal width to fit a 40-inch flat-screen TV on top, while their prized DVD collection is featured underneath.

Very impressively, this storage unit is can handle 275 lbs of total weight.

Constructed entirely of durable, engineered MDF, the unit is easy to clean and hard to stain.

Whether you want to stick to the classic 9-cube design or go rouge by customizing your shelving, anything is possible with Best Choice Products’ ultimate wall storer.


  • 275lb weight capacity
  • Nine storage cubes
  • Easy to move


  • Freestanding design

Vdomus Acrylic Bathroom Shelves (Set Of 2)

Vdomus Acrylic Bathroom Shelves 2-Pack, Wall Mounted Shower Shelve No Drilling Adhesive Thick Clear Storage & Display Shelves, Bathroom or Bedroom Organization (Upgraded)

This set of two acrylic shelves is great for the bathroom but that’s not all they’re great for. On both sides of the shelves, you will find a channel designed primarily for passing cords through.

This sleek design feature makes it a great one for housing electronics bedside and charging them overnight.

Another bonus about these channels is that they allow water to freely escape. This is especially handy in a bathroom setting where your everyday bathroom items are wet.

Stop water and moisture from collecting and turning your products and shelves moldy and buy this two-pack.

Measuring 15 x 4 inches, the shelves are more than capable of housing an arsenal of quick-access beauty products for when time is of the essence.

The acrylic has been made especially thick to ensure durability while all mounting hardware has also been provided.

There have also been two hanging slots built into the front of each shelf, perfect for hanging lanyards and other important items.

Stick the heavy-duty adhesive tape to ceramic tile, flat marble, glass walls, or any smooth surface that you had in mind for no-drill shelving, and these light and stylish acrylic shelves are compatible.


  • Two hanging slots
  • Two side channels
  • 6mm thick acrylic


  • Weight capacity not included

Richer House Floating Shelves 9-Pack

9-Pack Small Floating Shelves for Wall by RicherHouse, Plastic Display Ledges for Tiny Decor, Small Wall Shelf with 2 Types of Installation - White 4 inch D x 3.3 inch W x 3 inch H

The only thing that could be better than one tiny-size floating shelf is surely nine tiny-size floating shelves, right?

Measuring just 4 x 3.3 x 3 inches, the compact nature of these shelves makes them perfect for design-led shelving.

The idea that shelves bring life and appeal to a room is nothing new, but with nine pint-sized shelves strategically dotted about, your living room sure will feel like a different space.

Super easy to mount and coming with both adhesive strips and screws, the choice of application on these shelves is most certainly yours.

Richer House is claiming that its adhesive tape is 30 percent stickier than other rival floating shelves. Install the shelves by tape and they can hold up to three pounds of weight comfortably.

Install them by screws and they can handle a whopping 4.8 pounds with ease. When you consider their compact size, this is quite a feat.

Another cool design aspect of the shelves is that they can be mounted upside down or upward.

If you want your items to be set against the color of your wall opt for upside down and if you want them set against the white of the shelf go for upward.

With a 24/7 online service ready to answer your every pre/ post purchase question, it feels like an easy thing to go for Richer House.


  • Nine pack
  • Adhesive 3lb weight capacity
  • Drill 4.8lb weight capacity


  • Precarious design for children

Volpone Bathroom Wall Shelf (Set Of 2)

VOLPONE Bathroom Shelves Wall Mounted Glass Shelves for Bathroom Floating Shelf with Towel Holder Glass Shower Shelf 2 Tier Bathroom Wall Organizer Black

The design of this two-tier bathroom shelving duo may not be the most suitable for a household with young children, but that’s where its flaws start and end.

The low-set edging allows you and whoever else stops by your bathroom to admire the shelve’s glass with ease. Made of high-grade space aluminum, the edging is 100% waterproof and, therefore, rustproof.

This material is especially useful in damp and humid locations like the bathroom and kitchen.

Even though the shelves benefit from an uber-chic and contemporary aesthetic, on account of their high-grade materials through construction, they can mix durability with the best of them.

Another sign of this is the tempered glass has been manufactured thick at 6mm.

Tempered glass is a highly effective and durable glass that, if broken, will shatter into small chunks for safety purposes.

On top of that, the glass is easy to remove and insert, which also makes it an easy element to keep clean.

The towel bar can be fitted to either shelf and swapped between the two, as you please, at the drop of a towel.

There is a complete hardware set included for both adhesive and drilling applications.

This includes 4 mounting support stickers, 2 glue adhesive mounting, 1 pack mounting screws for concrete, 1 pack mounting screws for drywall, and in-dept installation instructions for both methods.


  • 100% rustproof construction
  • Easy-to-remove glass shelves
  • Two application methods


  • Weight capacity not included

Xabitat Adhesive Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

Xabitat No Drill Adhesive Wall Mounted Spice Rack with 6 Removable Hangers 16' | Durable Washable Heavy Duty Metal Floating Kitchen Shelves | Modern Home and Bathroom Decor | Set of 2 | Black

If you’ve always wanted a spice rack but, for whatever reason, aren’t allowed to drill into your walls, Xabitat is here for you.

This modern and stylish spice rack is a fine example of just how far you can push the adhesive shelving agenda.

Nobody in the right mind would assume that these large spice racks are held on by nothing but tape, which is exactly the point.

This two-tier spice rack also features a fashioned towel rod and six removable hanging hooks.

Whether you want to hang the everyday essentials like the peeler, spatula, ladle, spoon, cutting board, or use them for more decorative purposes, the choice is yours.

One thing to consider before loading this dynamic shelving duo up with every spice and condiment is its maximum weight capacity.

The included super-strong glue will gain you a 20lb weight capacity at a maximum.

If you are able to, the drill and screw technique will afford you a whopping 40lb of weight to comfortably house it all.

The black aluminum offers an industrial edge that will have an easy time finding a cozy corner of any modern kitchen and settling there.

The two shelves measure a nice and considered five inches across which is ample room to fit spice jars and the rest.


  • Removable shelves
  • Six hanging hooks
  • Towel bar


  • No choice of colorways

Buyer’s Guide

No-drill wall shelves are super useful for renters and homeowners alike who aren’t allowed to/ don’t fancy drilling into their walls.

However, learning a thing or two about what’s out there is a crucial step in finding your preferred and perfect shelves.

This buyer’s guide will present the key considerations of wall shelves without nails or screws to help make your final decision a swift one.

Application Method

The way in which a shelf is secured to a wall is one of its most important considerations.

In general, if a shelf isn’t secured using screws and nails then there is a very good chance it has been secured using adhesion.

Adhesive applications are great because they offer strength without the need to mark and damage walls.

The two most common forms of adhesives for wall shelves are adhesive tape and glue.

Tape is the most popular option because it is less messy.

Tape is clean, the tape is easy, and if applied on a clean and dry surface, the tape can be a very effective means of application.

Glue is less common as it has a tendency to be messy with the potential of leaving marks on walls.

However, if you are handy with DIY and know the particulars of glue, then it can still be a very effective means of application as well.

To give their customers choice and broaden their potential customer base, a lot of home furniture brands tend to offer a no-drill application method alongside a more permanent one.

This is great news because it will allow you to test the waters with a set of shelves and then go for the permanent option if you are happy with the results.

Of course, not everyone is afforded the luxury of drilling into their walls (renters we’re looking at you), so this isn’t as beneficial for everyone.

Still, for the people that is it useful for, two application methods is priceless.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Another big consideration when it comes to selecting the right wall shelves is how load-bearing they are.

A shelf’s maximum weight capacity is influenced by its design, its application method, and its intended wall material.

This is where adhesive applications simply can not match the load-bearing credentials of screws and nails.

Screws and nails will often have double the maximum weight of their more sticky counterparts.

That’s not to discount adhesives because they are commendable load bearers in their own right.

Another consideration when it comes to the maximum weight capacity of a shelf is its size.

Large shelves that benefit from multiple application points come with large maximum weight capacities.

Small shelves that have one, maybe two points of application at most will have a significantly lower maximum weight attached to them.

On the lower end of the weight scale, small wall shelves are recommended at 3lb at a maximum for adhesive applications.

If you do decide to drill into your wall then the same small shelf should be able to hold up to 5lb.

Although this does tend to differ from brand to brand so a thorough look at the instruction manual is most certainly advised.

For larger wall shelves, you can find some of the more secure designs that can handle 20lb of weight and stay exactly where they are.

You will be pleased to know that this kind of weight doesn’t require drills and nails either, only adhesion.

If you are happy with how your new wall shelf set looks and you want to up its maximum weight capacity then drilling into your wall will gift you an additional 10-15lb of weight for the largest wall shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Shelves Up Without A Drill?

Although most shelves will be secured to a wall using a drill, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Even shelves that have been tasked with supporting heavy items like books, pictures, vases, and mirrors can be no-drill under the right circumstances.

Adhesive tape is the answer to your no-drilling prayers, along with specialist types of super-strong glues. Check out my article here on how to attach shelves to walls without drilling for a step-by-step guide.

These application methods skip the need of drilling into a wall while still offering a heavy-duty seal of approval.

Do Floating Shelves Damage Walls?

The question on everyone’s lips is whether or not no-drill wall shelves damage walls.

We are pleased to inform you that the answer to this question is in fact no.

Floating shelves do not damage walls if applied to them correctly.

This means that ensuring the wall’s surface is dry and has been recently cleaned is paramount to getting a firm adhesion.

This will also minimize the chances of the shelf coming off the wall unexpectedly and taking a chunk of paint and wall with it.

Are No-Drill Shelves Strong Enough?

No-drill shelves are stronger than you might think. Just because they aren’t secured via wall fixings doesn’t make them weak and not good at their job.

Of course, their strength will never match that of shelves that have been drilled and nailed into a wall.

However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t perfectly capable of standing the tests of weight and time.


So there you have it. You now know of the best wall shelves that don’t require nails or screws to be secured.

No-drill shelves that are going to serve you proudly for many years to come.

Whether that be for practical purposes in the bathroom or front and center in the living room, we hope very much you were able to find a shelf style to suit you and your home.

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