Best Cake Decorating Turntable: Smooth Your Way to Perfection

Moist layers of Scratch Chocolate cake filled with a speckled pink buttercream frosting!

Just a piece of heaven in the mouth!

My kids are just obsessed with cake. No matter what the occasion is, the cake is a must-have item. So I have to try to be a baker(not a good one, though).

And I learn something important about baking cake & cookies……

This mouthwatering cake could not be easier to make without a reliable spinning companion. You might be an amazing baker, but your cakes would be incomplete until you’re able to decorate them properly.

This mouthwatering cake could not be easier to make without a reliable spinning companion. You might be an amazing baker, but your cakes would be incomplete until you’re able to decorate it properly.

Admit it.

A professional baker or an amateur one, you’re going to need a baking turntable for your cakes. The best turning table stand doesn’t have to be expensive or exclusive; it just needs the right features. Of course, that depends on you and your particular types of cakes.

And today, I’m gonna talk about some of the most sought-after/best cake decorating turntable & spinners that give you the confidence to turn a plain cake into a treat-worthy masterpiece.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Cake Decorating Turntable

Quick Review: What are the best rotating cake stand?

1. best revolving cake stand & spinner: Kootek Revolving Cake Stand

“A classic cake decorating stand in a great value”

2. Best Professional Cake Decorating Turntable: Wilton tilt n turn ultra cake turntable

” Heavy-Duty Cake Turntable without breaking the bank”

3. best cake turntables with lock: Ateco Cake Stand

“A Large Cake Decorating Turntable with some cool features”

Why You Need A Cake Turntable for decorating?

Good question.

Let me explain what a cake turntable is? 

The cake frosting spinner is that special tool that will help you to decorate every side of your cake the same. 

Decorating takes a lot of effort and time. The purpose of a cake turntable is to decorate a cake with ease. It is similar to a cake stand. It has a base stand holding a round plate-looking table. The rotation helps while giving different patterns on the cake.

Now come to the point-Do I need a rotating cake stand?

A turntable can be used in different ways to decorate a cake. Its main function is it can revolve both clockwise or anti-clockwise, but the base stand stays fixed. Combined with different decorating tools, it becomes simple to decorate when the cake stand rotates.

The cake rotating cake plate ensures that every pattern is similar and sized the same. Even the smallest design can be done perfectly.

That’s not all……….

A strong holding stand creates strong balance and helps to decorate in a short time. It also requires less effort. There are two types of turntables cakes on the market such as basic turntable and specialized turntable.

The basic turntable has two modes: low and high. 

Low cake turntable has a lower height stand, and high turntable has a higher stand. A specialized turntable can be adjusted to a required height and position. The normal plate diameter of both turntables is 30 cm.

Sounds good?

Without it, you’ll have to move around the table or the counter, which will waste both time and energy. That’s not all; you won’t be able to decorate your cake the same in all the directions. This is exactly why you must buy the right turntable for your cakes. 

Get it?

All I can tell, as someone who occasionally loves to make and decorate cakes for her family, is that the right cake turntable can make all the difference. 

Wait a minutes…….cake get stuck in a pan?

Learn how to remove from pan without breaking. 

3 Best Cake Turntable for decorating that Fulfill my Smooth way of Perfection(Rotating cake stand & cake spinner)

As I told you earlier, baking is a regular job for me as my kids love it.

So Have to use lots of turntable rotating cake stand & already have various type of spinner as having to make a different shaped cake. In total, I have used maybe 10 plus cake decorating wheel in last two years. But now I’m gonna discuss some of my favorite cake stands (actually, these 3 are shortlisted rotating cake stand).

What is the best cake spinner for me?

Here is our review of 9 Best Cake Decorating Turntable for your convenience. And here is a quick recap of the review the cake turning table:

Product Name





1. Kootek Revolving Cake StandwhiteAluminum4.06 Pounds12 x 5.25 x 12 inches
2. Ateco Cake standWhite Chrome FinishCast Iron3 Pounds12 x 12 x 5 inches
3.Martellato SpinnerBlack and SilverPlastic, metal and electrical4.2 pounds13 x 11.8 x 7.4 inches

1. Kootek Revolving Cake Stand-best rated cake turntable

Kootek Aluminium Alloy Revolving Cake Stand 12 Inch Cake Turntable

Let me say this straight……….

In a single set, you’ll get everything you need for decorating any kind of cake. With this rotating cake stand, you will get some of the must-have cake decorating supplies.

Unboxing kootek professional cake turntable/spinner

I’ll say quite a lot & it was well packed. Here is what we got into the package:

  1. One Kootek Cake Turntables
  2. Cake Server
  3. Icing Spatula
  4. Silicone Spatula
  5. 3 Stainless Steel Icing Smoother

That’s what I call a good bargain!

Though I wouldn’t say I liked the Icing Spatula(not smooth as they described), overall, this cake stand is a good bang for the bucks.

Design, shape, base & Material

The manufacturer was claiming it has a 12″ circumference, and perfect for a large or a small cake.

I couldn’t take the risk as it’s actually ordered for my son’s birthday cake. So I measure it & found it’s pretty accurate.

The great thing about this cake stand is:

You can turn the stand easily with one hand while decorating with another hand, which is awesome. The other decorating tools, i.e. the spatula, the comb, and the server, can help a lot.

How secure is this cake turntable set?

Looks like it has been constructed with heavy-duty aluminum alloy, and usually, this type is best for decent stability on countertops.

Yeah, I found out this stuff keeps the cake stand from moving.

But I have actually doubt about it’s durability. Not saying anything surely about the longevity as haven’t used it for a longer period of time.

Performance of comb & smoother

Well, I would say they’re ok.

The comb and smoother are made from high-quality stainless steel. They can create up to 12 different patterns and designs on your cakes, which means that you won’t have to bother with buying anything else for your cakes.

But I couldn’t able to avoid it getting scratched, though I was pretty careful at the time of baking.


Cleaning is the main reason I took one star while rating this spinner. I found it quite irritating actually when I figure out this cake stand is not dishwasher safe.

What makes it different from the rest of the others?

  • Comes with 6 other cake decorating tools.
  • Has a 12” circumference.
  • Can be turned very easily.
  • Turntable, combs, and spatula made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • The comb can make up to 12 different designs and patterns.
  • Angled spatula helpful for icing.
  • Perfect for making layered cakes.
  • Sharp stainless steel cake cutter and server.

My complaint about this spinner

  • Cake combs are sharp and can be dangerous.
  • Cake combs do not have safety handles.
  • Cheap blue plastic material on the spatula handle.
  • Spatula handle may break with use.

Please note: There is no lock system for this spinner, so the first-time baker- be careful.

2. Ateco Cake Stand- best cake decorating turntable for beginners

.     Ateco Cake Stand- A Heavy-Duty Cake Turntable

I’m an old soul maybe and obsessed with the classic thing. And maybe that’s why this cast iron stuff grabs my attention.

And turns out, old is always gold!

With a 12″ diameter and a cast iron base, Ateco revolving cake stand is the ultimate weapon for a cake artist like me.

Unboxing Ateco Cake Stand

As I can see, there is a Non-Slip Pad with the stand. For around 80 bucks, I expected a few baking tools with the package. So yeah, I was quite disappointed at first.

Design, shape, base & Material

 The Ateco cake turntable stand has a cast iron base and an aluminum top, and I personally prefer metals in my kitchen.

The non-slip pad on top of the cake stand is removable, as is the top base. This round shape professional cake decorating turntable weighs only 6.4 pounds and has been manufactured in the USA.

How secure is this cake stand turntable?

This rotating cake decorating stand has a non-slip pad on top so that your cake doesn’t slip. It is surprisingly durable and easy to use, but you can only clean the top part under running water.


Cleaning the stand wasn’t that tough. I tried hand wash with warm soapy water(as they instructed). But keep in mind, you have to dry it immediately.

What makes it different from the rest of the others?

  • Revolves 360-degrees in both ways
  • Comes with a non-slip rubber pad on top
  • Made from cast iron base
  • Aluminum top
  • Manufactured in the USA

My complaint about this spinner

  • Heavy, as the bottom is made of cast iron
  • Difficult to use simply as a cake stand
  • Cast iron base cannot be cleaned under running water
  • No lock for slowing down the speed
  • Can start to wobble at some point

3. Martellato cake spinner- best electric cake turntable

Martellato cake spinner

OK, I know what you’re thinking- isn’t the price tag too much for a cake stand?

Heck yes.

But this one is actually for the professional baker. But it really worth it. One of my cousin gift this cake icing turntable as I love to cook & I just love it!

If you are a professional baker who works with a lot of cakes, this cake decorating tool from Martellato might just be the right one for you.

Unboxing Martellato Spinner Electric Turntable

Well, there is nothing else with the spinner. But yes, the unit was well packaged, which impress me. Oh, an instruction manual is enclosed with the pack.

Design, shape, base & Material

 I absolutely love this gadget as everything is electric with this spinning cake stand so that you don’t have to use your hands.

It also has a knob at the front that controls the speed and the direction of the cake stand turntable & spinner. That’s not all; this stuff is quite a compact cake decorating tool, with a 13″ diameter base on top. It weighs only 4 pounds and can be easily stored inside a cabinet.

With the dimension of 10.63 inch x 10.24 inch x 4.72 inch high, I have to admit it’s quite compact. Designed with Plastic, metal, and electrical, it looks solid as hell.

How secure is this cake spinner?

It comes with a flip switch to turn the turntable on, and the top part will automatically start to revolve. This leaves both your hands free to properly use your piping or icing cone, which is definitely a bonus point. There is also a non-slip silicone pad for the top base so that your cake doesn’t slip. The base of the cake spinner doesn’t create any scratch on your tabletops or slips from your table.


When I saw this professional cake decorating turntable is dishwasher safe, I was literally happier than ever. If you don’t want your electric cake turntable to always sit on the counter, this is just the right size cake spinner to store away.

What makes it different from the rest of the others?

  • Automatic revolving and turning
  • Compact in size; can be stored anywhere
  • Comes with the flip switch to turn cake spinner on
  • Designed with a non-slip mat on top of the spinner
  • Comes with a 59-inch cord
  • Comes with a knob to control direction and speed

My complaint about this spinner

  • Can be only used with electricity
  • Too expensive

So What Are Revolving Cake Stands Made Of?

Before purchasing a revolving cake stand for cake decoration, make sure that the cake stand’s material is durable. The durability of the cake stands will ensure that you don’t need to make replacement of the cake stands now and then.

Moreover, non-toxic materials will also ensure that the decorations are healthy.

Plastic made turntables for cakes are best-suited for beginners. It is because plastic is one of the durable materials, lightweight and affordable in price too. Moreover, you will not face any problem to clean plastic made cake stands. Furthermore, plastic is a rust-resistant material.

One more thing……

Some cake stands are available with a removal platform feature so that you can remove it to give it a dishwasher. Plastic has some drawbacks too. You have to be careful while carrying a plastic made revolving cake stand because if it falls suddenly, the plastic will break.

What is the best revolving cake stand for decorating?

Few brands also use metal to manufacture revolving cake stands. Metal is a pricey and expensive material. Also, metal is rust-prone. The biggest benefit of metal cake stands is it is much durable compared to plastic cake stands.

Besides, you can use it more frequently. So, if you need to use a cake stand more frequently, picking a metal turntable will be a wise decision.

What Size Of A Cake Stand Do I Need?

The cake stand plays a vital role in decorating a cake. With the accurate size, the elegance of a cake stand gets enhanced. But the wrong size can destroy the beauty of a cake. It would help if you also used the right airbrush to decorate your cake.

So, what is the best airbrush for cake? Also, how do you use an airbrush machine to decorate a cake? Learn answers to these questions in another article.

Cake stands come with different shapes, sizes and designs. Below are a few tips on what size of a cake stand do I need.

The cake’s bottom tier should be larger than the cake stand size. Either the size has to be the same or slightly larger.

Every cake stand has a top supporting plate, and it has to be flat. The cake foundation can be damaged because of a minor dip.

Choose equally-sized cake stands for simple decorated cakes. It would be best for large embellished cakes if you pick a cake stand that is larger compared to the cake’s bottom tier.

Since your baker will design your cake, don’t forget to discuss it with your baker before you make the purchase.

How do you decorate a cake with a turntable?

IF you never used a turntable for decorating, you don’t know how simple it gets when icing the cake or designing or coloring it. A turntable can revolve around its base while holding the cake. It can also adjust to any required position to help with the decorating procedure.

If your kitchen is small and you don’t have enough space to move around freely, a turntable can be a blessing for you. You don’t have to move around the cake to do icing or polishing if you use a turntable. The turntable will simply turn the cake on your side by revolving.

Imagine you want to write something on a cake you made. There are some easy steps you can follow……

⦁Put the cake on the turntable.

⦁Slightly move the holding plate down in your direction. This way, you can see the surface of the cake clearly and write comfortably.

⦁The turntable can revolve. So, you can also use the rotation for help in icing a cake. Write down your words and turn the rotating plate as you need.

Using the turntable will lessen your effort. You may also find that using the turntable for icing a cake is more interesting.

What is the best brand of cake decorating supplies?

According to our ranking, the best brand of cake decorating supply is ATECO. It’s a US-based company. It was established in 1905 by August Thomson.

The company’s goal was to create the finest cake decorating tool in the market. Over a hundred-year, they produced the highest quality tool for baking and cake decorating.

Is ateco better than Wilton?

The brand Ateco does not only make tools for cake decorating. They also make tools for Baking. They make cake stand, cutter, fondant, ABS tube, brush, decorating bag, rolling pins, pan, pastry wheels, mats, and other decorating tools. Their product quality evolved in a position that now you can buy any of their product without any hesitation and undoubtedly.

Here is some other brands which make a remarkable place in the baking industry & pioneer of best cake decorating stands :

  1. Kootek
  2. Wilton Tilt-N-Turn
  3. Martellato
  4. Qii lu
  5. Radorock

What should I look for in a cake turntable set?

Height matters!

Without a certain height, you cann’t decorate the cakes back and shoulder with ease.

What size of a cake decorating turntable do I need?

So if the table is where you bake, most take a measurement tape and calculate the height of the table.

Why is this so important?

Handling the icing for an extended period is unnecessary, and you are going to have problems with your back if you do this.

The bottom line?

Don’t go for a too tall or too short turntable; know your requirements first.

Don’t Go for Cheap Material

If you are a beginner, choose plastic materials for your turntable. Because plastics are lightweight, and price is also affordable. Moreover, plastic turntables never get rusted.

You can easily detach the platform of a plastic turntable. Thus, you don’t need to worry enough to clean the turntable. But the problem with the plastic turntable is, they are not sturdy enough.

So what the solution?

You can choose aluminum or cast iron-based turntable, which is a bit heavy and durable. But, they get rusted quickly.

How long does a cake spinner last?

Even if a good quality tool costs a bit more, but trust me, they are just worth it. How much is a cake turntable?

Do proper analysis and make your deal precisely.

What about Grip?

To prevent the cake from sliding, both the turntable and the bottom should contain a grip. If you are planning to use a cake board at the bottom of your cake, you should have looked for a turntable that includes a grip.

Don’t forget to Check the Locking Mechanism

Using the locking mechanism, you can keep the turntable steady in its place. This mechanism will assist you to do detail work or display the cake directly on the turntable later.

These types of cake turntables kits are quite expensive, but they are value-adding products.

What are the other cake spinners I tried & tested?

1. Ateco Revolving Cake Stand 615- Top-Rated Turntable for Cake

Ateco Revolving Cake Stand 615

Here we have another rotating cake stand from Ateco that has a 12” diameter. You’re going to love this cake decorating turntable that is perfect for all kinds of cakes.

Want to know the best part?

This Revolving cake turntable is perfect both for professional and amateur bakers; in fact, I know a professional baker who uses this cake stand.

Alike all Ateco turntable, It also has a durable aluminum base and a turntable base made from stainless steel ball bearings. It doesn’t require a lot of force to turn and rotate this cake stand. You can actually do it with one hand while using a piping cone with the other.

What are the cake decorating tools?

With a 12″ diameter, this cake turntable stands 4” high. The base of the stand has a non-slip silicon pad so that it doesn’t suddenly slip when working on your cake. You can clean the whole turntable with a piece of damp cloth after you are done decorating.


  • Aluminum base and stainless steel ball-bearing
  • Easy to revolve and turn
  • Comes with a non-slip silicone pad at the bottom
  • Can be cleaned with a piece of a damp cloth


  • Doesn’t have a lock to stop moving
  • Speed has to be managed manually
  • The upper part cannot be removed for cleaning
  • Not very sturdy
  • Ball-bearing and the top part can rust with use
2. Qii Lu Cake Turntable- A professional cake turntables & rotating cake stand

Qii Lu Cake Turntable

Frankly speaking, I don’t have a lot of experience with this particular brand, but I like that is has been made with high-quality aluminum.

And you know what?

While I tested it, the spinning performance really amazes me. It is a one-piece tool that is durable – one that you can probably use for years.

Let’s talk about the surface. The base of the turntable is only 5.11″ diameter, as opposed to the larger ones, which helps in placing this spinner on a small counter or table.

There’s nothing like a whirring sound or a rusty sound when you are trying to concentrate, is there?

The good news, this turntable rotating cake stand has a quiet operation, so you’ll be able to work in peace. extremly sturdy, this cake spinner comes with a food-grade silicone pad at the bottom of the cake spinner, so that your cake won’t slip even when some pressure is applied. Your cake will always be stable when you are working, even for hours.


  • Made from high-quality aluminum
  • Extremely durable and sturdy
  • Perfect for icing, piping and decorating
  • Can be used for making decorative flowers
  • Comes with a silicone pad at the bottom
  • Quiet operation


  • Cannot be disassembled for cleaning
  • Cannot be tilted
3. Radorock Cakes Decorating Turntable- Best Cake Frosting Turntable For An Amateur Cake Baker

Radorock Cakes Decorating Turntable

If you are in the mood for baking a large cake, or a special cake of different size, the large 31″ diameter base can be a great help.


This large cake decorating tool from Radorock has a ball bearing hidden between the two parts. With such a large base, this turntable can be a great one for decorating, icing, and piping cakes.

This cake spinner rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise, which helps both left- or right-handed people to decorate their cakes.

Their secret?

This cake spinner & rotating cake stand comes with a large plate so that your cake is always safe. You can also use the same turntable for making decorative flowers, models as well as cakes. The frosted surface of the turntable will keep your cake safe and sturdy. Although, I am slightly disappointed that it is made from food-grade ABS plastic, it is also easy to clean with water.


  • Perfect for icing, piping and decorating cakes
  • Can be rotated both clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • For both left- and right-handed people
  • Made from food-grade ABS plastic
  • Easy to clean


  • Large decorating tool, hard to store away
  • Made from plastic

How do you clean a cake stand?

The spilling of cake is a common problem after decorating a cake. Using a wax paper, you can easily keep the cake stand clean. Read below.

  • Other spills or crumbs can easily be caught using wax paper. Spilling can happen when working with cakes to finish with a clean cake plate or boards when it is finished.
  • Take the wax paper and cut it into 4 pieces. Place them underneath the cake from its 4 sides. Make sure to slide the wax paper as much far as you can. This will keep the cake plate protected on every side of the cake.
  • You can keep the wax paper in position until you are confirmed no spilling or crumbing will happen. But you have to remove it while decorating the cake.
  • You have to be careful enough when removing the wax. Hold the wax paper and slide it from left to right. Make sure you are gently sliding it. If you do hurry, more damage can happen to the cake as well as the cake stands.

What can I use instead of a cake turntable?

A cake turntable is a commonly used equipment in every tutorial of making a cake. A revolving cake decorating stand helps a person to fill and frost a layer cake comfortably.

But if you don’t own a turntable, will you stop making a layer cake? Or wondering Can you use a Lazy Susan as a cake turntable? Or perhaps What can I use if I don’t have a cake turntable?

You can pick any of the below equipment to make a layer cake if you don’t have a cake turntable.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan is the cousin of a cake turntable. It is a widely used alternative of cake turntable, and this is why it receives this name.

Have any idea What is a cake Leveller? Or What do bakers use to decorate cakes?

Wood and plastic is used to make Lazy Susan. Some are made with stone. While making a cake using Lazy Susan o, you may need a bit more height. For this, you should place it on a cake stand or box.

Microwave Plate

Insert rings and plates from your microwave oven can easily be used as another alternative to cake turntable.

Icing becomes challenging because of the little lip around the edge of the microwave plate. By sliding oven meat under the 2nd plate, you can steady the 2nd plate. Icining smoother is also a great alternative.

Bonus tips & Secret of my perfect cake everytime: How do you write on a cake without icing?

Writing on a cake certainly takes a lot of effort. You can use different tactics to write on the cake. The most popular writing style on the cake is using icing or fondant. But many people don’t prefer this method as it’s a little time-consuming.

How do you frost a cake using a turntable?

People nowadays use chocolate to write on a cake without icing. For versatility in taste, some use fruits, candy, or cream. That differs in what events they are made for. Decorating cake is based on traditional social events.

However, we recommend using chocolate to write on a homemade cake. It’s pretty simple and takes less effort & time as well.

To write something on the cake with chocolates, follow this 3 step process.

⦁First, write your message on paper. You can write it on a computer then print the message also.

⦁The second step is melting the chocolate. Use a micro-oven for melting the chocolate dough. Insert the melted chocolate in a piping bag.

⦁Now, put wax paper over the printed paper. Write the letters by watching the layout of them. Keep them for a while. When the chocolate gets dried, carefully take the letters and place them on your cake.

 This is the easiest way to write on a cake without icing. But be careful when you pull out the chocolate letters from the wax paper.


Personally, I prefer a rotating cake stand that I can turn both ways, which is a feature available in almost all turntables. I don’t always make a very large cake, so any cake decorating turntable or spinner that has a 12″ diameter is perfect for me.

What’s most important, however, is that I prefer a model made from stainless steel or aluminum alloy, rather than plastic.

With all things considered, in my personal opinion, the Cake Turntable 12″ Cake Decorating Stand and the WMM Aluminum Alloy Cake Turntable  are the best options for a cake turntable.

That’s not all…..

They are affordable and sturdy and made from metal instead of plastic – which is my chief concern. They are also easy to use and have just the right size for all my decorating needs.

You’ve read our top picks. Now it’s your turn.

Good luck ya’ll, chao!

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