9 Best Airbrush for Cake Decorating To Create a Wow-Worthy Cake

You’ve heard the proverb a million times “A craftsman is only as good as his tools.”

A craft of cake painting is no different!

Cake airbrushing industry is booming; it seems like every cake artist has caught the bug.

Ever wonder why?

Here’s the secret, decorate your cake and cookies by airbrush takes a quick time than other conventional methods. In plain words, the airbrush is the creative arsenal of a cake decorator.

Let me take a wild guess; you are also looking for the best Airbrush for Cake decorating?

No worry, here we desperately attempt to find out some of the finest airbrush kits which will help you to turn your next cake into a Masterpiece.


Quick view: Which airbrush is best for cake decorating system?

Best airbrush for cake decorating

Best Airbrush kit for Cake Decorating

  1. Best airbrush for cookie decorating: Master Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit
  2. Best airbrush gun for cake decorating: Gocheer Mini Airbrush Compressor Kit Set
  3. Best cordless airbrush for cake decorating: Vivohome 110-120v professional airbrushing

Can You Use Any Airbrush For Cake Decorating?

Let me take a wild guess; some weird questions may make your head spin, such as:

Do you need a special airbrush for cakes?

Or what is the best airbrush kit for beginners?

Perhaps what is the best airbrush for cookie decorating?

Good questions.

But let me say this straight when you use it for decorating cake or cookies, your airbrush kit needs to have a compressor. This could be a single action or dual action airbrush gun.

Why is this compressor?

You want to control the quantity of color with the airbrush trigger as well as to maintain a distance while baking.

This is just for it.

P.s: Can’t remove the cake from the pan? Here’s a hack to get cake out of pan. 

My 3 Top favorite/ Best Airbrush for Cake Decorating To Take Your Baking Skills to the Next Level

Here are our reviews of 9 of the best airbrush kit to unleash your imagination of baking.

1. Master Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit- A Great Airbrush cake decorating Kit

Master Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit- A Great Airbrush Compressor Kit For Cake Decorating

Imagine how it would be if you can surprise the loved one with Bright and colorful Rainbow Tie-Dye Cake.
Sound impressive, right?

Instead of baking a traditional cake, serve a decorating birthday cake is much more fun. And the good news is making this type of cake is not as tough as you thought. All you need is the right tool.

This Master cake decorating airbrush kit could be an excellent choice for that.

Why we love it?

Portable, convenient, and compact compressor!

What else could I expect from a cake Airbrushing machine? A great tool to make your day special!

A maintenance-free compressor that is able to automatically turn itself off if this get somehow overheated. That’s not all, this cool stuff literally an oil-less air compressor and fully secure as this has been wrapped up thermally protected.


I obviously assume that you love to make cakes. If so, then this feature will surely delight you. It features an airflow control knob by which you can customize air adjustment. The best feature is probably the 12 edible food Colors, which allow you to decorate your cake as your desire.

What about plug-in? How do you use airbrush to decorate a cake?

This Mini black beauty can run within 110 volt AC adapter and need 12 volt DC while working pressure is 2-15 psi.

The Goods

  • A built-in airbrush holder
  • Dual-Action Airbrush
  • Includes a Pack of Wilton Stick and a How-To-Airbrush Manual

The Bad

  • No adjustable PSI

2. Gocheer Mini Airbrush Compressor Kit Set- Portable Airbrush compressor for the Most Versatility

Gocheer Mini Airbrush Compressor Kit Set- For the Most Versatility

Fun, safe, and easy to use!

Yes, you read that right.

Multi-function airbrush can be used for Cake Decorating, cake DIY, Model Painting, manicure, makeup, Tattoo design, and so on. Featuring a USB cable, this decorating gadget supports a variety of charging methods.

Why we love it?

Just look at it!

What do you notice?

Let me help you. The hand-held designed decorating airbrush set is curved so that it gives the utmost comfort to you. Still worried about quality? Then you will be pleased to know the upgraded air pump was trailed repeatedly, not only to optimize the line but to reduce the operating time.

And you know the best part?

Charges faster than a phone! And the charging method is also versatile, With USB cable, charger charging, via computer charging, or even power bank charging. After full charging, you can use it anywhere you want without a power supply for 30-50 minutes.

How to spray?

Easiest one you had ever used for cake decorating. All you have to do, Install the gun and fill fluid in the cup while holding the airbrush in your hand. Once you pressure the main lever, you will see a stream of the air come out. Now you are at the final stage; draw it backward for your desire color atomization.

Cool, isn’t it?

Due to the compact size, this amazing fun gadget can be used in any scene you like.

The Goods

  • USB Charging Freely
  • Easily to use
  • Ergonomic trigger

The Bad

  • Actually designed for craftsman, if you are an amateur this one id just not for you

3. Vivohome 110-120v professional airbrushing- A starter airbrush kit with Air compressor

Vivohome 110-120v professional airbrushing- A starter airbrush kit with Air compressor

If you enjoy baking cake and making stuff like cookies and looking to improve your decorating skills, this kit can help.


There is nothing wrong with showing off your skill a little bit, it’s actually a gift. So cherish it with this cool Airbrush gun.

Why we love it?

Where to begin? I just love the working process of this decorating gun.


Most guns this size doesn’t go well with the thicker consistency, but this stuff is surprised me by handling this creamy consistency so well. Most importantly, it’s so rare to find this feature in cordless.

Can you airbrush a buttercream cake?

A high-performance cake air compressor features three kinds of multipurpose fluid tips. That means you can do spraying, inflating, and airbrush cake with a single kit. Covering a vast range of uses, it can be handy in temporary tattoos, cake decoration, costume make-up, retouches, crafts, and any other airbrushing tasks.

The Goods

  • Compressor-mounted airbrush holder
  • Secured by piston framework
  • Low-noise tool

The Bad

  • Plastic hose sucks

How to Use Airbrush Machine for Cake Decorating

Airbrush colors on your cakes and desserts can be easy, safe, and fun. But for that, first, you need to learn how it actually works.

You’ve heard the advice a million times; the secret to mastering the airbrush is all about practice. Fair enough, but how will you practice if you don’t know how to use the airbrush.

How do you use a cake airbrush kit?

Well, by following some simple tips and techniques, you’ll soon be the pro of move on to create edible masterpieces!

Here’s how ridiculously easy it is:

  • Step 1: blend and shade colors
  • Step 2: write the message and add accent
  • Step 3: use stencils and add the finest detail
  • Step 4: color fondant and add elements

And that’s it!

In summary, simply place a few drops of color to the airbrush, turn on the compressor, then just pull the trigger, and you are done!

Things to Consider While Buying a portable airbrush for cakes

At this point you realize, you need an airbrush kit and ready to invest in it.

Sound’s great!

But before searching questions like “how much is an airbrush machine for cakes” or “where to buy airbrush for cake decorating”, or even “airbrush for cakes price” you should check some important factors before taking the final steps.

Let’s get this show on the road:

Types of Airbrush kit: know the difference

I have already discussed How the cake airbrush works, can you remember?


No issue, in a word, for spraying the cake, you need an air compressor. Here is the most important part; there are two types of airbrushes used for decorating the cake. Here they are:

  • The single-action airbrush: The airbrush that expels the air as well as food coloring when the user presses the trigger. This type of airbrush is recommended when you are struggling to adjust the airflow.
  • The Dual Action Airbrush: a more versatile option, this allows you to spray with more control by just pushing down the trigger.

Internal vs external operation

The operation actually matters as it indicates how the paint and air mixes. It could be:

  • Internal operation
  • External operation

When you need more consistent and uniform spray, I will suggest going for an airbrush with the internal operation.

And that’s just one side of the story…

The external operation is recommended when you aim to cover small surfaces like cookies, cupcakes, or something like that. The cake boss 50660 airbrush kit could be a good option for this.

What about security features?

Safety comes first.

No doubt!

Most of the airbrush is actually a kit that contains accessories like luster, stencils, and various colors. Make sure that these maintain the FDA-approved food-grade materials and ingredients.

Airbrush style matters

What kind of paint do you use to airbrush?

Ever notice the airbrushes available are the market closely? If yes, then I have already seen there are 3 airbrush styles:

  • Gravity Fed airbrushes
  • Siphon Fed airbrushes
  • Side Fed airbrushes

To décor cake, we highly recommend Gravity Fed airbrushes. They not only demand less amount of pressure but operate more slowly so that you can create the finest artwork with control.

Check the Maintainance process

I personally don’t prefer any of the kitchen gadgets, which too much time to clean and maintain.

Airbrush is no different.

A functional spraying kit should be easy to use as well as maintain so that users can use that time on unleashing your creativity. So don’t go for the kit that would need an advanced level of skill to use and maintain. For easy maintenance, cake airbrush kit hobby lobby is my hot favorite.

Can you airbrush a buttercream cake?

Using buttercream for icing is common.

They taste better than fondant or frosting. To give a perfect color combination, airbrushing is nowadays best choice for any chef and also for amateurs. Airbrushing buttercream cake is not unusual. You can airbrush buttercream cakes for decorating.

When you airbrush a buttercream cake, hold your airbrush at least 6 inch away from your cake.

IF not, you may find a hole in your cake. Cause, air pressure of the airbrush is higher for buttercream cake. Hold the airbrush at a 90-degree angle and maintain the angel all the time. Paint the lightest color at first for layers. It’s the easiest way for coloring. You can change the color if you don’t like the previous color.

IF you are an amateur, following the instruction paper that comes with your airbrush is always a good choice. Adjust the control regulator of the airbrush. Controlling the airflow will give you several advantages.

Try not to overdo when airbrushing. After some practice, the process will become easier than before.

Can you use normal food Coloring in an airbrush?

You can use your normal food coloring gel in an airbrush. Airbrush uses liquid color for spraying and it’s thinner than food coloring gel. You can easily mix some alcohol with your food coloring gel to make it usable for your airbrush.

Many chefs use regular food colors for coloring cakes.

It’s not bad or something. The ingredients for both colors are almost the same. Regular food color gel is thicker. To use it for an airbrush, you have to mix some vodka or similar type alcohol. While mixing alcohol, remember some color gel is thicker than usual. So mix it carefully.

Using food color in an airbrush is not a problem. The problem is while spraying, your color gets concentrated in one point. So, carefully adjust the pressure regulator of your airbrush while spraying. Do little practice to master it properly before you make a cake for someone special.

Can you airbrush chocolate?

Airbrushing chocolate is possible. Making your delicious chocolate cake colorful is easier with an airbrush. It’s a little tricky, but a lot simpler and less time-consuming than traditional coloring with a hand brush. For this reason, many chocolatiers use airbrushes.

Airbrushing chocolate now became popular to more chocolatiers. Many of them use heat to make regular colors usable for airbrushing. The heat helps chocolate color to liquidate. To make this happen, the procedures are:

  • Put the chocolate color on the airbrush jar.
  • Warm it in a microwave until it melted like water.
  • Adjust the warm color container on your airbrush.
  • Be careful, for some colors may take more time to melt.

Then, spray it on your cake. Be subtle when you spray to make less mess. Use cardboard or newspaper and set your cake on the cardboard, spray carefully.

After some time, the color will get thicker again. So, repeat the process until you finish up.

Can I use a regular air compressor for airbrushing?

Airbrushing is simple and subtle to use. Every airbrush has two key components. One is the airbrush itself and another is the air compressor. Regular airbrush has a small compressor. On the other hand, other compressors that are not specially made for airbrushing have different sizes.  And you can use almost all of them as your airbrush compressor.

You can use a regular air compressor for airbrushing by adjusting your airbrush with the compressor. Regular compressor has a larger air storage tank and more motor power. With the help of a regulator of 10-80 PSI, you can use a regular compressor for airbrushing.

To adjust an airbrush with an air compressor, you’ll need a connector, a regulator to control the air pressure, a moisture trap for filtering out oil or moisture, or any particles that build inside the compressor tank. All the required components can be found easily on the market.

This way you can use any Compressor for airbrushing.

How loud is an airbrush compressor?

Well first of all let me tell you………

Big and industrial compressors are very loudly.

But the good news is…..

There are some quiet compressors which are not loud at all.

The noise these airbrush compressors will make while you airbrushing the cake will not disturb your family.

Silent compressors will make sound about 50-60 db (decibels) which is the sound of our normal conversation.

Ahhh,,,,,, sounds great, right?

But here is the catch…..Quiet or silent compressors are expensive.

If you can’t afford a quiet airbrush compressor then you can do some hacks to reduce the noise.

Wait,,,,,,,,,You can’t decorate a cake smoothly without a cake spinner!!!!!

So Check out some cool cake stand to decorate cake like a Pro.

What’re the Other Airbrush kit I tested(And Also loved)

#1 Ergonomic Airbrush Kit- A Cheap Airbrush Kit for Cake Decorating

Ergonomic Airbrush Kit- A Cheap Airbrush Kit for Cake Decorating

Unique, ergonomically designed decorating tools offer top-notch painting performance.

Can this really be true?

As a stunning airbrush kit for works well for both professional and personal cake decor, this stuff cosmetic system is perfect for cake airbrush kit, temporary tattoo/nail kit, tanning, as well as for cupcakes and cookies.

Why we love it?

Convenient design allows adjusting the airbrush gun effortlessly. The coolest thing, the kit and spray gun can be separated whenever you want.

The result?

Replacement and cleaning are no more pain. The Ergonomic angle design will not only protect your hand but also allow holding for a longer period of time.

But wait; let me tell you something….

This is not just a typical Compressor Spray Gun, equips with an exclusive 3D Nano-Air compressor. Besides this, it comes with awesome features like a two-gear adjustment and a One-key switch.

Too good to be true!

Ohh, Forget to tell, it is made of high-quality copper, so make customize beautiful cake without worrying about durability. This moisturizing oxygen sprayer embraces the most tin penetration decomposition to make the finest mist.

The Goods

  • Different atomization effects
  • New optimized circuit
  • Several charging methods

The Bad

  • The operating button is a piece of jerk

#2 Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit- Best airbrush kits for cake decorating

Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit- An Intelligent Solution to Spraying

A kit with everything you need to make a stunning looking cake.

I’m not exaggerating.

The exquisite workmanship of this airbrush kit is going to give you a better feeling when touching and help you to spray just like your imagination.

Why we love it?

The thing that impresses us most is the unique flow control airbrush features. This operated the mix off-air and color in just the right proportion. And the 4mm stay clean needle is standard to handle any size, large bake jobs to tiny cupcake detailing.

See the difference?

Less mixing and more precise colors! This makes it ideal for use on cakes, sugar/gum paste, cookies, pastries, fondant, icing, and more.

No matter whether you are a professional and newbie, this electric gun tool is a reliable choice for decoration and spraying of cupcakes, Cookies, Christmas cakes, wedding cakes, and any types of baking.
Some plus and minus, but Once you’ve used it for yourself, how gorgeous your cakes look, you will also say, worth the penny.

The Goods

  • Easy to clean
  • 3-speed compressor settings
  • Includes 13 vibrant colors

The Bad

  • This stuff vibrates a bit while spraying

#3 Cosscci handheld airbrush kit- A smart cake craft mini airbrush compressor

Cosscci handheld airbrush kit- A smart mini airbrush compressor kit

Don’t fool yourself with Mini size.

This handheld airbrush kit by cosscci will surely amaze you with it’s integrated structure. It’s a one-handed airbrush that can be placed in your pocket. This Portable and sophisticated machine are considered as the best airbrush kit for beginners, who want to challenge their skill of cake decorating and baking.

Why we love it?

Just like your phone, after a single charge, this pocket-friendly tool can be used anywhere. While it is fully charged, you can easily use this for baking this for 30-50 minutes.

How to charge?

With USB charging cable, you are allowed to charge anywhere you want; it could be computer charger charging or even power bank charging.

Can you airbrush chocolate?

In my own experience, I saw if the operating process of the tool is too complicated, this affects my creativity. That’s why I prefer simple to use a tool like this one. Practical yet very simple to use, once you prepared your spray material, the only thing you need is to switch the button.

And that’s it! It’s easier than you think.

Here is a word of caution:

Air will become out immediately once you turn it on. So carefully adjust the tail screw and shift the trigger backward a bit to spray paint on your cake.

The Goods

  • New optimized circuit
  • Portable multifunction
  • Dual-action Airbrush Connector

The Bad

  • Demand frequent maintenance

#4 Ventis Airbrush Kit- Best cake airbrush kit

Ventis Airbrush Kit- Built For Last

Imagine how it would be if there is a seamless ombré finish cake at the middle of the table.

This will be a showstopper, no doubt.

OK, I know what you’re thinking; surprise the guest with this type of mouthwatering cake. If so, then you can consider Ventis airbrush gun for cake decorating.

Here is why:

Multi-purpose dual-action airbrush comes with a 0.2mm nozzle, which allows you to make the finest detail of stipped ombré, and the final look surely will eye soothing.

Why we love it?

With an impressive air consumption range of 15-50 PSL, this stuff is able to spray perfectly fine even in a low-pressure environment.

The most magical part?

A double-action trigger with a well-made handle gives you control over your spraying and painting. And look at the 7cc funnel cup help you to do a smooth coating flowing. Apart from this, the fluid mechanics engineering design makes it simple to clean up.

Want to know a secret of easy cleaning?

Empty the fluid cup and solvent it by a brush. If this is not available at your home, wash them with water.

The Goods

  • Dual-Action Gravity
  • Comes with a nozzle
  • Ergonomic handle

The Bad

  • Loose lid

#5 DKIEI Air Brush Set with Compressor- Professional Cake Airbrush Kit

DKIEI Air Brush Set with Compressor- Professional Cake Airbrush Kit

If you are a professional cake artist, you know how painful the airbrush compressor maintenance could be.

Sucks a hell amount of time!!!

If this maintenance process is annoying you so much and you want a solution, then this Air Brush Set from DKIEI could be a life-changer.

Why we love it?

The airbrush feels like a pen!

The two stages of adjustable pressure automatically operate the airflow. The feature that differentiates for the rest of the other is the superb quality compressor. Designed with precision components, this performs efficiently accurate spray control.

Next comes the fun part!

The quite yet durable compressor is made such as way, it automatic stop function if needed and reset while you press the gun again.

We’re not through yet…..

The output fluid is stable while it can work perfectly fine with a various pressure range from 0 to 25 psi. These needle tools are perfect for doing the finest detail you need to decorate your cake.

The Goods

  • Easy to carry
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Maintenance-free

The Bad

  • Not for everyone, won’t recommend an amateur

#6 Us cake supply airbrush- Best cake airbrush system Beloved by Cake Artist

Us cake supply airbrush- Food Coloring Spray Gun Beloved by Cake Artist

Create eye-catching masterpieces cake using your own personal touch!

Yes, this kit allows you to make your imagination come true. This includes everything you need to décor your cake and cookies.

Why am I saying this?

Just look at the package. It includes an airbrush, 12 eye-catching bright food colors, 3 airflow settings, a well-explained user guide manual where you will find a bunch of useful tips as well as cake airbrushing techniques.

Why we love it?

Such a cute little devil!

No matter whether you are a newbie or expert and kids or adults, it can be enjoyed by everyone.

It’s true.

Anyone can do it. Simply put a few drops of color, power up the compressor, pull the trigger, and here you go!

It sound’s simple, and it really is.

Creating its own customized creation cake is no more a dream. Baking is more than just making perfect cookie dough with mixer. Precision single-action gravity has 1/16 oz cup and 0.4 mm fluid tip.

What about the operating system?

You need 12V DC with an AC plug-in adapter of 110V. This tiny machine literally blew my mind with some coolest features like 6-foot airbrush hose, 3 airflow control settings, and, most importantly, an airbrush holder.

The Goods

  • Risk-free purchase
  • Plenty of color options
  • Safe and easy

The Bad

  • Expected a better quality pen


One of my gramma’s favorite sayings was “Use the right tool for the job”

She was such a good baker, still can remember the smell of her cookies. Yes, she was right. For baking and decorating cake, the right tool is the main armor.

Give yourself plenty of time to practice decorations for your cake. As you can see, we have discussed some trustworthy airbrush gun.

Out of these 9 cake decorating airbrush machine for cake decorating, which one is our favorite?

Well, each machine has some plus and minus. Still, let’s narrow it down.

Now it’s your turn. Also let me know What do you use for airbrushing cakes?

Good luck ya’ll.

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