The 7 Best Personal Smoothie Makers to Energize Your Morning

Taking smoothie is pretty much a ninja technique to kickstart your day.


Loaded with nutritious value, this simple drink will give you enormous energy to conquer the day

Instead of pouring a glass of orange juice, a glass of gluten-free refreshing smoothie is the easiest way for getting the good stuff in you, every day.

But don’t always have time to prep in the morning?

Don’t worry. There’s a solution. A portable maker can help you savor a quick, yummy smoothie in less than 10 minutes.

To encourage your journey, we outline some of the Best personal smoothie makers that are portable and travel-friendly.

The Best Personal Smoothie Makers to Energize Your Morning

Quick View: what is the best smoothie maker to buy?

  1. Best personal blender consumer reports: Magic bullet blender
  2. Best small smoothie blender: Nutribullet pro plus
  3. Best personal blender for ice: Ninja personal blender
  4. Best portable blender for travel: Tenswall personal size blender
  5. Top blenders on the market: Oster BLSTPB-WBL Blender
  6. Best blender for protein shakes: Cosori smoothie blender
  7. Best blender for the money: Portable Blender Lacomri

Why should you own a personal blender? 

Good question.

In fact, you’re just leaving money on the table. Here is some strong logic why you should own a personal blender.

Healthy and Hygienic drink

In a family blender, we blend countless things in it. As for this, there always come hygienic problems with it. If you use your own personal blender then perhaps you will not blend unhygienic foods with that. You can keep fresh and clean after use and take care of it properly.

Portable, Useable at anywhere

You can take your family blender here and there because they will need to use it. In this case, if you use your own personal blender; then no one will complain you for taking the blender out.

Easy Cocktail Creation

Sometimes we have blend baby food in the blender. You can’t create your cocktail with that same blender. That’s why you should use a personal blender instead of a family blender.

Able to use own desired smoothie

It matters what you want to make. Several people have various tastes if you bought a personal blender then you can make any smoothie as your demand.

7 Best Personal Smoothie Maker Review to Jump-Start the Day

When you kick off your day with a refreshing smoothie, you set the stage for making healthy choices all day long.

Here is our 7 review of best personal single serve blender for making a smoothie for your daily nutritional boost.

1. Magic bullet blender

Magic bullet blender

Let me share how all this began:

A lot of A-listers celebs on insta share the love for a smoothie, and so I decided to search the internet for a good personal blender which is compact yet affordable. After trying a few, I settled on Magic bullet blender.

And I have to admit, if you are a big fan of veggies and raw fruits smoothie- you should definitely try magic bullet blender, small, silver, 11 piece set.

Cooler than ever!

It was my first personal smoothie when weight loss was my main goal. So I started with celery and all those green stuff. And my experience is pretty good with this magic bullet blender.

This 13 piece set includes a compact sized blender, additional cups, blades, recipe book and much more. I was new in this drinking world, and the recipe book really helped me a lot.

With high-impact plastic, cups are lightweight yet durable. Not only smoothies, but I also try sauces, wiping, grinding, omelettes, and dips. And the result was quite satisfactory.

As the cups are dishwasher safe, Cleaning is also super easy. Simply rinse with soap and water! That’s a huge plus for hectic morning.

Now come to the point: how to make a smoothie?

Just load your preferred fruits or veggies into the cup, place on the blade, and the power base! And you are done!

Pro tips: Add 1/2 cup water for fine blend for veggies.

The Goods

  • Hassle-free Cleanup
  • Comes with recipe books
  • High-torque power base


  • Expected more strong motor

2. Nutri Ninja pro single serve blender

Ninja personal blender

Ninja personal blender is a cleverly designed compact countertop appliance that breaks down fruits and vegetables in a blink.

Too good to be true!

My first impression of this blender is how great the ability to extract hidden nutrition from solid ingredients. This is more of a blender than a smoothie maker, because of the 900 watts of professional power.

What about the operating system?

One manual programme makes it so easy to operate. And I really love this simplicity so much. Twist on the spout lids and take your drinks with you for easy on the go sipping

Guess what?

All parts are BPA free as well as dishwasher safe. Make a smoothie, drink it and place it straight under running tap water for cleaning. All can be possible within a few minutes. Cleaning the Ninja blender’s pitcher/lid & base is also super easy.

I think the craziest part is 900 watts motor allows you to make a smoothie without compromising the vitamins.

Apart from 75-Recipe Cookbook, the package includes 2 Nutri Ninja Cups; one is 18 oz. and another one 24 oz.

Caution: Never fill the jar more than the Fill line with the ingredients to avoid overflow.

The Goods

  • BPA free
  • Twist on the spout lids
  • Compact size

The Bad

  • Pitcher/jar isn’t included

3. Nutribullet pro plus

Nutribullet pro plus

The magic bullet nutribullet pro plus blender is the finest On-The-Go Convenience smoothie maker we came across.

In the world of personal smoothie blender, Nutribullet is the most critically acclaimed brand. This is A 1200-Watt Powerhouse extractor is only handy as a smooth blend, but also good to make chunky salsa and dips.

And guess what?

Unlike juicers, this Nutrient extractor are specifically designed to break down the cell walls of whole fruits and vegetables to provide a nutrient-dense smoothie.

Here is the unique feature:

All-New Pulse Button is there to give chunky textures to make dips, sauce and salsas. And hands-free blending time is hardly 60 second. Comparing the Original NutriBullet blender, this portable smoothie maker has 100% more Power.

You heard that right, 100% more Power.

That means the extraction will take up the same amount of countertop space. Another great feature is the auto shut-off which will turn off automatically after optimum extraction.

The Goods

  • 1200 Watt motor
  • Pulverizes the toughest of ingredient easily
  • Pre-programmed pulse cycle

The Bad

  • Pretty load while working

4. Oster BLSTPB-WBL Blender

Oster BLSTPB-WBL Blender

Compact, easy to use, and portable, this tiny BLSTPB-WBL smoothie maker machine from Oster will save time in the hectic morning schedule so you can get on your way.

So far so good!

More like a sports bottle, this gives you the spirit you were looking for to start your healthy journey. If you try to pulverize frozen fruit and ice with this little appliance, you may find some surprising result.

But first, let me clear something, this is a basic smoothie maker. Don’t expect fancy features of a typical blender.

I tell you though one-touch blending action makes it my favourite go- grab kinda gadget nowadays. And the lid has a carry hook which makes it super easy to carry.

What does this mean to you?

You can make quick healthy smoothies or protein shakes, and enjoy it literally at anywhere you want. This could be at home, on the run, or at the office.

Make sense?

Such a good tool under 20 bucks, I wasn’t sure to order. But the 3 year satisfaction guarantee gives me more confident, adding it to cart. And after use, I absolutely love it.

As it so tiny, Storage is also a breeze; this let you store it on your counter, side bag or office desk every day.

The Gods

  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • BPA free 20-ounce bottle
  • Long cord length

The Bad

  • Locking mechanism sucks

5. Cosori Smoothie Blender

Cosori smoothie blender

Cosori smoothie blender is the perfect tool for the fast-paced lifestyle.


Designed in California, the travel friendly designed makes your on-the-go lifestyle a bit easier! Runs at 21,000 RPM, this stuff are really powerful to minimize the risk of overheating.

Still not convinced?

Well, you will be glad to know this Cosori personal blender is ul-certified. The materials are BPA-free so that no harmful component will go inside you. The interlocking system, along with the suction-cupped base, the operation is mad secure as well as easy.

What’s inside the box?

It comes with one storage lid, 1 lid, 3 cups, cleaning brush and last one but not least a recipe book. Besides this, you will find a VIDEO of Cosori smoothie blender. And I want you to look at this before start blending to understand how it actually works.

Did you notice there is 3-Edge-blade? The “sharp edge” is for Fine chops or if you want to dice fruits and veggies. The second one the “blunt edge” for break down nuts, seeds, and ice. And the last one “Extractor blades” is for track vitamins and other nutrients.

A word of caution: This 23, 000Rpm voltage only applicable for USA and Canada.

The Goods

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful performance
  • Detachable Blades


  • The base is pretty big

6. Tenswall personal size blender

Tenswall personal size blender

Not all portable blenders aren’t trash!

This personal-size blender has proved it. Made of eco-friendly PP & ABS material, this allows you to enjoy your leisure time to spend it in a healthy way.

Magnetic sensing switch is totally safe to use. When you separate the body, the juicer cup will stop working. It may seem a mini blender, but the capacity is pretty amazing. I guess 380ML is more than enough for one person.

And you know what?

Portable blender has 6 Blades that means more power than typical 4 blades personal blender. This allows you to make fruit juices, vegetables into smoothies without leaving any chunks of fruit and ice.

Along with the portable smoothie maker, Tenswal gives you 2 healthy straws so that you take smoothie conveniently while travelling. 22000 high rotation speeds are powerful enough to crush nuts, frozen fruit and ice in only 30 seconds.

What about the power source?

Well, it runs by USB 2000mAh rechargeable battery. As its USB, you can charge it in the power bank, computer, laptop or other USB devices.

Please note: For 20-30 times use, it will take 3-5 hours for a full charge to run properly. So if you have the plan to blend the next morning, make sure this has the proper charging time.

The Goods

  • Easy to go
  • Multi USB charging
  • Automatic cleaning button

The Bad

  • Take a lot of time to charge

7. Portable Blender Lacomri

Portable Blender Lacomri

Going to vacation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the healthy ritual of starting the morning with a smoothie. But carrying the kitchen blender when I travelled doesn’t sound good as well.

Sound’s horrible, isn’t it?

Lightweight, portable stuff like Lacomri single serve blender can solve this problem. This 14 oz juice maker can help you stay healthy in a matter of minutes.

That’s right.

All you need to do is add the veggies or fruits in the blender and turn it on! And your green, refreshing juice or chocolate shake is ready to go.

As simple as it sounds!

With a detachable top, you can enjoy the smoothie literally anywhere you want. Made from stainless-steel blades, this stuff is quite powerful to shred through any fruit or veggie.

What about the cup?

The cup is made with Borosilicate glass and food-grade PP. Fully non-toxic and BPA-free, take your healthy smoothie without worrying.

The Goods

  • Non-risk deal
  • One-year manufacturer warranty
  • Friendly customer service

The Bad

  • Battery life is pretty poor

What’s the difference between a blender and a smoothie maker?

If you think there has no difference between blender and smoothie makers, it’s truly wrong. You can separate these two by their price, maintenance, functionality, design and size, and blades quality.

First of all, the blender price is a little bit higher than the smoothie maker. A smoothie maker will cost you not more than 35 bucks; rather a blender will cost you up to 70-100 bucks.

Talk about the maintenance of these two amazing products & immersion blender vs hand mixer; the smoothie is much easy to maintenance instead of a blender. In functionality, the blender has more priority than a smoothie maker. You can blend any kind of item on a blender, but smoothie maker is for making only juice and smoothie.

As for design and size, smoothie maker size is smaller than a blender, and blender design is much better than smoothie maker. Blade’s quality of a blender is so durable than smoothie maker because the blender is made for blending fruits, spices, vegetables, and more.

But smoothie only supports fruits. I hope you understand the whole difference between blender and smoothie makers.

Which smoothie-maker should I buy? 

Let me confess something first: Smoothie maker isn’t as durable as a heavy blender.

If you know which things you should consider before purchasing a smoothie maker than definitely, you can purchase a perfect and worthy one.


Generally, Size information is so crucial to obtain before purchasing. The majority of people take a smoothie so they can take it anywhere. If your smoothie maker size comes with comfortability shape, then it will be better to take out. Also, consider the quantity it can blend, if it can blend between 0.47- 1.3 litres then you should choose that one.


As you know, more speed means quicker smoothie. If your smoothie maker works slowly, then making smoothie will become tough for you. As for this reason, try to choose a smoothie maker, which takes 30 seconds to 1 minute highly.


How it looks if your smoothie can do some jobs of blender? Obviously, it will be awesome. So before purchasing any kind of smoothie maker, make sure it has a versatile option to use.


Smoothie maker price is pretty reasonable and comes with a low cost. Because smoothie makes has less function than a blender, that’s why their price is cheap. Don’t pay more than 30 bucks for a smoothie maker because this is the best average price.

Maintenance & easy cleaning

Avoid those smoothie makes, which is tough to clean. Try to choose excisable, easy maintenance type, and easy designable smoothie maker. Also, an easy removal blade smoothie maker is easy to use.

How long can I expect my single serve blender to last?

As we both know, blender is an electric item, and electric item hasn’t any correct validity. Some blender doesn’t last for more than 5 months, and that’s really worthless and disgusting.

Without proper maintenance, you can’t expect a long time service from your blender. But there has a way you can get more blending service from a single-serve blender that is a trustworthy branded blender. Branded blender always comes with a warranty or guarantee, which ensures the long-lasting blender quality.

Single-serve blender isn’t much durable than heavy blender but it has stability than a smoothie maker. Basically, if you choose a well-known branded single server blender like a ninja; it could provide the service for more than 365 days.

If you maintain the single-serve blender particularly and clean it routinely then hopefully it will last 1.5 years systematically.

How big is the base on a personal blender?

Literally, a blender base means the inner section of a blender. Blender bases come with various sizes such as 6-7 inches, 8-inch, and 9-inch. Personal or one person blender base normally comes shorter because it made for one person’s purpose. I have seen a lot of people choose large blenders for personal use.

In this case, they fail to transport them while moving to other places. The ordinary and average blender base size for personal use is 7-8 inches.

7-8 inches base is enough suitable and convenient full to use for one person. Indeed, with an 8-inch blender base, you can blend 10 to 64 ounces of fruits or other food at a time. I don’t think a person needs large blender so why should you choose 9-10 inches base blender.

In my consideration, 64 ounce is so impressive and massive for a single person. Because of a small base, you can clean it up rapidly.

Is Ninja or magic bullet better?

Well, Ninja and magic bullet are two of the spectacular and sensational blender blend. These two top face blenders have admirable demands on the market.

Specifically, you can’t disobey their durability and performance. We have to make some differences about them includes performance, Power consumption, accessories, price, and functions.

First of all, Ninja and magic bullet performance aren’t similar rather both have unique performance. Ninja blender has a more powerful motor than bullet blender, about the 900-watt motor. On the other hand, a Bullet blender has only a 250-watt power motor.

Secondly, in power consumption magic bullet is better than ninja blender, because it has a higher power base than a ninja. The base size is basically similar to both 7-10-inches available.

In accessories, bullet blender has more priority than Ninja because bullet comes with 4-5 jars, but Ninja provides only 3 jars. Also, the bullet delivers 12 oz. & 2×8 oz. Mugs but Ninja promises 12, 18 & 24 oz. cups.

If we consider the price bullet branded blenders are much affordable than ninja branded blenders. A bullet blender will cost you not more than 45 to 75 bucks. Indeed, a ninja will cost you 80 to 120 bucks, which means ninja is more expensive.


Blender is the most usual, accustomed, and widespread invention, which plays a magnificent role in making our life easier. Normally, we purchase a blender for the whole family, but if you live alone and travel a lot, then a portable smoothie maker is a much better option for you.

I outline some of the best personal blender smoothie maker 2021 to help you. But the ultimate decision is yours.

Stay healthy!


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