Best Floating Shelves for Kitchen Walls you’ll Love in 2022

Let’s start with a slogan,

“A place for everything,

 And everything in its place.”

Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

That’s what a floating shelve for the kitchen can do for you. You may use this modern unit into your bedroom, drawing room, and even in a kitchen room.

So if you are like me, who is looking for such a shelving unit for your kitchen, then you are most welcome.

However, you may get plenty of floating shelves for your kitchen that can make you confusing. So to make the task easy, here is a list of the top 7 best floating kitchen shelves to organize your daily chores.

Let’s get started.

Best Floating Shelves for Kitchen

Best Floating Shelves for Kitchen walls

Quick Pick: Floating Kitchen Shelves

1. Best floating shelves for heavy items: WG WILLOW & GRACE Floating Shelve

      “The shelve isn’t tough-it’s an awesome attractive storage shelves”

2. Best Wall Mounted Shelves: WGX rustic kitchen wall shel

     “Rustic shelf Suitable for any contemporary sapce”

3. Best Floating shelf brackets: Smartor Floating Shelves

      “Sturdier and Easy to Install”

Are Floating Shelves Strong?

The experts say, having the floating Shelve for the kitchen can either break or make its entire feel and look. Besides, it could be an excellent show off for displaying your kitchen in an organized way as well.

Looking at a floating shelf, the first question that will arise in your mind is how this shelf is attached to the wall without support? In a floating shelf, the support base or screws remain invisible, and thus the shelf looks like it has no suspension.

However, the next question is, are floating shelves strong enough to support a lot of weight?

The answer is Yes.

It can hold a lot of weight if it is made right. The range of holding weight will be 25lbs – 300lbs, pretty impressive range, right? Depending on a sliding scale of factors, you will get an accurate reply to the question. The weight capacity of floating shelves increases because a few factors decrease for others.

Are floating shelves any good? Below are a few essential factors that play a vital role.

  • Firstly, you will need to know the purpose of installing a floating shelf.
  • To hold a lot of weight, make sure the shelf brackets are more durable.
  • More rods in the floating shelf means more weight capacity.
  • Weight capacity will be high if there are more screws in the studs.

What do you display on kitchen floating shelves?

In fact, you can store nearly anything in your kitchen floating shelves. But to get the best use of them, what you can display on them? Here are a few ideas of what you can display on kitchen floating shelves.

1. Daily Essentials with asthetic apppealing

Daily essentials like plates, glasses, coffee mugs, etc. can be displayed on kitchen floating shelves. We need to use these essentials more frequently than any other essentials.

2. Drinking Glasses

Drinking glasses are attractive essentials since their crystal clear look delivers a shiny view. You should store essential glasses following upside-down procedures so that dust or dirt gets sealed out effectively. As a result, you can grab the glass anytime.

3. Storage Jars

Another great item to display on kitchen floating shelves is storing jars. Displaying storage jars on floating shelves ensure that you will not require to open a cabinet with messy fingers.

4. Colorful Items

Except for regular items, displaying colorful items on kitchen floating shelves will add vibe to your kitchen for sure. Even if you already own a colorful kitchen, you can display classic rich-blue water glasses or copper mule mugs on the shelves to add a new accent hue.

The 7 Best Floating Shelves for kitchen Dishes for Easy organization

Here is our 7 review of best kitchen floating shelves to make your messy kitchen more organized.

1. WG WILLOW & GRACE Floating Shelves- A Study Floating Shelves for kitchen & Plants

WG WILLOW & GRACE Floating Shelves

Are you looking for an accent to change your room and kitchen with iron decor?

If so, then choosing the WG WILLOW & GRACE DESIGNS Floating Shelves is exactly what you are looking for.

Also, it is the first choice in this review guide. Let’s talk about the features of this floating Shelve.

We believe when you talk about the design, you will find this shelve a modern and rustic one. The use of solid pine (100%) in its construction gives this unit a sturdy look.

Besides, the addition of cast iron end caps to its design gives any room extra touches and appeal.

Most significantly, the motto of “WG WILLOW & GRACE DESIGNS” is to make quality products within the price range.

This is where the Floating Shelves by WG WILLOW brand comes with a rich and unique texture, juts look like diy floating shelves for bathrooms.

Their beautiful and excellent quality makes this unit standalone to others out there as well. If you want to experience a relaxed feel, having this floating Shelve is a win for you.

Furthermore, the combination of wood and metal makes WG WILLOW floating shelve a versatile unit that is ideal for your living room or kitchen room.

Also, the smart bracket system (made of military-grade iron) shows no direct backup, but it gives it a look that it is floating.

The WG WILLOW & GRACE DESIGNS Floating Shelves are easy to install. With the smart Bracket Mounting System, you can securely and quickly assemble this Shelve to your kitchen. All in all, it would be an excellent buy for the money for your kitchen needs.

The Goods

  • Modern, homely and wood made wall shelves.
  • Ideal for bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.
  • It uses 100% solid pine in its made.
  • cast iron end caps gives any room a classic look
  • The modern and high-quality anchor system
  • Modern bracket mounting system makes it easy to install
  • 100% wood and metal made makes this unit versatile
  • Premium-quality design and plain texture
  • It adds an excellent finishing touch to any room
  • The mounting bracket is comfortable in the Shelve

The Bad

  • It seems sturdy, but not exactly what it advertised.

2. Clarke’s Decor Floating Shelves- Best floating wall shelves 

Clarke's Decor Floating Shelves

The Clarke’s Decor – Floating Shelves by Clarke’s Decor is the second choice in this floating shelves review 2020.


This floating Shelve could be the best option for those who want to have rustic, affordable, and stylish Shelve for the money.

The modern design and display of this unit give a unique character to your home decor. With this 3 piece floating wall shelves, you can make your project fun and relaxed.

The most prominent shelf with the hooks is ideal for bathroom use. Besides, you can use it as a multipurpose unit with rod & hooks for your room.

This modern floating shelf helps you to display pots, pans, or other cooking utensils neatly and accordingly by using hooks and rod.

If you ask me a question, what makes this unit standalone to others? Then, the answer would be an optional towel bar or rood of this hanging shelf that makes it unique to other wooden shelf products out there.

Furthermore, the beautiful burnt color, smooth finish, and aesthetic design would surely make you happy. In conclusion, it’s a superb item and perfect for a smaller project.

The Goods

  • 3 piece floating wall shelves.
  • Ideal for bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.
  • Unique shelf with hooks and rod for coffee cups.
  • Multipurpose unit for dining room and office use.
  • Quality construction with wood and metal.
  • Lightweight and very sturdy enough
  • Easy to install and assemble.
  • Modern design and display for home decor
  • Perfect for small kitchen

The Bad

  • The wood of this unit is a bit thin and cheap.
  • It seems good but too small.

3. WGX rustic kitchen wall shelf- An affordable floating wall mount shelves

WGX rustic kitchen wall shelf

We believe the Rustic Kitchen Shelf by WGX in our listing could be the ideal option for those who want to have good quality and convenient units for their loft kitchen. To be the truth, you would, of course, love the look of this Wood Wall Shelf.

However, you can easily install and assemble this unit into the wall with screws to hold up a substantial amount of dishes.

Here is a fact:

Though this unit comes with a too-small bracket, it looks beautiful. Also, the anchors of this 2-Tiers Wall Shelf are insignificant for the size of this shelf.

They are available as a pair of 32.8″ x 11.5″ x 4.69″ wood shelves weighing 16.22 pounds. Finally, it features a thick board that makes it look sharp and pricey.

The Goods

  • 32″Homely kitchen wood shelves.
  • 2-Tiers wall shelf with metal bracketMultiuse unit can be used as a spice shelf
  • Ideal for bedroom and living room
  • Lightweight and sturdy to use
  • Easy to install kitchen shelf

The Bad

  • Brackets are not strong enough to hold the shelves
  • Anchors are too small

4. Rustic State William Wall Mount Floating Shelf for Kitchen- A quality floating shelves for kitchen wall

Rustic State William Wall Mount Floating Shelf

The William Wall Mount Floating Shelf by Rustic State could be a perfect organizer for those who want to feel like a foodieCook.

When it comes to making a homely kitchen decor or using empty wall space correctly, the Wall Mount Floating Shelf is the name by far to keep your necessities within reach. 

With the mixture of wood and metal, this floating shelf becomes rich and robust to the users. Now it is a piece of the modern addition to new design ideas.

Yes, it’s true!

The use of gorgeous wood in its construction helps you to bring a warm and natural tone to any room. Moreover, the metal bars of this unit bring a new industrial feel to your room.

Most significantly, if I don’t make any mistake, you can use this unit in different spaces with its sturdy towel rail. Besides, this shelf works excellent to organize many things like:

  • Toiletry
  • Make-up
  • Bath accessories
  • Haircare products, and many more

Also, you can make a space for keeping your iron curler, hair straightener, and blow dryer by hanging a few hooks on the wall to set this shelf.

The possibilities of this shelf are endless. You will find this shelf ideal for multiple uses, like:

  • Bedroom
  • Entryway
  • Office
  • Bar and café
  • Linen closet
  • Living room,
  • Kitchen and restaurant etc. 

Last but not least, the wall mount floating shelf seems to the best possible way to clear the clutter and increase the style and design in any room.

The Goods

  • 22.25 Inch Floating Shelf for Kitchen.
  • Sturdy enough to hold a bit heavy load
  • Functional to any room
  • Wood and industrial metal mixed construction
  • A classic and timeless addition to new design plans
  • It increases the elegance and taste of the furniture
  • Ideal for bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, etc
  • Great for organizing make-up and toiletry
  • Easy to install and assemble

The Bad

  • Screws are too small for the bar
  • The finishing of this unit needs to be improved

5. Smartor Floating kitchen Shelves

Smartor Floating Shelves

When it comes to choosing the lightweight and sturdy shelves for bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen use, we would recommend you buy the Smartor Floating Shelves.

This is a modern and decorative unit that looks amazing in your kitchen.

The Smartor Floating Shelves could be the ideal choice for small areas for extra storage. With a towel bar and anti-rust metal hooks, we believe it would help you to organize messy clothing, coffee cups, and utensils.

And guess what?

This is a multifunctional wall shelf which helps you to keep seasoning bottles into the shelf in an organized way. Besides, it comes with a removable towel rack that can be used to hang kitchen paper. Also, you can hang mugs or kitchen paper by using hooks.

Furthermore, we love this unit to decorate any other room like an office, garage, etc. The use of heat resistant, moisture-proof, and high-quality pine wood makes this unit a special one for its users.

Thanks to the fumigation and carbonization process, that makes it non-toxic, harmless, mildew, and moisture-proof. Moreover, this unit is alkali resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

Still not convinced?

With the triple-sides metal structure design, you can keep your decoration or other items from falling. When it comes to installing them firmly on the wall, we would suggest you put 40 to 50 lbs of weight.

Overall, if you want to have a shelf that features a long-lasting finish, our choice would be Smartor Floating Shelves.

The Goods

  • Wall-mounted floating shelves
  • Decorative and elegant storage shelves
  • Ideal for Kitchen Bedroom, and Bathroom
  • Metal hooks are removable and anti-rust
  • Ideal for organizing clothing, coffee cups, and utensils
  • Multifunctional kitchen shelves with a distinctive look
  • Made from moisture proof and mildew proof pine wood
  • Durable and easy to assemble
  • Ideal gift for friends and family


  • Wood doesn’t look so great

6. BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set

BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set

The BAYKA Floating Shelves is a wall-mounted 3 set units. When it comes to choosing a durable and reliable unit for the money, BAYKA Floating Shelves couldn’t be the wrong choice.

The combination of wood and metal gives it a functional and decorative touch to any room. Also, it is perfect for storing and organizing small items in a limited space.

Why is this so?

With the commercial-grade metal brackets, it can increase the elegant flare of any household. Also, the delightful decoration of this shelf is compatible with any design styles of a room.

Most significantly, you can easily install these wall shelves. You just need some screws to hang it on the wall without any hassle.

The Goods

  • Wall-mounted 3 set floating shelves
  • Wood and metal construction made it durable
  • Delightful decoration increases the aesthetic value of the room
  • Double decorative display modes
  • Excellent storage shelves

The Bad

  • It is a bit small unit

7. Yuanshikj Industrial Wall Mount Shelf Shelves

Yuanshikj Industrial Wall Mount Shelf Shelves

The Yuanshikj 2Pc Wall Mount Iron Pipe Shelf Shelves is our final choice in this guide. Perhaps, it could be the perfect option for those who want to shelve the unit to attach to the wall instead of the ceiling.

It is indeed a fun Shelf which ensures 100% iron in its frame. With the bracket and proper installation on the wall, it can hold up to 150-pound loads.

The moral of this story?

This industrial grade iron pipe shelf by Yuanshikj is easy to install and assemble. Considering the price and performance, you choose this three-shelf unit for your office or kitchen needs.

The Goods

  • Commercial grade wall mount pipe shelf
  • Quality pipe shelf with 100% iron
  • Very sturdy and works excellent
  • Quality pipe shelf for the money
  • Ideal for hanging on the toilet
  • It looks nice to the living room

The Bad

  • Boards are not included
  • Sometimes you need to use extra tools for sitting the shelves in flat

How do you install floating shelves without brackets?

Installing a floating shelf can be tricky, especially if it requires installation without brackets. At this point, you can have a very hard time. Find the below guideline on best way to hang floating shelves and how to install floating shelves without brackets.

1. Required Materials and Tools

While doing any type of installation work, you will always require some materials and tools. Below materials and tools are necessary while installing floating shelves without brackets.

  1. Stud finder.
  2. Levels.
  3. Measuring tape (long).
  4. Drill machine.
  5. Screwdriver.
  6. Pencil.
  7. Ledges.
  8. Dowels.
  9. Hidden brackets.
  10. Screw (3” long).

You will never find any difficulty finding these materials and tools because they are all available in your nearest store.

2. Preparation

Did you select the location of installing the floating shelf? Well, this is the first step that you will need to do. After choosing the location, you have to install the anchors and plugs.

Take out the pencil and stud out from your bag. Using the pencil mark the wall studs location on the wall.

3. Installation

Floating shelf kits have their hidden brackets. In each stud, you have to dip the metal bracket into the wall. Without doing nothing, you will find that the section extending from the wall fits into its shelf.

Where should floating shelves be placed in kitchen?

One thing you will need to make sure that is, plan to install such a floating shelf that can hold more weight than the total weight of the items. If you don’t do so, you will probably loosen or damage the kit due to the pressure of accidentally overweight.

Support pins can easily fit the shelf from the back with the help of a long rod from the back, which is present with a pointed edge. You can tie flanged edges to the wall foam.

4. Wall Anchors

The proper installation of the floating shelf requires the right wall anchors. Wall anchors are characterized by gravity; the object’s weight gets pulled down and outward by wall anchors. Wall anchors are rated for a certain amount of weight. A good thumb rule is that anchors will hold about a quarter of their described weight. This rule ensures that your floating shelf will not fall.

How thick should kitchen floating shelves be?

If you want to buy or make your own kitchen floating shelves, you must know the thickness of average kitchen floating shelves.

Wondering why?

Cause if your kitchen floating shelves have perfect thickness and depth, then they will be more stable.

Well, the truth is….

Depth and thickness are not fixed. It may vary according to your preference.

The depth of floating kitchen shelves is usually 10-12 inches.

If you want to store items like plates, glasses, cups, mugs, bowls, etc, on your kitchen shelves, then 10-12″ is more than enough.

But if you want to keep wider items like dinner plates, then you will have to increase the depth.

Now let’s talk about thickness…..

The average thickness of kitchen floating shelves is 2-4 inch.

If you want a thin kitchen shelf or you want to decorate your kitchen shelves in many layers, then you won’t need to be thicker than 2 inches.

Yeah, they’ll look more aesthetic.

But you dont want your kitchen items drooping in all over the floor. You want your kitchen floating shelves to have enough thickness to hold all your kitchen dishes and items.

How far apart should you hang floating shelves?

Keeping the right distance between 2 floating shelves is significantly essential. And you will need to do this at the tie of the installation process. So, how will you determine how much distance will be best-suited? Let’s see the best way to hang floating countertop.

1. Depends on the displayed items

Since you know what items will be displayed in the floating shelves, so determine the height of the displayed items to know the minimum horizontal distance between 2 floating shelves. While doing a horizontal installation of the rack, consider the height of the tallest thing.

2. Limitation of the Studs Location

The position of the wall studs determines the vertical spacing of the floating shelves. Hidden brackets of floating shelves need to be secured to the studs. Since brackets of a floating shelf hold all the weight, you must not secure them in drywall anchors.

Things to consider when buying kitchen shelves and racks for apartment

When purchasing kitchen shelves and racks, many factors you will need to consider. Otherwise, you may lead yourself to pick poor quality kitchen shelves and racks. Below are a few factors that are of the utmost crucial.

Length of the kitchen shelves and racks

  • Kitchen shelves and racks are available with different lengths. Small-sized racks are 9,” and large-sized shelves come with 36” length. Before installing, it is crucial to pick a suitable space for installation, and to measure the free space is similarly essential. Learning about the best-suited length is vital because, after installation, you may find that the shelves are looking way too small than the free space you have.
  • Before purchasing, learn what items are being displayed on the shelves. Measure the height and width of the items and make sure no mistake has happened while measuring. The item can be daily essentials, storage jars, dishes, different colorful glasses, and any other things that you prefer to display.

Weight Capacity

  • If you decide to display more substantial items, it would be best to pick wooden kitchen shelves and racks.
  • Ensure your best wood for floating shelves come with hardware in order to anchor it to wall studs.
  • The weight capacity range of a standard kitchen shelf is 10lbs – 50lbs.

Wood Type

  • Pick kitchen shelves and racks that are made of real wood. Walnut, oak, maple, etc. are these types of wood that promise to provide long-term service. Also, they don’t get damaged unnecessarily.
  • Never pick rough-cut woods because they will show rawer and impurities characteristics.

Well-varnished or Unfinished?

  • Some kitchen shelves and racks are available with unfinished features and painted. Some come with a well-varnished and painted option. Depending on your preference, you can pick either well-finished and unfinished.

When it comes to maintaining a mess-free kitchen, you may choose something as easy as transferring your focus from the counter to the wall. This is where the best floating shelves for the kitchen come in to do so.

We hope this listing of floating shelves will allow you to keep household utensils, apparatus, and dishes close to the cooking needs. Besides, it seems to be an elegant show off for displaying your kitchen in an organized way as well.

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