Best Sushi Rice Cooker| Make Sushi At Home Like An Itamae( 板前)

Steam Sushi Rice roll, a slice of tofu, and the topping of thinly sliced Sashimi raw fish!!!  

Ahhhh,,, just heaven!  

Over the past few decades, Japanese cuisine becomes popular day by day. And when it comes to the Japanese dish, the very first thing pop up to mind is sushi.   

Am I right?  

Over 150 countries worldwide have sushi shops and their sushi taste is dissimilar to each other. Do you know the reason their sushi doesn’t taste equivalently?   

Actually, it’s the rice & the making process.  

Actually, sushi rice made by a particular method. While making sushi rice, you will require sushi vinegar, salt, sugar, and ingredient use on proper time; otherwise, your rice won’t be fluffy and suitable to make sushi.   

Sound’s complicated?  

Don’t be scared to try your hand at making Sushi. But before start ensures one thing, you got the perfect rice and a great Shushi cooker at your hand.  

Trust me; the process is easier than you think!  

Here is some best sushi rice cooker that will give you the confidence to try all Sushi, Sashimi, and Nigiri at home. With the most exceptional and characteristic features, these rice cookers will be assuredly worthy for you.  

Stay tuned.  

Quick pick: What is the best rice cooker for sushi rice on the market?

1. Best small sushi rice cooker: Toshiba TRCS01 Cooker  

“A Japanese rice cooker that will give the most authentic sushi flavor”  

2. Best commercial sushi rice cooker: Zojirushi rice cooker  

“Beloved by Japanese chef & restaurant owners” 

3. Best cheap sushi rice cooker: Panasonic Rice Cooker  

“A great rice cooker for making Shushi on a budget  “

Best Sushi Rice Cooker

 The Best Sushi Rice Cooker To Prep Perfect Maki Roll At Home   

A Guide to be Master of Authentic Japanese Cuisine


When you’re an armature sushi maker, obviously, it’s tough to know when you should take out the rice from the rice cooker.   

Most of the time, sushi rice gets softer or slippery.   

Understanding rice mildness and tenderness is quite toilsome and tricky. For instance, a sushi rice cooker could be a fabulous and efficient choice for you.   

The sushi rice cooker has an individual setting for sushi rice; the cooker will stop steaming automatically when the rice will be ready. For your convenience, here is 6 best rice cooker for cooking sushi rice.  

1.  Toshiba TRCS01 Cooker (One-touch cooker)   

Toshiba rice Cooker

Who doesn’t hear the name of Toshiba!!!!  

Toshiba is the world’s leading Japanese brand for rice cookers. TRCS01 Toshiba is a one-touch cooker that is best for brown rice, white rice, and porridge cooking.   

Why do I recommend it as a sushi cooker?  

It contains 3D cooking technology and magnificent inelegancy. Its superior technology provides a 6-step cooking process, and its steaming and heating technology ensures perfect fluffy rice.   

Toshiba rice cooker’s maximum capacity is 6 cups of uncooked rice and 12 cups of cooked rice. 7 pre-programmed settings are incredibly suitable for multiple dishes and especially for sushi rice.   

That’s not all……  

Because of its unique designed sensor accelerates it takes only 30 minutes to cook the rice. If you forget to turn off the cooker, then don’t worry because it will stop automatically on its own.  

The Goods

  • It ensures 24 hours auto keep warm
  • Easy Mobility and easy to carry
  • Auto turn off modes enables  
  • You can cook multiple dishes 

The bad

  • Unfortunately, capacity is quite low

2. COMFEE Asian Style Programmable rice cooker  

COMFEE rice cooker

Truly, Asian style rice cooker has a huge prospect and demands all over the world.  

Experts say these programmable rice cookers can cook flawless sushi rice than other cookers. Comfee rice cooker is one of them, and it is pretty budget-friendly.   

What so special about it?  

The extra-ordinary Comfee Japanese rice cooker is made of persistent and stable stainless steel. Like Toshiba, it also assures the 6-step cooking process and steams impeccably. 

The most interesting part…….  

It has 17 pre-cook versatility programs; includes rice, pasta, soup, stew, saute, steamed veggies, and more. This sushi cooker’s maximum weight capacity is 10 cups of uncooked and 20 cups of cooked rice. Digital LED display, and sensitive touch panel makes it an easy cooker to use for beginners. Its anti-stick inner pot will make your cleaning process comfier.  

The Goods

  • Outstanding maximum capacity 
  • Best for family and parties
  • Price is budget-friendly and inexpensive  
  • Incredible cooking versatility

The Bad

  • don’t have any warranty 

3. Tiger Rice Cooker and Warmer

Tiger Rice Cooker

The tiger rice cooker is one of the highly anticipated and trendiest Japanese rice cooker and warmer.  

And the most versatile one!

Wondering why?  

This rice cooker is available in 5 various sizes such as 3 cups, 4cup, 5.5, 8, and 10 cups. Stainless Steel is its major material, and 3 colors are available in it like satin, white, and urban flower.

Want to know the coolest part?  

You can keep your sushi rice warm for up to 12 hours with it; that means this warmer and cooker will be worthwhile for you to make sushi all over the day.   

Too good!  

With the tiger rice cooker, you will get a spatula and rice measuring for free. The non-stick inner pan and the removable and washable steam vent will bring conveniences while cleaning it.  

The Goods

  • Tiger cooker belongs to a reliable brand  
  • Multiple sizes and colors available  
  • Free necessary kits enable with it
  •  Comfier to clean and maintain  

The Bad

  • Tiger cooker Price is a bit expensive to buy  

4. Cuckoo Shushi Rice Cooker & Warmer   

Cuckoo Shushi Rice Cooker

Are you looking for a multi-cook Electric rice cooker?   

Have a look at the Cuckoo rice cooker and warmer, it’s one of the supreme modern technology-based rice cookers, especially handy for cooking sushi.  

It’s made of plastic material and has two elegant and loveable colors; such as red and white. Cuckoo rice cooker’s maximum capacity is 6 cups uncooked rice, a total of 1.08 liters (1. 5 quarts).   

Its inner section is made of aluminum, and the non-stick coating inner pot won’t be sticky with softer rice.   

Unequivocally, it works by fuzzy logic & intelligent cooking algorithm, that’s why it can cook absolutely sushi rice.  

The Goods

  • Cuckoo rice cooker won’t let your rice to be burn 
  • The inner part is totally made of aluminum 
  • Best warmer for sushi rice 

The Bads

  • Its capacity contains an average quantity  

5. Zojirushi rice cooker and warmer   

Zojirushi rice cooker

Talking about the most renowned and authentic Japanese rice cooker brand, you can’t evade Zojirushi.

This awesome induction rice cooker’s total wattage is 1230 Watts, and made of durable stainless steel.   

Its total demission is 10-inch width, 14-inch depth, and 8-inch height, which can cook 5.5 cups rice (1.0 liter) at once. This induction warmer has two delay timer and automatic rice warmer technology.   

The bottom line?  

Overall, it might be an expensive cooker and warmer, but it works more efficiently than other cookers. You will be glad to know; this is awarded as the best rice cooker for sushi uk.  

The Goods

  • LCD control panel, clock, and timer enabled in it  
  •  1 year limited warranty   
  • It has automatic warmer technology  


  • Quite costly to buy  

6. Panasonic Rice Cooker   

Panasonic Rice Cooker

This white with chrome finish color supercilious rice cooker is not only good looking but also very supportive for cooking steam and sushi rice.   

It’s total capacity 5/10 (uncooked/cooked) rice at once. Micro-computer fuzzy logic programmed added to it, so it can control its own power and heating while cooking.   

And guess what?  

It has two special pans, such as a charcoal pan and a dimpled pan. Charcoal pan increases and improves the color, taste, and aroma of the rice, whereas dimple pan valance the heat properly.   

Panasonic rice cooker total demission is 18-inches in length, 9-inches in width, and 8-inches in height. It’s a bit easy to carry because its total weight is about 7.3 pounds.  

Oh, I forget to tell you the greatest feature……  

Interestingly, this rice cooker is super-fast; it takes only 15 minutes to cook the rice accurately. LCD functions, clock, and automatic warmer features are also enabled in it for your opportunism.   

The Goods

  • It cooks the rice rapidly but accurately
  • Lightweight and easy to carry 
  • Automatic power control technology added to it
  •  LCD display added in it  

The Bad

  • The maximum capacity is a bit lower   

How long does sushi rice take to cook in a rice cooker?    

Normal rice takes 25 to 30 minutes to be cook properly in a rice cooker.   

Because sushi rice is a bit particular than ordinary rice, that’s why Sushi rice doesn’t take more than 15-18 minutes to cook In a rice cooker.   

Sushi rice shouldn’t be wet and slippery; rather, it should be fluffier and a bit sticky. For making it fluffy and sticky, let the rice to be steam for 10 minutes after cooking it.   

Rice cooker steam is pretty stunning and effective for making sushi rice. Let me prefer you how you should actually make sushi rice with a rice cooker.   

Before you start cooking sushi rice, prepare a mixture of water, vinegar, salt, and sugar. You can put the mixture right on the rice cooker while cooking in an individual method.   

Alternatively, you can pour the rice for 30 minutes on the seasoning mixture, so the rice can soak all the ingredients appropriately.  

Is Jasmine Rice OK for sushi? Well, no. I don’t recommend jasmine for making sushi though this creates an authentic flavor.  

Why are Japanese rice cookers so expensive?  

Rice is one of the postulate nourishment foods from the eastern side of the world. Western people don’t want different tastes with their rice, but eastern people prefer to eat various types of rice, like sushi rice, sticky rice, arborio rice, black rice, and more.   

An ordinary rice cooker can’t cook adequately different types of rice. But the best Japanese rice cookers have multiple & admirable abilities to cook several types of rice.   

Besides these, there have a number of reasons for the expensiveness of the Japanese rice cookers. Here’s why the Japanese rice cooker is so expensive than ordinary cookers.  

A Japanese rice cooker can cook sticky rice, fried rice, risotto rice; which is pretty complicated to cook with other normal rice cookers.  

Top branded rice cooker can’t make rice pudding, but Japanese rice cooker can do it precisely.  

The Japanese rice cooker has authentic and most persistent materials than any other rice cookers.  

Get it?

Manufactures of Japanese rice cooker always ensure the highest level of safety.  

Japanese brands always try to create value with the customer by their product; that’s why their manufacturing process and strategy are a bit costly.  

Indeed, these are the exact and legitimate reasons for Japanese rice cooker expensiveness. In truth, you can trust their product assuredly, because they are pretty reliable with their products.  

 Choosing the Best Rice cooker for sushi rice   

Basically, you can’t prepare and cook the sushi rice by an ordinary rice cooker. In this case, you will require a top branded or certain sushi rice cooker.

So, how can you find the best rice cooker for sushi rice?   

45% of beginners get bamboozled by the fake rice cooker seller. Because of the lack of proper information about sushi rice cooker features and specifications, they face this unfortunate issue.   

But don’t worry because you’re clever enough, that’s why you’re still reading this buying guide. I gathered some crucial topics about a sushi rice cooker, which is must considerable for you.   

Here’s everything you should consider while choosing the right rice cooker for sushi as a noteworthy buying guide.  

Maximum capacity    

Concerning the maximum capacity, it’s all depends on your family members. For example, if you’re a single person, then low capacity will be appropriate for you.   

But a large family requires high capacity, enables a rice cooker. On average, your chosen rice cooker must have a minimum of 5-10 cups uncooked rice capacity. In other words, that rice cooker has to be able to cook 7 to 20 cups of cooked rice.  

Renowned brand  

In truth, when it comes to making rice for sushi, Japanese branded cookers are the most spectacular option. As I suggest to you before about avoiding ordinary rice cooker for sushi.   

Therefore, try to choose a sushi rice cooker from renowned and trustworthy brands. In my consideration, you can select Aroma, Zojirushi, Toshiba, or Dash rice cookers.  

Easy to use and functions   

Because, you are not an expert sushi maker, that’s why you have to choose a straightforward, functional rice cooker. As far I know, Aroma and Toshiba branded sushi rice cookers have comfier and easily usable functions.  

Cooking Versatility  

How does it feel when you can make several dishes from your rice cooker? Of course, it will be pleasant, congenial, and beneficial.   

There has a myriad type of rice cooker which is used to cook in verities ways such as steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, stewpot, and more. Therefore, try to find a more versatile rice cooker.  


It doesn’t matter how inexpensive the rice cooker you’re choosing; try to consider, is that the cooker offers a warranty or not. Consequently, whatever rice cooker you choose, before purchase, makes sure it has a minimum 1-year warranty.  


A sushi rice cooker isn’t so expensive cooker to buy. Averagely, the best Japanese rice cooker for sushi will cost you $50 – $300 approximately.  

Do Sushi chefs use rice cookers?  

Traditional and quondam chefs never use rice cookers while making sushi rice. Instead of the rice cooker, they prefer and feel comfortable to use traditional iron Hagama rice cooker and traditional Donabe rice cooker.   

These two are the antique rice cookers, which have been used for years to years. Sushi chefs think these two peculiar and exceptional typical rice cooker is more efficient than any modern day’s rice cooker.   

They can steam the sushi rice perfectly, and they can immixture the other ingredients in the rice flawlessly. But there have several modern-day sushi chefs, who use rice cookers instead of the traditional Japanese rice cookers.   

For example, Korean sushi chefs, American Sushi chefs, and European sushi chefs like to use a rice cooker for making sushi rice consummately. Let me prefer you a quick overview of how to make sushi at home step by step.  

  • Wash the specific amount of rice (Take how much rice you need)  
  • Use 3/1 water/rice ratio for cooking sushi rice; put the rice and water in the rice cooker  
  • Combine and prepare the mixture with ingredients like salt, sugar, rice vinegar  
  • Spread the rice in a bowl as a thin layer, so the rice can be a bit cold.  
  • It’s time to season the rice with season mixture, that’s it.  


Above all, it’s time to wrap up the whole article about the best shushi rice cooker. I tried to clarify every single feature of these 6 best rice cookers for making sushi. The ultimate buying guide will help you superbly during sushi rice cooker purchasing.   

Thank you so much for spending your inestimable and precious time with us.  


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