My story

Hi, I’m Dina, Travelfreak, a whole food lover, and a new-ish bunny lover. Live in the most fascinating city in the world New York.

Wondering what the heck am I do for a living?

Well, now I’m a writer (though a bad one) who is playing with words & stay in my imagination most of the time. Trust me, fictional stories are magical to read, but it sucks the blood of the writer. And as a NY girl, I have the previliage to experience a diverse food culture.

So being is home all day is not a luxury for me instead of a comfort zone for an introvert like me.

And rather than running all day like a rabbit (what they say hustle culture), slow living & appreciate what I’ve is the real happiness to me.

When I’m not handling the writing stuff, I’m either in the kitchen baking the gluten-free cupcake or experimenting with the home decor and decorate in a more sustainable & minimalistic way.

And I love travelling a lot!

As I mention earlier, I stay at home the whole day- my house is office & home at the same time.

So, yeah- an old-fashioned home, thousands of books, vintage style decors, a super tidy kitchen, countless plants(70% cactus, my favorite), 3 weird-sized coffee makers & a naughty dog Pihu-that’s my whole world.

The story of Homenerdy

“Dina, the homenerd”- that’s what my friends used to call me.

And I don’t blame them. They’re right, actually. I’m literally a homenerdy & this blog is all about the girl & whatever she likes & loves to do.

Food & travelling- that’s my passion!

I’m pretty sensitive about my home!

To me, House improvement is not the task of upgrading things; it actually means maintaining it to keep the existing aesthetics of the home. I’m kinda a fan of the traditional lifestyle while finding God’s beauty in the ordinary.

In March of 2020, I started homenerdy blog(as I’d nothing to do in the lockdown) as a way to document the thing I love & care about. The pandemic teaches me to take care of my health & wellbeing. So I started cooking a lot to enjoy the homemade food. Also, cleaning & gardening a lot. Apart from these chores, Pihu keeps me busy all time. Having a pet is actually like having a baby.

That’s all about me & homenerdy!

As mentioned earlier, I’m a cavewoman, not available on social media. But If you like my crazy ideas (sometimes creepy) & finding purpose in the ordinary, feel free to connect me on Insta (the only social platform I’m using & enjoying lately).

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