The Best Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser 2021

We Americans are coffee freaks.

Best Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser

The Best Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser 2021

Think I’m exaggerating?

Then I have something to show you. A recent study done by The National Coffee Association and The Specialty Coffee Association of America will surprise you for sure.

  • Americans drink 3 cups of coffee per day
  • Every year, coffee sales are increasing by 20%
  • More than 50% of 18 years of age Americans drink coffee every day.

Holy crap!!!!!

Hi, you are also a part of these numbers because I drink 4 cups of coffee daily. And the above statistics tell that homemade cookies & coffee is a part of the life of every American.

We all live a busy lifestyle; finding free time for making a cup of coffee is quite impossible. So the best solution I found setup the best coffee maker with hot water dispenser at home.

But here is the problem……

From a countless number of choices, which coffee maker fits a coffee enthusiast’s requirements. As a coffee lover, I do that research part for myself. Want to know what was my finding? Let’s dive into the aromatic world of coffee.

Quick pick: What is the Best Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser?

1. best single serve coffee maker with hot water dispenser: Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

2. best coffee maker with grinder and hot water dispenser: Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

3. commercial coffee maker with hot water dispenser: SYBO Commercial Grade Coffee Maker and Brewer

4. best coffee pod machine with hot water function: Wilbur Curtis G3 Thermal Decanter Brewer

5. best budget industrial coffee maker with water line: Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine

Is it worth investing in a water dispenser and coffee maker?

Many people can’t decide if they should invest in a water dispenser and coffee maker. A coffee maker with a hot water dispenser has many benefits. 

Let’s read below.


Waiting around the kettle for hot water will become unnecessary when you have a coffee maker with a hot water dispenser in your kitchen. After pressing the dispensing button, you will always get the right amount of hot water at the required temperature. Make cookies by hand mixer & a perfect cup of latte, what else we need to be happy in life.

Energy Efficient

A lot of power is used by the kettle within a short time to heat water. Simultaneously, the best coffee pot with a hot water dispenser doesn’t use a lot of power to heat the reservoir’s water. The water reservoir also keeps the water heated for a more extended period since heat can’t go out of the tank. It means coffee makers with hot water dispensers are much more energy-efficient, and water gets heated quickly.


Those who have kids should be more aware of the risk of leaving the stove unattended. Boiling water is dangerous for adults as well. While, with a coffee maker with a water dispenser, no harm can happen due to hot water spill to you and your family members. That’s why water dispenser is much safer.

Saves Valuable Money

Coffee makers with water dispensers are manufactured in a more economical way to save energy. They ensure that you will get fewer electrical bills throughout the year.

The Best Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser worth paying in 2021  

A guide to make a smart kitchen

Fast & effortlessly

Here is our review of top 5 coffee pod machine with hot water function to make a perfect cup of morning coffee fast and quick.

1. Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine

Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine

The Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine is a programmable coffee maker with multiple features. 

The main beauty is the capacity…..

10 cups are the capacity of this coffee machine. The coffee maker with hot water tap is promised to deliver superior brewing performance in each cup since it consists of an ExactBrew system.

FastBrew system will let you make 10 cups of coffee in less than 8 minutes, and the taste of the coffee is not compromised. Simply press the buttons named bold, gold, light, and over ice according to your preference. It has a visible Freshness Indicator display that will let you know if your coffee is fresh.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The temp sensor system will let you monitor the temperature throughout the brewing system to achieve the SCA brewing standard. It also retains the coffee temperature.

Moreover, the hot plate will stay warm for 2 hours when you set the coffee for a half pot or whole pot. The Bunn coffee maker automatically turns off when the plate stays warm for a while longer.

The glossy design will please you the most and value-adding for every penny. It is extremely easy to clean and entirely dishwasher safe. It brews coffee, makes over ice, and this model dispenses water for tea at your desired temperature!

The Benefits

  • Delivers coffee within a short time without giving in to the taste
  • Sleek design that will add vibe to your kitchen
  • The maker monitors temperature with 3 temp sensors  

The Drawbacks

  • The drip stop does not work well at all

2. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP307 is a versatile coffee maker that brews hot and cold drinks. 

Pretty impressive, right? 

In fact, it is a brewing machine that can make coffee and tea. It consists of easy to clean thermal carafe.

Who doesn’t love a chilled drink? 

Iced coffee or a tall glass of cold brew, both a great option to enjoy quality time with family and friends. The Auto-IQ mechanism and Thermal Flavor Extraction system are merely superb. The carafe is made of stainless steel that keeps the coffee hot or cold for a long time. Multiple durable materials are used to manufacture the brewer, including aluminum.

If you ask me What the best 1 cup coffee maker is, my vote will definitely go to his coffee with hot water maker.

Following a wide range of ways, you can brew coffee or tea. Simply press the button of the coffee maker, and it does the same as what you require.

Here is the best part…….

The programmable warming plate is the unique feature of this coffee maker. After completion of a brew, the warming plate to stay on for up to 4 hours according to your preferred program.

 Additionally, it has lights that show how far along in the coffee-making process it is. Then it beeps at the finish. You can remove the thermal carafe and take it anywhere, and this water cooler coffee maker combo will stay warm. The pancakes & a cup of steamy coffee! Ah heaven!

The Benefits

  • Variable blooming and Steeping 
  • Accurately measures coffee for any size
  • 1 touch recipe creation

The Drawbacks

  • Unavailability of the hot plate

3. SYBO Commercial Grade Coffee Maker and Brewer

SYBO Commercial Grade Coffee Maker and Brewer

The SYBO RUG2001 Commercial Grade Coffee Maker and Brewer can make 12 cups of coffee or tea within not more than 10 minutes. In terms of capacity, it is a champion coffee maker on this list.

The result?

When you have a group of guests in your home or office, you can serve them tasty coffee or tea without losing much time.

Its design and the operating procedure is pretty straightforward. The coffee maker’s outstanding feature is; it lets you prepare a coffee cup while keeping the other pot warmer. 

Through the on/off indicator light, you will be able to learn the working status easily. Food grade plastic and aluminum are used to manufacture the water tank and the transaction tube, respectively.

And guess what?

It comes with a hinged lid design so that the water can always remain free from dust or debris. Also, the filter grid is removable. As a result, refilling and cleaning the filter grid is a breeze. It is sturdily built with stainless steel, and its compact design lets you store it in a safe place without any trouble.

That’s dope!

To ensure superior flavor extraction, it contains a sizable flat-bottom filter and funnel. Both features help to make an excellent combination of the coffee ground and hot water. With regular maintenance, the machine and the equipment will deliver many years of service.

The Benefits

  • Prepare 12 cups of coffee in 10 minutes
  • Sleek and compact design for safe storing 
  •  Made of food-grade materials

The Drawbacks

  • The burner starts malfunctioning over time

4. Wilbur Curtis G3 Thermal Decanter Brewer

Wilbur Curtis G3 Thermal Decanter Brewer

The Wilbur Curtis G3 Thermal Decanter Brewer is a fantastic coffee maker hot water boiler dispenser built similar to a tank. 

What so special about it?

Stainless steel construction, industrial-grade switches, and cord give it a sturdy and durable look promised to deliver an extended period of service. The guts and control panel of the brewer are built to last-longer and easily replaceable.

Good for you!

Simple graphic design makes it easy to operate a coffee maker. The operating functions are color-coded so that you will never make a mistake when operating them. The machine has an adjustable minimum brew temp. If you leave it simmering, you will hear some low boiler gurgling when the device goes through heat cycles.

The hot water tap is a fantastic feature that will offer hot water to brew coffee or tea. It has a LED light, communication between the machine and carafe occurs to give you the volume and age of the coffee inside the carafe, with the help of it.

And The spray head of the machine is interchangeable.

You will always get evenly extracted coffee due to this feature. It features an energy-saving mode that saves energy automatically when the coffee maker is not in use when preparing coffee. If you seek a premium quality hot water maker for coffee, this will undoubtedly be the answer. 

The Benefits

  • Replaceable control panel and guts
  • Adjustable brew temperature
  • Color-coded button for easy operation

The Drawbacks

  • Expensive

5. Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

Does your family drink a lot of coffee in a day?

Also, we all have a morning rush to prepare breakfast and pouring a cup of coffee or tea for yourselves.

The Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker is the ultimate pick to streamline all your rush. Moreover, with 12 cups of capacity, your family’s whole day coffee requirement can comfortably be fulfilled by this coffee maker.

The coolest part is…….

This kitchen appliance is a combination of 2 appliances – a coffee maker and hot water reservoir. Its separate water reservoir lets the appliance perform independently. At the same time, you can brew a cup of coffee while the water dispenser will release hot water to let you prepare tea, instant cereals, or cocoa.

Through the coffee maker’s cone filter, water travels smoothly, and thus, coffee gets extracted evenly.

Another worth-mentioning feature is programmable settings.

Don’t assume that you can’t use the coffee maker and hot water dispenser simultaneously. The truth is, you can set the program for both options separately and get the coffee prepared before the oatmeal is ready.

But wait – there’s more!

The tank capacity is 32 oz. which means frequent refilling the coffee maker even after serving many cups of coffee is needless. The capacity of the water reservoir is 2X more than its class.

Additionally, the water reservoir heats for less than 5 minutes. If you forget to turn it off and leave home, no worries, it shuts off automatically after 2 hours. And cleaning the Hamilton Beach is just a breeze.

The Benefits

  • Saves energy with automatic shuts off feature
  • 2-in-1 kitchen appliance: coffee maker and hot water dispenser
  • Impressive capacity

The Drawbacks

  • The lid comes with inferior quality

Do coffee makers boil water?

Before sharing the answer to this headlined question, let me clarify what boiling water is.

When the water reaches a specific temperature – 100° C or 212° F, it is known as boiling water at sea levels. As a result, water creates bubbles and steams. Most of the time, cooking food requires boiling water.

Boiling water is also used for sterilizing different items like baby’s feeding bottle, canning, forks, etc. Brewing coffee doesn’t require boiling water. This is the main reason; coffee makers don’t boil water. 

If a coffee maker boils the water, the water will turn to steam, which is not the characteristic of a coffee maker. The National Coffee Association says that the standard temperature range water for brewing coffee should be 195° F – 205° F. Since a coffee maker’s responsibility is to brew coffee, not to boil water, so coffee makers can’t boil water. 

However, you will get many coffee makers surfing in the market, which come with both hot water reservoir and coffee making features. 

Wait…….Using the Bonavita coffee machine lately? 

Is it OK to put hot water in a coffee maker?

Are you thinking of using hot water in a coffee maker to speed up the coffee-making process?

Sorry to say you shouldn’t do that.

Heating system water usually contains more dissolved ions. This water type can make an impact on the taste of the coffee. Moreover, heavy-metal contamination from copper piping may happen. 

Most coffee makers are designed considering that you will be using cold water. They heated cold water to a specific temperature when cold water hit the ground of the coffee maker. And then the extraction process happens. However, the over-extraction process will turn your coffee into sludge.

What should I look for when buying a coffee maker with water line & Hot Water Dispenser  

For families with many members, this machine will be a significant addition because every member can get their required drinking items. These machines allow the user to prepare the item without losing much time. And undoubtedly, with great taste.

Picking the best item is a daunting task since numerous options are available in the market. This daunting task will become easier with the below-buying guide.


When buying a kitchen appliance, the design plays a vital role. Pick a model that has a stunning look and best in terms of performance too. The good news is that manufacturers give similar priority to both performances and a coffee maker’s look. Finding an exceptionally looked coffee maker with a hot water dispenser will not be a difficult task since many models are available.

Select a machine that suits your requirement as well as matches the color of your workplace or kitchen.


The next essential thing you will need to consider is – the dimension of the unit. Before buying, make sure you should have enough space in your kitchen or workplace to store it safely.

After purchasing, if you find that you can’t install it in your workplace due to space’s unavailability, nothing can be worse than it. Many people are making this mistake before buying a coffee maker.

Read the attached label of the coffee maker. Every manufacturer connects a printed label with a coffee maker where you will find the dimension is written.

To avoid this mistake, get a measurement tap, find the available space’s dimension, and then buy a coffee maker that meets the available space.

Water Reservoir Capacity

Have you ever looked at the manufacturer label of a coffee maker?

Every coffee maker comes with a tag that shows how many cups of coffee the machine can prepare without refilling.

If you live in a large family and a cup of coffee or tea provides the fuel for a whole day, it means you pass a busy morning daily. Keeping this point in mind, choose a model that helps you to make a decent amount of coffee before a refill.

Cleaning Process

You will hardly find people who like the cleaning process after preparing food or beverage items. Also, many users dislike spending much time cleaning appliances. Many kitchen appliances are available in the market that requires thorough cleaning for proper functioning.

A coffee maker is such a type of kitchen appliance that needs entire cleaning.

However, all standard coffee maker models come with an easy cleaning process. They are dishwasher safe and don’t take much time. You will find some models with self-cleaning features. These models will let you spend less time in the cleaning process.

Ensure learning the cleaning procedure of your selected coffee maker and don’t go with cheap models. If the model doesn’t contain an easy cleaning process, cut the model name from the list.

Safety Features

Automated functioning appliances should be equipped with some safety features.

Automatic shut-off is a common feature of coffee makers. It shuts off the units when you leave it idle for a long time. This way, you can avoid burning of different elements as well as assist you to save electricity.

Hot water can spill hot water when you stop the brewing process from filling up a cup, and hot water can harm. Some coffee makers prevent hot water from spilling, and this feature is handy when you have kids in your home.


Price is always one of the essential factors when buying appliances, and a coffee maker is also no exception.A wide range of coffee maker models means the price range will also be high.

It is recommended not to choose a cheap coffee maker. A standard coffee maker price range is $100 – $300. Also, whatever model you choose, make sure it suits your requirement.


The reliability and quality of a product are guaranteed with the warranty feature. When you get many years of warranty, be sure that the manufacturer knows that product will last for many years.

Additionally, if the machine fails to perform or starts malfunctioning between the warranty period, you will be covered against the bill of expensive repairs.


So, that’s all for today.

Many coffee makers are available, and most of them will fulfil your requirement. You will find dissimilarity between different models in terms of functionality, but finding the best coffee maker with a hot water dispenser is tricky.

I believe this guide will help you learn about picking the best item among many models. Carefully choose the model that suits your needs most since you invest your valuable time and money both.


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