The Best Egg Poacher 2022 to Poach an Egg Perfectly

What is the easiest and quickest food item to cook?

Best Egg Poacher

The Best Egg Poacher to Poach an Egg Perfectly 

I believe eggs will receive the highest answer to this question.

Don’t even try to deny!

Following different recipes, you can cook an egg. Egg poach, omelet, boiled egg, fried egg are the most common food items made of egg.

The egg is a protein-based food item that can boost a person’s energy during a tiring day. An egg is full of vitamins like vitamin A, D, E, K, vitamin B12, vitamin B5, and many more.

And if you are cooking poached egg more often, an egg poacher will help you prepare the food item more comfortably. So we have tested the poached egg cooker available in the market and made a shortlist of the best egg poachers.

Read this article. I will walk you through the whole review section.

Quick View: What Is The Best Egg Poacher?

In a hurry?

Feel free to jump to the quick review of our top picked for best egg cooker for poached eggs.

  1. Best electric egg poacher: Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Easy Electric Egg Poacher
  2. Best microwave egg poacher: Eggsentials Poached Egg Maker
  3. Best 2 cup poached egg device: DASH Black Rapid Electrical Egg Poacher
  4. Best 4 egg poacher pan: ExcelSteel Professional Egg Poacher
  5. Best 6 egg poachers: Eggssentials Egg Poacher
  6. Best rated egg poacher for induction hob: KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker

Is it worth buying an egg poacher?

I believe a kitchen is a place where a cook can show spectacular magic.

A cook transforms raw food ingredients into different tasty dishes. Many people like a poached egg. Poached egg machine is among the most effective tools that have many benefits to make your cooking session comfortable.

Ease of Use

You will hardly find a poached eggs tools that come with sophisticated functionality. Egg poachers are easy to use. Even after poaching an egg, you will never face any hassle to clean it.


Most of the egg poachers are made of stainless steel. As a result, you can get service from this tool for an extended period. The great thing is, you can use an egg poacher for daily cooking purposes.


Using an egg poacher, you will not only poach an egg, but also it will allow you to boil, steam, or fry an egg. You can easily detach an egg poacher frame to use it as an egg poacher pan or regular casserole.

The 8 Best Egg Poachers Review to Make Perfect Poach Easily

Let me confess one thing first:

Poaching an egg is not a complicated task, but it requires practice. However, to hone your skill, it comes with a form of a pan, an electric cooker, etc. to let you face less hassle.

1. Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker

Dash go rapid egg cooker

Look at the poacher closely, what do you see?

The electric egg poacher’s shape is similar to an egg. It has handles at both sides to let you lift the lid effortlessly. Whether you want a soft, hard, or medium-boiled egg, this egg poacher will cook as per your instruction. It can cook up to 10 eggs in 2-tier.

And you know what?

You can rely on the item when you are out of time. It will let you cook within a short time. Simply put your eggs into it and set the timer. Once the cook is finished, it will shut off automatically to prevent overcooking. Also, you will get an alert from its buzzer if the egg is ready to eat.

Operating the egg poacher is straightforward; even a kid will not face any hassle while using it. The item comes with 5 different colors and suitable for larger families. It is extremely lightweight.

The result?

If you want to carry it to your camping site or any other place, you can carry it without any problem. The poaching tray is separate, where you can poach 2 eggs at a time.

Note:Most importantly, after a cooking session, you can give a rinse to all non-electric parts. You will also get a poaching tray (1 pcs), omelet tray (1 pcs), holder tray (6 eggs), measuring cup, and a recipe book with the item.

The Goods

  • It will assist you in cooking egg-ceptional breakfast.
  • With the help of a clear lid, you can keep an eye on your eggs.
  • Compact size saves space in cabinets or counterparts.


  • Over time, it shows an inconsistent result.

2. Eggsentials Poached Egg Maker

Eggsentials Poached Egg Maker

There is only one word that will go with this poached egg maker– immaculate.


This poached egg device is made of a stainless steel body and is sturdier compared to other egg poachers. It comes with a durable non-stick coating, which is PFOA free.

The item will provide you a delicious meal made of the egg during breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner.

Sound’s impressive, right?

Due to its sturdy body, this stainless steel egg poacher can be used at any stove type. Besides, its bottom is ENCAPSULATED with 3-ply premium aluminum coating. With this feature’s help, this item will never give any hot spots at the bottom and will evenly distribute heat to ensure that the egg will always be cooked evenly.

What does this mean?

It means you don’t need to be worried about less or over-cooking eggs. It is equipped with a quick-cool-backlit knob. As a result, you can comfortably handle the poacher. The lid is made of thick and tempered upgraded glass that has a backlit knob.

Through the cover, you can keep your eyes on the egg during cooking while innovative steam vent lock ensures moisture inside the poacher.

Note: Additionally, the inner cups cooking surface are non-sticky and polished with stainless steel. The best thing is, you can easily remove the inner cups as per your requirement. Moreover, cleaning the cups and the item is pretty straightforward.

The Goods

  • 4 polished stainless steel cups.
  • Easily removable tray.
  • Compatible with an induction stove.

The Bad

  • After unboxing, you will get a chemical odor.

3. Excelsteel Egg poacher

Excelsteel egg poacher

Want to surprise everyone by serving yummy, healthy dish?

With the help of this poacher, you can impress your family and friends by preparing an excellent breakfast or brunch. Cooking appealing meals such as eggs Benedict, ham, and cheese English muffins, or simply a light morning snack, will be much more comfortable with the egg poacher.

What else?

This ExcelSteel Stainless Egg Poacher is simple yet effective in terms of performance. The 18/10 stainless steel made egg poacher comes with 2 cups. It is one of the most durable egg poachers in the market and rust-resistant that will deliver you a long service.

Since the item is made from stainless steel, it is much durable, reliable, and longer-lasting. The item is efficient enough to cook eggs and poach consistently and awarded as Best rated egg poacher UK. Due to its durably made construction, without any confusion, you can use the item every day.

Let’s talk about lid now:

The lid is vented to let you monitor the egg at the time of cooking. The egg cups are non-sticky and easily detachable as per necessary. Furthermore, it is a versatile egg poacher that also can be used to cook other food items.

Note: the poacher will keep you safe from scalds because it features a stay-cool handle. This way, you can comfortably hold the poacher during and after finishing a food item. All parts of the item are dishwasher safe. Undoubtedly, it is a great egg poacher at affordable prices.

The Goods

  • Hassle-free cleanup process.
  • Longer-lasting and reliable egg poacher.
  • Easy to use.

The Bad

  • Compared to similarly priced egg poachers, it comes with less capacity.

4. Elite Cuisine Easy Egg Cooker

Elite Cuisine Easy Egg Cooker

The Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Easy Electric Egg Poacher is not only efficient but also it is robust and sturdy. At a time, you can cook up to 7 eggs, and depending on the water level; the egg will be hard, medium, and soft-boiled.

Want to know the best part?

The cooked eggs will be constantly perfect so that you will not face any problem to peel off the eggshell.

It has a measuring egg poaching cups that will allow you to measure the required water while cooking eggs in it. You will get “Egg-Celent” eggs within a minute.

The operating process of the egg poacher is so simple that a kid also can operate it effortlessly. It comes with different necessary features like auto shut-off, buzzer, and the built-in timer to help you cook eggs faster than a regular cooktop process.

Still not convinced?

At its base, it has a piercing pin. The piercing pin will let you make a hole at the end of every egg so that you can get perfectly cooked eggs during breakfast, brunch, or dinner. It comes with separate trays so that you can cook poach or omelet separately whenever require. Being aluminum made, this egg poacher is one of the most durable poachers in the market.

Note: Additionally, it is an excellent option as a gift for your family and friends. Also, due to its compact design, you can effortlessly store it in your countertop.

The Gods

  • Shuts off automatically when the eggs are ready.
  • Sturdy and robust.
  • A separate tray adds versatility

The Bad

  • A Bit bulky

5. Eggssentials Egg Poacher

Eggssentials Egg Poacher

The Eggssentials Egg Poacher comes with 6 egg poaching cup. Its diameter is 9,” and it is 2” tall that makes it compatible with taking place into any pans, skillets or pots. You can use these egg cooker cups also as an egg steamer to cook hard-boiled eggs.

The deluxe rack is made from sturdy stainless steel body that will cook your eggs faster.

Cleaning the poacher is more comfortable than silicone egg poacher pods. If you require, you can remove the coddler cup individually without any hassle because it contains cool knobs for easy removal. Once the cook is finished, pour the poached egg directly on your breakfast plate.

Pretty easy, right?

In terms of performance, it quite tough to beat this egg poacher. It can hold XL and jumbo eggs without any trouble. Since it is made of stainless steel and the coating is non-sticky, no residue will be left behind. Besides, your cooked egg will not receive any burning spots; eggs will be cooked faster and evenly. Most importantly, you will get long term service from the egg poacher.

Note: Its non-stick coating makes it easy to clean egg poachers. It is safe from all types of dishwashers, and after rinsing, you can keep the poaching cups in a stackable position. Being small in size, you can store it into a cabinet easily.

The Goods

  • Versatile – works in the most pressure cooker.
  • Stackable for secure storage.
  • Hassle-free cleanup.


  • All 6 cups will not fit into the instant pot.

6. ExcelSteel 4 Cups Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Professional Egg Poacher

ExcelSteel 4 Cups

Would you like to impress your family and friends by cooking delicious breakfast and brunch?

The ExcelSteel 4 Cups Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Professional Egg Poacher will make your dream come true.

The item is made of 18/10 stainless steel that ensures it is much durable. Its encapsulated surface confirms that heat will be distributed evenly, and you will get a perfectly cooked egg. The 4 egg cups are non-sticky, and 7.5” fry pan is large enough. Its durable construction makes it an egg poacher that can be used daily.

What about handle?

The handle is comfortable to hold and never gets heated. So, yourhands will be protected from burning. The lid is transparent so that you can monitor the food while cooking. The cleaning process of the egg poacher is straightforward since all parts are removable and dishwasher safe. It is a rust-resistant egg poacher that is promised to provide many years of service.

Note: It is made for multi-purpose use. Once you remove the egg cups, the poacher will work as a frypan. It means you can cook more efficiently in the kitchen. As a result, cooking a wide range of food items will not be an issue.

The Goods

  • Durable egg poacher due to the stainless steel construction.
  • Perfect distribution of the heat because of the encapsulated surface.
  • Vented and transparent lid for effortless monitoring.

The Bad

  • Be careful while removing the cup

7. Cooks Standard 4 Cup Nonstick Hard Anodized Egg Poacher

Cooks Standard 4 Cup Nonstick Hard Anodized Egg Poacher

Cooks Standard introduces 4 cups anodized egg poachers with all the necessary features to make your food delicious.

Yes, you heard that right.

The design is pretty exceptional with a black coating exterior surface. However, the rim is not black coated to give a bold look.

After poaching or cooking an egg, you can easily remove the egg from the cup due to the non-stick surface. The easy cleaning process makes it a user-friendly egg poacher. The handle is stainless steel made and riveted for comfortable handling. Moreover, with the help of the handle, you can easily move the poacher from one place to another.

But wait – there’s more.

Monitoring the egg is significantly essential while poaching an egg because overcooking will spoil the egg taste.

Easy disassembling of the item makes it compatible for effortless cleaning. You can use a dishwasher to wash the item without any confusion. Many customers appreciated its durability feature. It delivers consistent performance on gas, glass, ceramic, halogen heat sources, and remains safe up to 350° F.

Note: Keeping this point in mind, it comes with a tempered lid so that you can monitor the egg while poaching. Also, the cups are non-sticky that can distribute the heat evenly to avoid any hot spots. This way, it will deliver an evenly cooked egg for your breakfast or brunch.

The Goods

  • Well-built anodized cooking surface.
  • Even heating, no burning sports.
  • Non-stick cooking surface.

The Bad

  • Shallow egg cups.

8. KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker

KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker

High capacity, exceptional design, and innovative technology are the unique features that make this KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker different from all other egg poachers.

In fact, you will fall in love with the design of this egg cooker at first glance. However, all the unique features of the egg cooker will satisfy you for sure.

One of the best features if this egg cooker is, it comes with a double switch option for boiling and keeping warm. By simply turning the dial, you can set the mode to keep-warm option once you receive an audible signal from the unit after the cook is finished. Also, with the help of the removable egg holder, you can cool down the eggs smoothly and swiftly.

Good news:

The item includes an egg piercer and a measuring cup. It has 2 poaching trays too so that you can use the egg cooker for cooking separate poaching or omelets. It is equipped with a water level indicator that will allow you to use precise water level depending on your preferred soft, medium, or hard-boiled egg.

The bottom line?

Overall, you will not face any problem in using the cooker. However, it will last long for many years, and you will get healthy foods consistently. All in all, you will never regret purchasing this item since it will meet all your requirements in terms of cooking a healthy egg item.

Note: Another best thing is, it is backed with 2-years of warranty.

The Goods

  • At a time, it can boil up to 7 eggs.
  • The egg holder is removable.
  • Comes with a water level indicator.

The Bad

  • Bit expensive compared to other egg cookers

Are microwave egg poachers any good?

Poaching an egg in the microwave is the fastest way to prepare breakfast or brunch. A microwave egg poacher will give you many different benefits.

  • You will get a perfectly shaped poached egg consistently.
  • Microwave egg poachers will assist you to save the egg because no egg white will be lost.
  • It allows its user to save valuable time since you can poach several eggs at a time.
  • Microwave egg poachers are easy to use.
  • Eggs will be evenly cooked.
  • You will get many years of service if looked after as per maintenance instruction. Also, cleaning is hassle-free.
  • They look attractive.

Are silicone egg poachers safe?


A combination of oxygen, along with bonded silicone, is used to make Silicone. Silicone is a popular material for manufacturing poachers or baking pans. You can also use the silicone-made poachers into the oven since silicone can bear up to 450° F temperature without causing any trouble.

Let me say this straight:

Research done earlier shows that silicone doesn’t have any health risks. The study was not in-depth and broad. Since silicone is inert characteristically, it doesn’t leak or produce gas into food. However, silicone can be used as an alternative to Teflon to give coating on egg poacher’s surface.

How do I poach an egg in an egg poacher?

An egg poaching pan is a perfect way to cook a clump of a poached egg at a time. so how to poach an egg with an egg poacher?

Find the below step by step process to poach an egg in an egg poacher.

Step 01> Fill up the egg poaching pan with water. Place the egg cups into their positions. If the egg cups are made of stainless steel, use cooking oil to spray in it. However, if the egg cups surface is non-sticky, avoid spray cooking oil. Let the water boil in high heat.

Step 02> Break an egg into the egg cup.

Step 03> Cover the pan with the lid and wait for the next 3 – 5 minutes.

Step 04> Monitor the egg through the transparent lid. Once the egg is poached, remove the lid. Use a spoon to take out the egg.

Things to consider while buying an egg poacher

Start searching for amazon egg poachers orwhere to buy egg poacher?

Whether you are purchasing an egg poacher for the first time or already you own an single egg poacher , it is significantly essential to purchase the best egg poacher Canada & UK.

Below are some considerations that will assist you in picking the best item.


Before picking an item, learn how many eggs the poacher can poach or cook at once. You should look for an egg poacher that can fulfill your family size.


Safety should get priority when you are going to purchase an egg poacher.

Auto switch off, riveted handle, etc. are a few of the safety features that can keep you safe during an egg poaching session.


After poaching an egg, cleanup is a must. And if you face problems cleaning your egg poacher, you will never feel comfortable using it again.

So, look for an egg poacher that is easy to clean.


All the egg poachers, as mentioned earlier, are best in performance, and they are much efficient.

The Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Easy Electric Egg Poacher will be the best choice if you are looking for a high-quality egg poacher. It comes with auto shut off, timer and buzzer feature to make the poached egg much delicious. Also, it is budget-friendly. Moreover, you will get long term service from the egg poacher without any confusion.

If you have already chosen an item from the list, without making late, order it and get a new experience of poaching an egg.

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