What’re the Best Hand Mixer for Baking & Cookie Dough(According to Pastry Chef)

I used to see my Dad mixing batter for cookies and baking with his hands.

That was a great scene to watch as an audience!!!

But the problem is, the task was both painful and stressful for the wrist and joints.

Too true!

Thank god, time has changed, and technology has made our life more comfortable than before.


You can mix batter more efficiently and quickly with the best hand mixer for baking and cookie dough. They run on electricity and provide adequate power to churn through multiple cookie batches and knead the thick dough.

We’re actually third-generation baker and have worked with some of the best-rated mixer brands to make cookie dough and other baking tasks. The stand mixers are convenient for working with large batches, whereas the hand mixers are excellent for quick baking jobs.

Whether you are into full-scale baking or only for mixing cookie dough, these seven mixers will make your job effortless.

So why are you waiting for?

Let’s dig in.

Quick pick: Which is the best mixing cookie dough with hand mixer?(According to our Master Bakers)

1. Best stand hand mixer consumer reports: Acuma 6 Speed 6.5-QT Stand

Best Hand Mixer for Baking & Cookie Dough

Best Hand Mixer for Baking & cookie dough


 2. Best electric hand mixer for baking cookies: Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer

3. Best electric whisk: Cuisinart SM-50 White 5.5-Qt Stand Mixer

4. Best wattage for hand mixers: KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Mini Stand Mixer

5. Best cheap hand mixer for baking cookies: Breville Scraper Hand Mixer

Hand mixer vs stand mixer- What Type Of Mixer Is Best For Baking?

The debate on “What kind of mixer do I need for cookie dough?” will forever be in every kitchen.

And I am not in any mode to spark the discourse at all. You will find both mixers essential for particular cooking scenarios and tasks.

Stand Mixer

These mixers are fancy and big. Obviously, they will perform better with large batches while allowing you to do multitasking. You can do other baking and cooking prep while the mixer is kneading the dough.

You will find some additional accessories to do jobs like whisking and paddling with a stand mixer. It doesn’t matter what your baking needs; a stand mixer can do almost anything.

Do you really need a hand mixer?

You need to consider two things before bringing one into your kitchen: firstly, the price and secondly space. Numerous features come at a relatively higher price tag than a hand mixer.

Hand Mixer

When speed and convenience are the keys, a hand mixer will be in your favor. These small but compact machines can deal with smaller batches of dough within the shortest time.

But does this question pops up to your mind-What can I use if I don’t have a hand mixer?

Feature-wise, they are not as versatile as any stand mixer. But these single-action machines will be adequate to mix to make the small-sized dough. Kneading won’t be possible, but you can vary the speed according to the condition of the mix.Hand mixers take the least space in any kitchen. And they will cost you the minimum.

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 7 Best Hand Mixer for Baking Cookies Dough to Go Beyond Cookie-Decorating 

A guide to Bake Like a Pro

Well, we’re so dedicated at baking and looking for perfection to create the masterpiece. And that’s why to get the thing done with detail art; we prefer different mixer for baking & cookie dough.

Sound’s impressive? Let’s get started…..

Best Hand Mixer for Baking cakes & cookies

Not only us, but all these mixers also are insanely popular and loved by baking enthusiasts around the world.

1. Acuma 6 Speed 6.5-QT Stand Mixer

Acuma Stand Mixer


 A stand-up mixer is all about power and diversity.

And this Acuma mixing cookie dough with hand mixer can offer you both. The high wattage motor, various accessories, and several practical features make it one of the best hand mixers for baking and cookie dough.

The red chrome and silver line across the motor unit will add an extra dimension to your kitchen. And when the mixer is turned on, the 660-watt motor will make any mixing and kneading easy.

Too good!

You can choose fast or slow rotation from the 6-speed settings based on the recipe. The best thing is the speed settings because they come with a pulse feature by the blue LED knob’s rotation.

You can mix any large batch of batter or dough in the 6.5-Qt bowl. The stainless steel can endure long operations, just like the heavy-duty motor. The tilt-back head and exterior design let you keep the beater outside the bowl while pouring the loose ingredients.

No matter how loose the sugar or flour is, the pour shield will keep the cloud inside the bowl.

Now you will have a shiny kitchen even after making all the Christmas cookies at a time. You will also get a whisk, dough hook, and a beater attachment completely FREE with the mixer.

The Goods

  • Anti-slip suction cups at the base
  • Power full motor
  • 6-speed settings
  • Attractive design
  • Free accessories for diverse functions
  •  Tilt-back head design for easy collection of dough

The bad

  • Plain beater accessories are not up to the mark
  • Some of the cords are not US power compatible

2. Cuisinart SM-50 White 5.5-Qt Stand Mixer

Cuisinart Stand Mixer

This Cuisinart mixer model has all the features of a great stand-up mixer except relatively lower wattage and a smaller mixing bowl.

Otherwise, the Sm-50 is enough to turn your kitchen into an authentic European bakery.

You will be surprised to see the capacity of the 500-watt motor.

It can deal with any hard or soft dough to give you the perfect pound cake or cookie. Just select the right setting from the choice of 12. The die-cast metal construction complements the heavy-duty action of the mixer.

The stainless steel 5.5-QT bowl comes with a handle so that you can easily grip and put any ingredients in the mixer. You can forget about any splash of batter or dust of flours. The splash guard on the bowl comes with a pour spout. It makes both mixing and pouring ingredients effortless and less messy.

 Let’s not forget about the FREE attachments.

 You will have a flat mixing paddle, a Chef’s whisk, and a dough hook with the mixer. I am sure you will instantly feel confident to start the thanksgiving baking project if you have this model in the kitchen.

The Goods

  • Die-cast exterior 
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • 12-speed settings
  • FREE attachments
  • Splash guard with pour spout

The Bad

  • A little higher price tag.
  • Heavyweight

3. Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer 

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer

This compact mixer from Hamilton has a remarkable feature- planetary mixing action.

What does this mean?

It means the beater will rotate around the bowl to cover the entire volume. You don’t have to do any additional scraping when the heavy-duty motor is on the run.

Yes, the 300-watt motor is not that powerful as the other mixer.

But the motor is robust enough to make cake batter and cookie dough for a small group. You can choose from slow stir to fast whip using the 6-speed settings.

 The 3.5-Qt bowl can accommodate enough ingredients for each pound cake flavor or my favorite chocolate chip cookies. If you drop some macadamia nuts, it won’t be an issue.

 Don’t worry about accessories.

 You will get a whisker, a dough knot, and a paddle beater for any general baking need. If you want to mix and pour at a time, select the Fold settings while using the dough knot or flat beater.

The Goods

  • Compact design.
  • Special fold action for better mixing
  • Planetary action
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight

The Bad

  • Not great for big batches.
  • Not fit for tight dough

4. KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Mini Stand Mixer- A heavy duty hand mixer that works like a beast

KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Mini Stand Mixer

Starts with smoothness and finishes with fluffy dough: nothing else can describe better this artisan stand-up mixer from KitchenAid.

 You heard that right!

This compact machine can turn any kitchen into a baking paradise with its powerful motor, free accessories, and ten optimized speed settings.

The 3.5-Qt bowl will accommodate enough batter for a few-pound cake or at least a batch of cookies. You love the polished stainless steel bowl that comes with a handle for better grip. No matter how frequently you add ingredients, the bowl will be under control.

Are you a bit worried about the 250-watt motor?

Please don’t. The 10-speed settings can extract the motor’s true performance to make the most fluffy and softest dough. The only thing you have to do is to choose from the 6-wire whip, dough hook, or flex edge beater.

The Goods

  • Tilt-head design
  • Soft start technology
  • 10-speed settings
  • 3.5-Qt mixing bowl

The Bads

  • Comparatively pricy
  • Nylon coating of the dough hook rip off

And My Hot favorite toplist of Best Hand Mixer for Cookie Dough & cakes

Let me say this straight……..

The hand mixer can be also used in making cookie dough. But the reason We prefer a particular mixer is because of the additional attachment. And if you care for perfection, you should concern about this.

Now it’s time to reveal What is the best hand mixer for cookie dough.

1. Breville Scraper Hand Mixer- Best Handheld Mixer for Baking

Breville Scraper Hand Mixer

Either the shiny chrome exterior does not mesmerize you, the Beater IQ Technology of this Breville scraper will surely stun you.

And you will find it nearly impossible to choose from the six attractive shades. There are many more from this best hand mixer for baking and cookie dough.

You will love the FREE accessories, including balloon whisker, scraper beater, and dough whisker. But the best thing about this mixer is its signature Beater IQ technology. The motor will adjust its speed according to the accessories you attached to it.

 How cool is that?

The 150-watt motor with 9-speed electronic control extracts the best out of the machine. And the plastic external housing makes it easy to carry and use for almost anyone. You won’t feel the stress of storage. A detachable storage compartment holds the cord and all the attachments. That’s why when it comes to reliable electric hand mixer reviews, you can ignor this beating machine easily.

 Another great thing about this mixer is the beaters with a rubber scraper.

It makes the mixing more effective with the least noise. You won’t even make a slight “ouch” with a stiff wrist. The ergonomic handles maintain your natural hand position exerting the least stress on the wrists.

The Goods

  • Compact.
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year warranty
  • 9-speed settings
  • Quiet operation


  • Pricy for a hand mixer
  • Rubber coating come off from the beater

2. DASH 3-Speed Compact Hand Mixer

DASH 3-Speed Compact Hand Mixer

“Aqua, Cool Grey, or Red?”

I am asking your color preference for the Dash SmartStore Hand Mixer. This super-compact but powerful hand mixer comes in 3 color schemes.

No matter which one you choose, your baking chores will be equally effortless.

You will get three-speed settings for whipping, blending, and mixing. Just attach the appropriate beater, and you can do magic with this compact mixer. After each baking session cleaning all the non-electric parts is easy as they are all dishwasher safe.

Thinking about storing that mixer safely?

 You can put it in any kitchen drawer. The beaters clip to the mixer’s side and make it easy to store in any compact space. You can be hassle-free from any technical for at least 1-year. And thanks to the 365-days manufacturer warranty.

 If you register the product with the Feel Good Reward program, the warranty will be extended to 2-years. Isn’t it awesome?

The Goods

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 3-speed settings
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

The Bad

  • Not slow enough
  • Not suitable for heavy dough 

3.  KitchenAid 7-Speed Cordless Hand Mixer

KitchenAid 7-Speed Cordless Hand Mixer

This will be the dark horse of your baking kitchen, literally and metaphorically.

 The black exterior light-up with a rechargeable battery can run through any batter to make the most delicious cookies or cakes.

You will get two stainless steel turbo beaters for the smoothest and fast beating. Now whisking, beating, or blending will be super easy. Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries offer all the power behind every rotation.

 And guess what?

Charge for only 2-hours, and you will get the full power behind every mixing or blending job. No matter what the recipe is, you can always choose from the 7-speed settings. I love the feature as it makes the most fluffy cream or thickest batter within a few minutes.

The mixer will start slowly and make the least mess on the countertop. There will be hardly any reason not to love this as one of the best hand mixers for baking and cookie dough. And don’t worry about quality, KintchenAid is undoutebly the best hand mixer brand of our time.

The Goods

  • Rechargeable.
  • 7-speed settings
  • Compact design

The Bad

  • The battery only lasts for 10-15 minutes.
  • A limited number of attachments
  • Low temperature  

What Stand Mixer Attachment for Cookies?

Stand mixers come with several attachments to streamline your baking needs. And the following three, I have found, are the best for making cookies. If your primary objective is to make cookies with a stand mixer, it’s better to get them.

Flat/Paddle Beater

Your stand mixer typically comes with a FREE flat or paddle beater. Otherwise, you may have to get one separately. I can assure you that having this attachment will make the cookie making smooth like a breeze.

Whisk attachment may look enough to knead cookie dough.

But the dough will be too heavy for a whisking attachment but too light for a kneading hook. Only the paddle beater can take the middle way to offer the optimum kneading power to make a completely homogeneous mixture.

Flexible Edge Beater

If you need something more from a flat beater, get a flexible edge beater.

Using a separate scraper to collect all the materials from the mixing bowl’s sides and put it on the mix is the main issue with a flat beater. And a beater with a flexible edge can save you from this hassle.

You will get a flexible scraper edge on the paddle beater that will incorporate even the toughest ingredients into the mix. And when you are making cookies, no other attachment can come that handy as this soft edge beater.

Pour Shield

This plastic-made partial top cover keeps the kitchen free of any dust cloud from flour or powdered sugar. Now pouring loose ingredients into the mixer is easier and free of any mess.

Pour shield works as a barrier between the ingredients you pour into the mixing bowl and the countertop. Even during the most intense moment of mixing and kneading, this shield will keep your kitchen clean like a church.

But the bug question -Can you use a blender instead of a hand mixer?

Yes,honey you can. But don’t expect the flawless result as the mixer if your aim for making dough for cookies.

Is Hand Mixer Good For Baking & Cookie Dough?

Unless you are a pro-level chef who needs to serve hundreds of cupcakes at a time, hand mixers can take care of any baking and cookie dough need.

The only limitation?

You have to face is the mixer cannot do the kneading. If you want to make a batter for cake or any other dessert, a hand mixer will do it quickly and conveniently. But you have to mix the dough multiple times for a large batch. Otherwise, this compact mixer won’t be able to produce the desired thickness and smoothness.

Can you use a hand mixer for cookie dough?

The cookie dough needs a whole lot of kneading for softness. I won’t rely too much on the hand mixer for cookie making. But for making the initial mix, hand mixer will be an excellent choice.

How Do I Choose A Good Hand Mixer for Baking Cookies Dough?   


The best weight for a hand mixer is 650-gm without any attachments. It can be up to 680-gm. But anything beyond the 650 to the 680-gm range will be problematic for you. A heavier mixer will feel like lead after a few minutes. And it will make the mixing challenging even for the most pro-baker. If the mixer is too light, you may end up batter everywhere on the counter except the bowl.

It is always better to weigh the mixer without the box. You may look a bit nerdy carrying a scale to the supermarket, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

The shape of the Power Base

Just “Poke the Mixer,” and you will realize the importance of the motor base’s shape.

Some of the cute designs of the hand mixers base may allure you to get them. But when you try to place them on that cute side on the counter, they will simply tumble.

How do you beat cookie dough without a mixer?

It is always practical to get a mixer with a flat base. That featureless, non-cute shape will come in handy while putting a batter-covered mixer in the kitchen.

To test how great the base is, simply put the mixer on the flat side and start poking with different forces. If it can withstand up to ten seconds, the mixer has passed the “Poke the Mixer” test.

Beater’s Shape

Hand mixers attachments are typically for mixing and whisking.

Yes, the twisted wires are for whisking, and you know the rounded mixer attachment very well. I have found that the round beaters are more effective than the draught one. Those rounded metals cut across the sticky mixes and separate them properly. Of course, to get mixed again but more cohesively.

 Twisted whiskers are great to whisk eggs. It breaks the white and mixes it perfectly with the yolk. And you know how important it is for a fluffy and soft pound cake.

The Wattage of the Motor

You don’t want the beater to be stuck inside the batter, neither do you want the batter to all over the counter. All you need is a perfect wattage for the motor that will just fulfill your baking needs.

The equation is simple. A too fast motor in a thin batter or too slow rotation inside the thick batter is equally devastating. So you need to pick a wattage that will go with your regular baking and mixing.

So What is a good wattage for a hand mixer?

Personally, 350-watt is my favorite. They are great for regular baking jobs.

Speed Settings

Don’t baffle by 10-speed settings in the mixer. At least eight of them will never be used. Too fast rotation of the beater will loosen the batter and create a big splash. If you are planning to get a mixer with only a few speed settings, don’t worry. They should be enough to speed up your baking jobs.


Of course, big-named hand mixers will come at a higher price tag. But do they make any difference? In my opinion, no, they don’t. In fact, some of those high-end mixers are too heavy and feature-filled to handle.

 All you need is a simple machine to mix the batter perfectly and put it inside the oven. It’s not a matter of brands or price; it’s all about which one goes best with your baking needs.


Baking a cake or making cookies is not a great deal if you have a good mixer.

It can be a stand-up or hand mixer according to the baking volume. But as long as the machine is a top-notch one, the outcome will be sweet, soft, and delicious.

All the seven best hand mixers reviews for baking and cookie dough in this review can give you those outcomes. They are affordable and easy to use. And if you need a quick baking solution, the hand mixers can give you that.

Pick one from each type to strengthen the bakery part of your heart. And of course, the kitchen will be equipped too.


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