My story

Hi, I’m Joe, reno addict, novice baker, animal lover and gardener. I live in the best part of the USA (not biased or anything) – Raleigh NC.

Wondering what the heck I do for a living?

Well, I am a veterinarian and blogger. I went to vet school in New Zealand (think Lord of the Rings) where I met my American husband who dragged me half way across the world to Florida where I practiced as a small animal vet. We moved to Raleigh in 2013 where we settled down (kind of) and had out three beautiful kids.

While I still locum 1-2 days per week as a veterinarian I started blogging around 5 years ago when I had my second little girl Rory.

I started blogging about our renovations and then started to get more into blogging from there as I loved it so much.

When I’m not handling the writing stuff, I’m either in the kitchen baking, gardening or planning our forever home build. The picture to the right is of our last build before we moved into a rental while we build again.

We have one gorgeous Spaniel mix Teddy, two Burmese cats and five chickens. Our house is a bit like a zoo sometimes but we wouldn’t have it any other way

The story of Homenerdy

“Joe, the home nerd”- that’s what my friends used to call me.

And I don’t blame them. They’re right, actually. I’m literally a home nerdy & this blog is all about a mom & whatever she likes & loves to do.

my profile picture
Renovating and gardening- that’s my passion!

In March of 2020, I started the homenerdy blog after blogging about our home renovations. The pandemic taught me to take care of my health & wellbeing.

That’s all about me & homenerdy!

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