Best Air Fryer Under $100 – Say Goodbye to Unhealthy Food

Crispy fried potetoes- tender on the inside with a crunchy outside.

Ahhh…. just hit the right spot of taste bar!

Fried foods are the biggest Guilty Pleasure Food. We all know they are Unhealthiest but love it so much that can’t give up entirely.

Admit it.

Let me take a guess, you are fried foods freak, but so worried about taking it in an unhealthy manner. And yearn for an option to enjoy the crispy texture.

Don’t worry. There’s a solution.

Just cut the unhealthy cooking oil by using an air fryer. The best possible solution a health-conscious people like you ever has.

It’s like “Kill two birds with one stone”

And the coolest part is you can buy a good fryer without breaking the bank. Yes, you read that right. Today I have come with a list of 9 Best air fryers under $100, which are insanely cheap yet so handy.

What is the best cheapest air fryer?

Here is the shortlist:

            “Superior performance with a great value”

             “A fun food prep tool that won’t break your bank”

            “Eye catching air fryer for healthy lifestyle”

So Just What Is An Air Fryer? Is An Air Fryer Really Worth It?

An air fryer is an ergonomically designed, countertop convection oven. This superb appliance works by using heated air to prep the food. The main purpose is to cook fried foods without using cooking oil.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

The simple truth is there’s a heating fan carefully placed at the top of the gadget which circulates the heat at high speed. As a result, you get the food a short amount of time. Now you know how do air fryers work.

Are air fryers healthy?

Heck yes. To be honest, there is hundreds of reason to own an air fryer. But let me explain Five Reasons Air Fryer is a worthwhile purchase instead of a deep fryer.

  • No oil at all. Yes, that’s right. This allows you to enjoy fried foods without greasy oil.
  • Way faster cooking than any convenient fryer Works by it’s own without any major assistance
  • Super easy cleanup procedure
  • Super easy cleanup procedure
  • Allow enjoying a lower fat content fried fast food

A quick reminder: Learn  How do you cook frozen spring rolls in Airfryer? And how long to cook?

10 Best Air Fryer under $100 to Get Super Crispy Food Effortlessly

Here is 10 best air fryer review that allow you to enjoy fried foods without the use of cooking oil.

1. Ultrean Air Fryer- Top Rated Air Fryer

Ultrean Air Fryer

A kitchen gadget that sparks a craving fever in our stomach!

Think I’m exaggerating?

Not at all! This cool gadget allows us to enjoy fried Food with Less oil and grease without the tension of intake the unhealthy aspects.

And guess what?

Contemporary design and a recipe book will definitely help you prep your crispier foods without sweating the blood.

The thing that impresses me most is the Hassle-free operation. The easy cooking set up along with auto switch off timer and adjustable temperature setting keep is ahead from the rest of the others.

Ohhhh, forget to tell you…….

The LCD display is a good chunk. The non- stick pan, and detachable dishwasher- safe basket, makes it super easy to clean after cooking.

Want to know a secret?

Wash the appliance right after the cooking as the oil and grease are much easier to clean when they are warm. It also comes with a cookbook with a bundle of delicious recipes. This unit is so compact that you can easily place it in any wall mounted kitchen countertop.

The Goods

  • A multifunction cooker
  • Heat-resistant handlen
  • Accessible Buttons 


  •  The grill insert is a joke

2. Instant Pot Air Fryer- Best Choice Air Fryer

Instant Pot Air Fryer

With 6-in-1 functionality, it awesome gadget does everything a regular fryer does, but swap out the lid for the leading age air fryer lid. That means you packed with plenty of cooking methods available at your fingertips.

Cooler than ever!

The multifunctional lid offers 6 wet cooking functions: sauté, pressure cook, slow cook, dry, steam, and sous vide. The best part, now you can make all your deep-fried favorites by using 95% less oil than conventional deep frying.

Yes, that’s 95% less oil.

Regarding the size, it’s actually pretty smaller than I expected. The interior is 6-QT. I guess its good enough for a side dish for a family meal. Perfect for crispy fries, chicken wings, onion rings, and much more.

Bold promise?

Not at all, definitely, they are confident of keeping your satisfaction. Another thing that impressed me most, it allows saving space by replacing all gadget as you get a 6 pre-set Smart Programs to handle all with one single appliance.

As a minimalist, it was a good turn on for me.

But there’s one small catch:

The food gadget is only compatible with stainless steel inner pots and never tries to use with ceramic inner pots.

The Goods

  • Capable for optimal airflow
  • The protective pad is impressive
  • One-touch Smart Programs

The Bad

  • Only works with specific instant pot models

3. Instant Vortex Plus 7-In-1 Air Fryer Oven- Best Toaster Oven Air Fryer

Instant Vortex Plus

Instant vortex has excelled once again, this time with a 10 Quart air fryer cum Toaster Oven that will blow your mind.

Like the previous model, this instant™ vortex™ plus 10-quart 7-in-1 air fryer oven allow you to get crispy on the outside, but moist on the inside perfection every time.

Sounds impressive, right?

That means tasty versions of your favorite’s fried food in a healthier manner.

Besides these, One-step EvenCrisp Technology lets you try different culinary with one kitchen appliance. Whether you try to achieve a rotating basket in rotisserie style or simple fried broccoli, delicacy is guaranteed.

So how does it work?

The oven circulates sizzling hot air around the chicken, sausage or veggies, so it cooks evenly at the same time locks in moisture. With little to zero preheating time, you can prep up dinner in half the time.

That’s not all…..

Overheat Protection minimizes the risk of burning food. So you don’t have to worry about safety even if you have kids. When you set in Standby mode, the display “OFF” will give you a sense of peace in mind.

The Goods

  • Sleek and modern design,Minimal grease
  • A versatile tool
  • 7 built-in smart programs

The Bad

  • No user manual with the package

4. Gowise USA 1700-Watt 5.8-Qt 8-In-1 Digital Air Fryer- Best Small Air Fryer

Gowise USA 1700-Watt

If you’ve got a small kitchen just sitting around, then compact, 5.8-QT gowise digital air fryer is for you. Sleek yet classic design will save a lot of space, much-needed tools for the modern world.

What makes this so special?

All fast, easy, and crispy fried foods and at the touch of a button! I am not kidding. Including a Start/Stop button, you can operate time and temperature whenever you want, even in the middle of a cook cycle.

And guess what?

The built-in touch screen menu allows eight cooking presets: Pork, Chicken, Steak, Fries/Chips, Shrimp, Fish, and even baking cake and Pizza. Assembled with a vast temperature range from 180F to 400F in 10-degree increments, this gives the perfect taste. And cooking time may take 30 minutes at max.

But here’s the interesting thing, it Includes recipe book which is filled with 50 recipes.

But first a warning: Don’t forget to check the alarm function and shake your ingredients in a 5, 10, 15-minute interval.

The Gods

  • 30-day money-back Guarantee
  • Large Touchscreen Display
  • Comes with non-stick pan which is FDA-certified

The Bad

  • The capacity is not good enough for a large family

5. Cosori Smart Wifi Air Fryer 5.8qt- Consumer Reports Best Air Fryer

Cosori Smart Wifi Air Fryer

The cosori air fryer is the best of all possible worlds.

Why is this so?

It’s the first air fryer which can be controlled and monitored with Alexa and phone device. The ergonomically angled displays allow viewing, without bend out the wind. With this smart appliance, takes your meal preparation to the next levels of convenience!


Slimmer footprint can easily be set on your countertop. That’s why I love this space-consuming tool. Designed with safety in mind, this cosori air fryer is ETL listed. On the other hand, Automatic Shutoff and Overheat Protection features are checked by the FDA. Apart from regular fries, this stuff has a good reputation as air fryer frozen French fries.

By now you’ll be wondering how it works with Alexa, right?

Well, then you will glad to know this one is Alexa & WiFi Enabled. That means it allows remotely control your fryer through the voice commands.

Surprisingly enough, isn’t it?

The 5.8-qt square basket is able to handle 6 lb rotisserie chicken or a similar amount of food. I must say more than enough for 3–5 people. I won’t be surprised to see this appliance on the list of best air fryer for family of 4.

The Goods

  • Large Dishwasher-Safe Basket
  • Comes with 100+ Recipes
  • Intelligent Monitoring


  • A bit pricey

6. Innsky Air Fryer Oven- Best Air Fryer for the Money

Innsky Air Fryer Oven

Making daily meals for your family is just a breeze. I am not exaggerating with the innsky air fryer you can cook with little to no oil.

I tell you what though…..

I ditched kitchen deep fryer years ago, and the very first air fryer I tried was this one.

Let me say this straight; this stuff never comes out, leaving me unsatisfied.

The one-touch screen menu has equipped with 7 Presets: fry, bake, and grill all with this single gadget. The clean up is super easy. All you have to do collect the tray and pans and put it under water to rinse out the leftover grease. After that, soak them in soapy water for a while. Scrub them and Rinse it. That’s it.

It’s easier than you think!

It just changes my life by saving tons of cooking time; it only takes half of the time or less. 0-12 hours appointment function, it will start working the time you have set, and while the food is done, this will stop working automatically.

The Goods

  • Memory Function
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Detachable Pan and Basket

The Bad

  • Produce a denting noise

7. Dash Dfaf455gbaq01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer- Best Affordable Air Fryer

Dash Electric Air Fryer

Short on time?

No worry, just loads the large fryer basket, set the temp, and timer. And enjoy deep-fried taste and texture guaranteed.

The 6 QT drawer is spacious enough to feed the family easily. That means this one is capable enough to tackle two dozen wings or 2 LB bag of fries easily. Perfect for 4 to 6 people.

But hang on a minute.

And look at the fryer. Isn’t it gorgeous? I can’t take my eyes of this aqua colored classy appliance. Not only Aqua, it’s also available in Black, White, and Red.

Meanwhile, it reduces up to 80% added fat compared to traditional frying methods.

Yes, that’s 80% less fat!

The 1700-watt air fryer is supported by a 1-year warranty. However, it includes a recipe book with database access. Minimum pre-heat time makes this kitchen gadget more energy-efficient than ever.

The Goods

  • Auto-shutoff function
  • Easier cleanup
  • Air crisp technology

The Bad

  • A fairly large appliance which needs plenty of space

8. Gowise USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer- Best Budget Air Fryer

Gowise USA Programmable Air Fryer

This tiny yet heavy-duty appliance fits every culinary enthusiast.

Thanks to the rapid air technology, which cut oil to prepare fried foods. Wondering How? This method uses the hot air circulating within.

What’s more?

The digital screen allows setting temperature from 170F to 400F. Get the prepared food within 1-30 minutes.

Another great thing about this tool is the indicator. This handy indicator lets you know when it’s done. When it beeps 5 times, you will know the food is ready. Consequently, the fan will stop after approximately 20 seconds.

The detachable basket is designed with a button guard to avoid accidental detachment. This unit comes in a variety of colors, makes this the perfect addition to your kitchen!

Let me say this straight:

As you can, the capacity is only 3.7-Quart; this one is ideal for those who tend to cook their own. As the basket is nonstick, you can remove cooked foods without making a mess. Not only the basket, but pan are also wrapped with PFOA free nonstick ingredient.

The Goods

  • Allow thinking beyond the fry
  • ETL certified appliance
  • The digital screen

The Bad

  • The basket is too small

9. Chefman Digital Air Fryer- Best Large Air Fryer

Chefman Digital Air Fryer

Prepare crunchy French fries and chicken meals at home, at the workplace, or on vacation or wherever life takes you! Yes, this compact yet handy kitchen appliance is the smart solution for health-conscious people.

Too good to be true!

With advances in rapid-air technology, this food prep gadget circulates hot air at a very high speed and maintains a crispy fried texture with tiny to no oil.

Specifically, it requires 98% less oil than conventional deep fryers or on frying skillet.

Extra guests or extra hungry?

Nothing to worry; its impressive 6.5 litre capacity can make the whole family meal in the shortest possible time. This multi-functional fryer can do virtually anything.

But that’s not all……

Manual temperature control and one hour integrated timer allow you cooking everything from frozen veggies to chicken, potatoes fries to roasted broccoli! Don’t worry about overcooking –just turn on the timer and it will lead to the rest.

Innovation flat basket design increases capacity by 40% makes it a Space-saving tool. In last summer, got a gift of their vegetable spiralizer, that was also impressive.

The Goods

  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts
  • Allow you to Adjust Time and Temp
  • Cool-touch exterior

The Bad

  • The handle is just a crap

10. Nuwave Versatile Brio Air Fryer with One-Touch Digital Controls

NuWave Versatile Brio Air Fryer

Nuwave versatile brio air fryer is the appliance that allows enjoying the taste of crunchy fried food without the oily mess.It’s true.

It’s time to start the healthy journey by throwing the Oil, and this Nuwave versatile brio is here to step up to the plate. Trust me; this little fryer is able to make the same genuine crispness just as the typical deep frying.

What about capacity?

Featuring 3-quart capacity, this tiny kitchen gadget has been grabbed the attention of health-conscious people. Built-in safety control is probably the best feature of them. 100F to 390F temperature range allows you to try a variety of dish with this fryer.The real wow moment hit me when the taste of the fries actually like fast food. To be honest, I didn’t expect it.

The Goods

  • ETL listed
  • Even-Heat Distribution
  • No PFOA

The Bad

  • Face issue while opening the tray

Air Fryers Vs Deep Fryers- What Are The Differences?

Good question.

But the answer may surprise you while you actually know the fact. While Deep fryers need enough oil to submerge the ingredient, Air fryers only use tiny or even no oil at all to fry foods.

On the other hand, clean up is much easier than a deep fryer as it don’t dispose of large amounts of oil. In a word, air fryer is a healthier option.

But remember this:

If your top priority is to get the crispiness of fried foods, then you should go with a deep fryer. Because air fryers use literally zero cooking oil, for this fact, some foods may come out a bit dryer.

Deep fryer vs Air fryer

What to Consider While Buying an Air Fryer within a Tight Budget

Not all cheap items are a piece of junk. But to find a good one in a close budget under 100$ is pretty tough. That’s why I think to help you to pick the good one.

Here is the factor you need to check before investing on an air fryer.

  • Taste and texture: While an air fryer aims to offer closer taste deep-frying than oven will, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise the texture of fried foods. After all, we want the crispiness in a much healthier manner. So keep an eye on this.
  • Space and compatibility: The air fryer is not a little appliance. We all know that. But that doesn’t mean we’ll give up valuable storage on a bulky appliance. Personally, I like the compact design and suggest you go for a space-saving gadget unless you have a giant family.
  • Safety feature: Safety matters no matter what appliance it is. The same concern goes with an air fryer. Go for the air fryer to eliminate the risk of hot oil or accidental burning.
  • Capacity: It’s actually up to you. But consider the capacity. Usually, 3 quarts are good enough for single cooking, while mid-size fryer comes with 5 quarts for family cooking. If you have a frequent guest or extra-large family, then we recommended to go for the fryer with 6 and above quarts capacity.


A perfect batch of fresh chicken wings with less oil or zero fat, it’s just our dream. Not anymore if you have an air fryer.

The air fryer is actually a new-age device for picky people who can’t give up the crunchiness even knowing that they are harmful to health.

Here in this article, we attempt to gather some of the handy fryers that are not only pocket friendly but also keeps the original texture and flavor of fried food, not just a buzzy kitchen gadget.

It’s time to grab one of them and start your healthy journey.

Stay healthy and fit ya’ll!

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