Best Stroopwafel Iron: My Honest Review

If you’ve ever visited The Netherlands, you know you can find stroopwafels at almost every street corner. The authentic Dutch recipe is thin, crispy, and filled with caramel, and a treat I just cannot resist. When I was pregnant with Sophie I became obsessed with making stroopwafels and set about finding the best Stroopwafel iron to make them at home. You can make yours at home too so read on for my top picks.

The best stroopwafel iron is the Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press. The Pizzelle Press features two cookie plates and five browning controls. It also has ready-to-bake and ready-to-eat indicator lights. The appliance is beginner-friendly, non-stick, and cooks evenly.

To make Stroopwafels you either need to use a Pizzelle Press or a waffle maker. Personally, I think the Pizzelle press gives superior results. You should keep reading to learn more about other stroopwafel irons you can use at home.

Overall Best Stroopwafel Iron: Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press

best stroopwafel iron overall is the cuisinart pizelle press

I absolutely love my Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press! I have always been a major fan of stroopwafels, so when I saw this product, I knew I had to try it out. The two cookie plates make four waffles at a time, and the browning controls let you choose how crispy or chewy you want them – I like mine quite crspy. The recipe book that comes with it has some pretty delish recipes (but my favorite recipe is this one), and the included measuring scoop and rolling dowel make it easy to get started. The indicator lights make it easy to keep track of the cooking process and not miss a step, and the end result is always delicious.


  • 5 Browning Controls. With these controls, you can make up to 5 browning shades of waffles: soft and chewy, hard and crisp, dark, or light. Ensure you shut the lid securely for even browning. I have been a bit lazy before and ended up with not-so-perfect results. 
  • Indicator Lights. As a lazy cook with kids hanging off me in the kitchen, I find the indicator lights that tell you when it is ready to bake and when the waffles are cooked super useful. You don’t need to worry about temperature regulation and cooking time which for me is a plus.
  • Durable. Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press is made of stainless steel, so you can have confidence in its durability. It’s also BPA-free, and has a 3-year warranty which is much longer than others I have seen that are typically 12 months.
  • Non-Stick. The inside of the pizzelle iron is non-stick so I find the stroopwafels come out freely without breaking or sticking to the cookie plates. 
  • Easy to Clean. Cleaning the cookie plates is really easy. I just wipe with a damp cloth to remove any crumbs and then apply a little vegetable oil on a paper towel to help preserve the non-stick coating.
  • Easy to Use.


  • Short Handle. While not a biggie I find the handle a bit short so if the iron is really hot it transfers to the handle making it a bit hot to touch.

Most Durable: Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron

palmer electric cookie iron

I have had my Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron for a little over two years now, and it is still going strong. I have used it to make all sorts of different waffles, and it has never failed me. It is extremely durable and cooks the cookies evenly every time. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quality cookie iron that will last the distance and does not need as much hand-holding as the Cuisinart provides above..

Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron is designed to make two crisp cookies at a go. It can make stroopwafels, Belgian waffles, waffle bowls, pizzelle, and ice cream cones. I tend to use it to make ice cream cones.

It comes in different models – thin and regular so make sure you select the thin of you want to make stroopwafels.


  • Saves Time. The dual sections of the iron make it easy for you to whip up two stroopwafels within 60 seconds. Split them into halves, add the syrup, and allow them to cook again for another 10 seconds. Imagine making two waffles in less than two minutes!
  • Cooks Evenly. In addition to fast cooking, the cookies cook evenly. It is made of cast aluminum which enables it to heat up quickly and uniformly. You won’t have any problems with undercooked cookies.
  • Easy Cleanup. The Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron is non-stick and easy to clean. Once the appliance cools, wipe it with a damp towel before letting it dry.
  • Durability. The iron is made of cast aluminum, which makes it lightweight and durable. The manufacturer is so confident of its durability that they give a 5-year warranty.
  • Beginner-Friendly. I found it a great appliance to use as a novice a couple of years ago before I moved on to the Cuisinart. Even if you have never made stroopwafels, you can’t go wrong with the Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron. There are many stroopwafel recipes written with this iron in mind.


  • Safety and no temperature regulation. I found that once the iron gets hot, you have to continue using it till there is no more batter. The only cool spot on the appliance is its handle so you have to be careful not to burn your fingers.

Most Versatile: CucinaPro Non-Stick Electric Pizzelle Maker

The cucina pro is the most versatile stroopwafel iron

Since its first appearance in 2001, CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker has found its way into the homes of pizzelle lovers. The appliance weighs 4.79 lb (2.17 kg) and has decorative patterns for making delicious European-style pizzelle. However, you can also use it to make stroopwafels. It makes two 5-inch cookies at the same time.

The CucinaPro Non-Stick Electric Pizzelle Maker also has an indicator light at the base, right under the handle. It features a steam guard to protect your fingers from getting burned.


  • Indicator Light. The appliance has an indicator light so you would know when it is ready to use. As soon as it attains the right temperature, the light goes off.
  • Fast Cooking. It has thick baking plates that ensure an even distribution of heat for fast and uniform cooking.
  • Easy to Use. CucinaPro Non-stick Electric Pizzelle Maker is easy to use. Make the batter, drop it on the cookie plates, close and latch, and then wait for your waffles to cook. It also includes a recipe book, which is very helpful for beginners.
  • Easy to Clean. The iron is non-stick, making it easy to cook and clean. Simply wipe down with a damp towel after use.


  • Temperature Control. There is no temperature control feature. You will only know whether the appliance is on or off.
  • Sharp Feet. The feet are made of plastic. But they are so sharp that they may scratch your work surface. You may want to place the iron on a towel.

Easiest To Use: CucinaPro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker

cucina pro waffle iron

Cucina Pro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker offers an affordable option for making single stroopwafels. Although it makes just one waffle per cooking time, you can increase the size of the waffle. Pour your preferred quantity of batter, close the lid, and allow it to cook.

The appliance is quite versatile. It includes a cone roller and a bowl press if you prefer to roll your waffles into cones for ice cream or make a waffle bowl. 


  • Fast Cooking. Once hot, the Cucina Pro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker can cook stroopwafel in less than two minutes. 
  • Easy to Use. Although there is a user manual, you can easily learn how to use the appliance. It also includes a recipe book that contains both keto and gluten-free recipes. 
  • Easy to Clean. The appliance is easy to clean. It is non-stick, so the waffles come out cleanly. After use, wipe down with a paper towel. 


  • Hot Lid. The lid gets scalding hot when in use. So, you have to be careful not to touch it with your bare hands. Make sure to always use an oven mitt.
  • Uneven Browning. If you want evenly browned waffles, do not expect them from the Cucina Pro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker. The appliance does not have a latch on the lid. As a result, the outer edges brown unevenly. However, if you want better results, be prepared to spend extra time.
  • Slow Heat Up Time. The appliance takes time to get hot. You have to turn it on before mixing your batter. 

Most Affordable: WooPower Multifunctional Waffle Iron

black waffle iron

As the name implies, WooPower Waffle Iron is quite multifunctional. It can make thin waffles like stroopwafels, thick waffles, egg rolls, omelets, and pancakes. The appliance is double-sided so that each side can form a waffle. It is designed for use on a stovetop.


  • Easy to Use. The WooPower Multifunctional Waffle Iron is easy to use. Make the batter and spread it on the pan but do not overload it. Press the upper side of the pan and allow the waffle to cook on a stovetop. You can use it indoors and outdoors. 
  • High-Quality Material. The waffle iron is made of aluminum, which makes the appliance heat faster, cooking your waffles in record time. The interior is non-stick, making it easy to clean. It also has holes at the edge of both handles so you can hang it when it is not in use.
  • Heat Resistant. It has a long, insulated handle to get a good grip when cooking. You can quickly turn over the appliance when cooking to get an evenly browned waffle.


  • Small Size: The diameter of the WooPower Multifunctional Waffle Iron is about 6.7 inches. This means you can’t make large waffles in it. 


If you’re looking to make an authentic stroopwafel without having to travel all the way to the Netherlands, then the Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press is in my opinion the best stroopwafel iron. This handy device will allow you to make fresh, crispy, and delicious stroopwafels from the comfort of your own home. 

When choosing a stroopwafel iron, some features to look out for include a non-stick interior, indicator lights, and a temperature regulator. You should also consider choosing an appliance that simultaneously cooks two or more waffles. With the right equipment, making stroopwafels will be as fun as eating them!

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